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Amah Rock, devaluation Tu Amah, Dayu, three past his home without a story in China can be described as including women and children, however, if it is not carefully considered, few people would think of this story takes place not Yellow old haunt, but in the Huaihe River shore.Tu is a witness to the story of the years 4000.  Historical legends According to legend, 4000 years ago, flooding occurred in succession of the Yellow River Basin.The Yellow River flow south, captured the middle and lower reaches of Huaihe River, Yellow River Huai away into the sea so that the entire nation into an unprecedented great suffering among.This time, Yao tribal alliance chaired a meeting to study the problem of flooding.People have unanimously recommended flood of summer family tradition is the leader of the Gun Yu’s father presided over flood.Gun built mound barrier approach, the construction of dams to contain the flood.But the flood is so fierce, the construction of the dam washed away by flood frequently.Gun was executed because of adverse flood.  Yuji Cheng Chi father, determination radical flooding, for the benefit of Lebanon, in order to find the recipe for flood control, he endure thousands of miles trek to the edge of the Tu-Huaihe River from the Yellow River.With a final Yu faithful, from the Tu Meng get cache of Emirates country’s “water by the map,” while winning the hearts and minds of Mongolia’s daughter.Meng’s daughter is Xiahou Di Kai Sima Qian in “Records of the summer of the century” in the records, the son of Yu.Tu also his mother’s daughter.  Yu Tu’s married women, married and soon went home flood, a thirteen years do not return to their homes.Yu uses to divert flood control methods, he Kaiqu drainage, dredging the river, the flood all the way toward the Yellow Sea.To clear the Huaihe River, Yu Jing split, painted two mountains, two mountains from which they clip the Huaihe River and the opposition.At a time when his wife gave birth to a son, Tu’s also open, the baby is squeak, Yu passed the door, heard the cries, and did not mind to go visit.Tale of the age-old story has been passed.  Tu’s women day and night overlooking flood control in the direction of her husband, but returned for ages, have not seen Yu.She was dreaming, Faith will move eventually, turned into a Amah, sitting at the eastern end of Tu, later called it the mother Kai Shek.The Tu’s women that look, it looked 4,000 years.  Four versions of a folklore story Amah Rock atop the hill south-west of Hong Kong, Sha Tin.About fifteen meter-high piece of stone, rather like the shape of a woman carrying a child.Amah Rock tragic story can be described as well known household, Sha Tin residents who are more familiar.Legend at Sha Tin, a poor rural family, his wife died after producing baby girl, baby girl left, the neighbor’s wife also gave birth to Liner, her compassion for orphans, she is breast-feeding.Two children since childhood sweetheart, get along well.Soon the girl’s father also died, orphan child brides become neighbors, grow up, get married with the boy, and has one son.One year drought occurred, crop failure, the husband is to survive dollars, was forced to leave behind his wife and children and fellow traveling abroad to make a living, who knows never came back on no reply.The woman had to hold your son every day carrying eldest son, climbing mountains, overlooking the ocean, Jipan her husband to return, day case, Fengyubugai.One day, when the mother and her usual climbing, suddenly encountered a storm, thunder and lightning, mother and three vanished into the world in the earth shattering, but they are standing position but there is a huge Shiyan, the shape of the missing mother and three.The legend is deeply touched by their heaven, we put them into Shiyan, Nagamori mountain.  Version two legends Meng Jiang Qianli Xun husband finally arrived at the foot of the Great Wall.It can be when it was late, four gates closed, unable to cross the border.Mengjiangnv child is very anxious, sleepless nights, they boarded the Phoenix Mountain, overlooking the vertical distance to the Great Wall on a boulder, but the vast darkness, where see it, she anxiously abnormal, memo walking back and forth on this stone, urgent looking forward to the day soon lit, good clearance as soon as possible reunion with husband.I do not want to overnight, deep footprint actually printed on the stone, then later put this piece of stone called Amah.  After a fairy temple apse, there is a stone, a few stone Wowo above, the legend is a fairy Teng Wang Fu stone footprints.Stone engraved with three characters — Amah Rock rocks character asks hui book Junji eight years.Where’s this tour is generally required to leave a shadow beside Amah to place their good wishes.It seems the only way to live up to a fairy temple row.  ”Ode to Qinhuangdao Amah Rock” – inside and outside the Great Wall Zhang really flying clouds, the mountains fall afterglow Phoenix.  Qi Liang martyrdom City eternal things, Meng Zi Jiang hope husband go.  Version three Guilin weird rocks, each with distinct characteristics, there are also a Amah.  Lijiang River in Guilin, nine cattle side of the river gorge called the Heights of cattle gorge, along the gorge you can see lots of dragons playing in the water, the frog across the river and other wonders, then, entered the fight meters Beach.In the fight meters beach, you can enjoy Amah.  About Wang Fu Shan There are many legends, one of which is: According to legend, there was the child of a young couple with a newborn punt when passing by, unfortunately stranded boat.Seeing rations only last a rice bucket, then her husband reached the top four lookout to find rescue boats.Still stood there, has been unable to wait until a heart emergency will be overtaken by a stone.Wife see her husband for a long time to not go back, then up the hill carrying a child looking for, just go mountainside, she saw her husband has become Shiren, suddenly heartbroken, together overtaken stone.Qing Dynasty poet Li Bingli had composed a poem: Egami at Wang Fu, Wan forming fossils.Wash two bun DW wet, green tobacco horizontal Dai Mei.Soul tragic Yu, wept sense Xiang Ling.Anything away tourists, Yukiho to stop.  There is a saying: In the past, there are a couple living punt, a time when winter frost of winter, They sailing against the current, much hard work.In the evening, the couple berthing riverside, met an old woman, Tuoerdainv to beg for them.The couple is really pathetic to see them, just put a bucket of rice gave the woman.  After the couple were out of food, the only hope the downstream boat dealings aid.Can then does it happen that these ships.It is leaking worse overnight rain.So, the husband every day to climb the hill lookout boats.One day, eventually becoming the wife see her husband down, he went up the mountain and found her husband have been frozen snow, starved to death in the mountains.The wife of a radical, also died in her husband.  To commemorate this a couple of good-natured, and let them fight meters berthing place called Beach.Later, the couple turned into stone, people said her husband is immortal stone, Amah wife.  Version four a long time ago, there was a versatile person, kind-hearted, he became a pro and a girl, a child not to epigenetic.Husband to make a living, sea fishing, sea front said to his wife: I came back this time to bring a boat full of jewelry!But away for six months, heard from.His wife every day, wistfully, looking out to sea, whenever the ship saw jewelry will be happy to be called up, but every time is not her husband’s boat, day after day his wife looked at the sea every day looking forward to her husband hurry to go home one day, a old fisherman fishing in the sea beach suddenly found more than a piece of stone, like the wife came closer, the original, the wife looking out to sea every day, and turned it into stone – Amah

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