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  And heavyweight stocks dragged down by the White Horse, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market index fell more than 1% intraday afternoon, as electronic information and software services, technology stocks continued to rise, the commercial department store stocks intraday outbreak, the broader market decline narrowed。
As the industry continued to adjust the pre-Internet and other popular stocks, GEM that afternoon volatility lower down nearly 1%。 The level of stocks, the two cities stocks were mixed, and so on more than 50 stocks daily limit, and other four stocks hit bottom。   At the close, stock index fell percent, to points on turnover of billion; Shenzhen Component Index fell percent to points on turnover of billion; GEM index futures fell percent, to points on turnover of one hundred million yuan。
  The disk, run by the broader market continued to remain low, the market sentiment overall tepid, business department stocks the outbreak of the afternoon, and many other stocks daily limit, limit the impact of intraday etc.。
Decoration, international trade, electronic information services and software performance is good, the sector index were up more than 1%。
Before shipping, insurance and precious metal plate decreases, sector index fell more than 2 percent, iron and steel, brewing, environmental protection and environmental industries sector decline followed。
  Theme, shares of department store business in the new retail concept shares outstanding, sector index rose more than 5%。 Shanghai free trade, food security, the sports industry and the performance of new shares and other topics followed。
Before the pre-Internet industry hot topics among the top decliners theme, brand super, super capacitors and aircraft carriers and other subject matter fell more than 1%。   Galaxy Securities institutional point of view: With two market into the end, the policy is expected to honor the basic, fundamental investors have tangled heart, gradually landed there on subsequent regulatory policies fears and concerns about trade war is expected to heat up, so the current in watch and wait period, wait for the market to give further information on the trend, we suggest that investors remain cautious short-term。 Although the January-February-than-expected economic data, but by internal structural problems and seasonal factors affecting mitigation, persistent doubts on the market, but the high-end equipment manufacturing pilot enough power, and downstream support external demand and strong, long-term stability that economic fundamentals in the good, the market is expected to maintain Manniu。
Recommended configuration 1) advanced manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing and technology companies leading stocks have technical advantages; 2) driven by the ground rules of real estate gradually long-term mechanism, preferably faucet; 3) has a chance to repair the valuation cycle sector。
  Guangzhou Bandung: stocks has always been a lack of will make every practice, so this time the market is also reason to covering upward gap left by February 22, likely to weaken in the short-term pressure index。
In addition, we also note that in addition to the impact of US dollar interest rates and the Sino-US trade war and other factors outside of A shares, the bank quarter assessment led to a liquidity squeeze also constitute a constraint on the market, so as we continue to emphasize yesterday, investors pay attention to exercise control over operations positions and risks, especially for the performance of mines, the recent continuous increase is too large and there is a serious bubble valuation of these three typical weak stock rallies much-needed transfer positions, because the a-share has always been the trend, once the market started to adjust weakness, partial kill risk is always the first to fall from a few stocks began to spread of。

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