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Dongyang warmth, cold chrysanthemum actually, four presented a harvest scene, “the stone of depression,” the walnut tree also revel in heavy dreams, A Man dressed in blue dress, standing on the “top wave rock”, failed to match the full reward, sometimes put away, sometimes nearly closed, waving to the west of autumn, trying to ease the mood.    As the saying goes, “Water is the fountain tree root,” to talk about today’s rich fruit road, have to thank the pro-poor policies, now these two acres of walnut trees grow very well, planted down for four years, as usual reason “pig year-old crown “, it should be explained in a more fruitful outcome.Remember last year in late winter, Director of the Agricultural Service Center to prune when I say this piece of walnut trees growing very gratifying, except for a few plants were somewhat less, the rest can continue to bear fruit.If to be fully normal fruiting, I do not say much, minimum of 60 pounds per count is 25,000 pounds, take the current market price of 15 yuan per catty, the annual income of 380,000 yuan can be, A Man cocked his fingers, elated also at the door as he exports poetry – to Fortune crape myrtle is high, the door to Mei Yang Chun festivity.    Miller says more than poetry, Aman culture is not high, but do not know what poetry, but yet from his mouth, and casually read out, find the root cause, not difficult to understand, people think this is the sense of real life.It turned out that since he planted a walnut later, always at night and think: to want a tree grow quickly, Qin Geng is bitter as will of course; secondly forest can not be empty quarter, but in the end what kind of crops, or high income, is somewhat uncertain get.    There was a ganchang day, Aman to the township Poverty Alleviation Office to consult, Poverty Alleviation Office director told him: “Child Sexual Abuse dominated the first two years to be appropriate to plant some dwarf-like crop, but not too much more on the intimidated, affect the growth of walnut seedlings, especially in the first year, with particular attention to management, including fertilization can not be too heavy, try not to cause Simiao lack nest.”After listening to the words of director of the Poverty Alleviation Office, the first year he planted potatoes, income 14000 yuan; the second year of one season beans, although the harvest is not very good, they have 20,000 dollars; third in two crops of buckwheat, blowing chaff see meters, was 60,000 dollars.    This year, forest and grass build support, repair the five pens, 60,000 dollars will buy 10 head of cattle and sheep 8 from sub Wang.We hope to see the forest, spring backing long, straw fierce as a tiger, and tender green ink, Four Seasons grass, cattle and sheep Asahi hope, do not run up the hill.Over the past six months, and sheep looks Biaofeitizhuang, very likable, A Man to get up every morning the first thing children, is to see his sheep.Not long ago, he sold four head of cattle, 36,000 dollars of income, plus income walnut, is almost 100,000 yuan.Face extra cash and his ilk, Aman how does even more delighted, or export it into a poem?    The ancients said, “thirty”, Aman thirty-five this year, is the thirty-one-year plan that the walnut industry.Memories of the original, he was working back from Guangzhou, after the celebration wanted to return to the original electronics factory to go, but her father’s illness, the mother’s body is not good, child neglect, had to stay at home.One day, Poverty Alleviation Office under the rural village households out of poverty tone when the investigation, accidentally hit his house in the village, talking about home business issues, instantly enlightened, that work not only income is not high, and very unstable, only the rich have individuals, not masses of rich, rich people want to have to rely on industry.    Besides, now the village road hardening, the traffic is very convenient, but also the smooth flow of information, contacts and worry about transportation difficulties, rather than walk out duckweed uncertain, as the great work at home, peace of mind and decided to support the use of pro-poor policies, will Murakami abandoned for many years, “Pass the stone of” land reclamation again, planted walnut trees, and the use of the mode of operation of agricultural cooperatives, so that people want to own land have seen the growth, so that people can get out to find a way out to do.For example, walnut fertilizing, weeding forest, mowing cows are all asked people, have a job, could get the money, the people are willing, he will be happy.    Recently, Aman is expanding production, in addition to the walnut tree, increase nutrition, rest of all the money for buying cattle and sheep pens and upgrading, and founded a wine shop, Just do it, all the work is in full swing.In addition, he would also like a lot, one day he saw on television of rural tourism, by inspiration, I feel that the “beautiful countryside” realistic, because it is a beautiful rural scenery charming, so coming and going people gladly outside the meantime, share with the people, and farming fun, indulge Yuxiang, a dream into nirvana.    So he has to work with others, into some of the sweet-scented osmanthus seedlings to plant on, so that “heaven fields” never to labor disappointment, he wants to plant peach, plum, plum, pear, tea, etc., the whole village planning a fine blueprint for the future of the forest Murakami nearly as far as painting, spent blossoms in the wind, people swim in the flower inside, plus some features planting, including agricultural products processing, so that people have to eat eat, have to play to play, to have the income, and income of the music, the music of delicious.    Face of beauty blueprint, Aman there is confidence, is one step to realize his dream.Intoxicated happy, looking back at the past, migrant workers had ten years, in addition to a lot of hardships, and did not bring much to the family wealthy.To mid-2009, is home Aman most unlucky year, his wife sick spent 140,000 yuan, was exhausted all their savings at home, including 30,000 dollars of work that deposit, the rest of the week is the relatives and friends to borrow , it was not the financing, operation time delay, almost missed the event, to be seriously ill wife off the body, but it is bankrupt.    Time wait for no man, go home still do, Aman carries joy, slow down “top wave rock”, oil nowadays want to “precise pro-poor”, will shine the hope of poor households, when someone asked about this, he always said this: “fine just fine in the point, it is accurate in quasi-tickets.”

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