Amah Rock legend


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According to legend, 4000 years ago, China’s Yellow River basin floods occur continuously.The Yellow River flow south, captured the middle and lower reaches of Huaihe River, Yellow River Huai away into the sea so that the entire nation into an unprecedented great suffering among.This time, Yao tribal alliance chaired a meeting to study the problem of flooding.People have unanimously recommended flood of summer family tradition is the leader of the Gun Yu’s father presided over flood.Gun built mound barrier approach, the construction of dams to contain the flood.But the flood is so fierce, the construction of the dam washed away by flood frequently.Gun was executed because of adverse flood.  Yuji Cheng Chi father, determination radical flooding, for the benefit of Lebanon, in order to find the recipe for flood control, he endure thousands of miles trek to the edge of the Tu-Huaihe River from the Yellow River.With a final Yu faithful, from the Tu Meng get cache of Emirates country’s “water by the map,” while winning the hearts and minds of Mongolia’s daughter.Meng’s daughter is Xiahou Di Kai Sima Qian in “Records of the summer of the century” in the records, the son of Yu.Tu also his mother’s daughter.  Amah Yu Tu’s married women, married and soon went home flood, a thirteen years do not return to their homes.Yu uses to divert flood control methods, he Kaiqu drainage, dredging the river, the flood all the way toward the Yellow Sea.To clear the Huaihe River, Yu Jing split, painted two mountains, two mountains from which they clip the Huaihe River and the opposition.At a time when his wife gave birth to a son, Tu’s also open, the baby is squeak, Yu passed the door, heard the cries, and did not mind to go visit.Tale of the age-old story has been passed.  Tu’s women day and night overlooking flood control in the direction of her husband, but returned for ages, have not seen Yu.She was dreaming, Faith will move eventually, turned into a Amah, sitting at the eastern end of Tu, later called it the mother Kai Shek.The Tu’s women that look, it looked 4,000 years.  2 Amah Amah Rock legend, there is a mountain in Maoming City Dianbai Wang Fu town of Yangjiang Yangxi junction of New Town, eyes to the South China Sea, called Amah, a folk ballad: Shizuo Jia people in the hills, nor the bed nor pillow mat, no pro-husband Chiaki face, not years for old clothes.After passing by Tang Dynasty poet Wang look for the “Amah Rock” poem: Amah Rock, the waves long, turned into stone, do not bow, the hills wind complex day rain, pedestrians should not return language.  Amah Rock has left a beautiful legend: ancient times, there are a loving couple living at the foot of the main farming, childless men, only one woman.Because of the war, her husband was conscripted keep Xinjiang, hope Lang wife back early, morning and evening every day with her daughter up the hill overlooking the south, waiting, year after year, no news.Later, eager hope husband, daughter and overlooking the mountains to the south, looking forward, not into Tea Food.Night, suddenly thunder and lightning, storm, mother and daughter turned into the size of two rocks, mountains standing.Amah beautiful legend attracts a lot of visitors, where ancient and modern electrical white men of letters, mostly boarding Wang Fu-shan, or leave ink, Dianbai Ming Yin Liu Yuanlong had composed a poem praising: dignified elongation Chen one day, about no stone for the pro-o.  Chitose comb its shallow lazy bun, Yuemei often lock spring seasons.  Fog is tired of wiping flour with wind, Xia uniform for the Japanese rouge.  Murdoch no Hokyo front, round moon shines Mrs..  It levied by the husband did not return?Acacia change in Aoyama.  Years the portrait should be no competition, through the ages from the situation has not yet exhausted.  Man laying on Yunjin Luo Ji, comb Xiecha month emerald eyebrows.  Rare Rock River more than a long pass, Jiyu boarding hate hard way.

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