Amah Rock folk tales


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There was once a fisherman named Hai Lang, one day, he went fishing along with you guys, the weather is unpredictable, sudden bursts cloudy, the sea roar, wind and hit Japan, everyone is playing great Lang Fan in the depths of the sea, only Fortunately, the sea Lang did not die, he was lying on a piece of rotten wood, passed out, when the sea is wood ball, push comes to shove, the final rinse to place a call on Kawashima, sea Lang lonely a person living in this island on.  One day, he was out for a stroll on the shore to save a small grouper, and released, and the original is that small grouper Dragon’s daughter, small grouper decided to become human Franco sea life around, playing with the wind day One day, a small grouper become conceited beautiful girl.  Small grouper Franco door to the sea, sea Lang came out, looked at, said: the girl who you are, and how you drift to this island to the?  Small grouper: Do you still remember, you saved a small grouper at the beach?  Remember ah said waves.  That’s me, I’m the daughter of the Dragon King, are you saved me, I want to thank you.  Dragon King’s daughter.Hai Lang was surprised and said.  Then, the two of them slowly and well, finally sank the couple, the two lived a happy life, but also gave birth to a fat baby, named Van Loon, very cute.  But before long happy life, the Dragon King to go back her daughter can not find everywhere, and he was asked to be a man named wave of living together, furious, and then turned into a white-haired old man, came to the sea Lang family cursed, he said: daughter, if you do not go with me, I called sea Lang was dead, I’ll give you three days to consider.  Three days later, the Dragon King Hai Lang came to stay many small home, small grouper and sea Lang refused to separate, the Dragon King Hai Lang took the command shrimp and crabs.  Van Loon holding little grouper out the door, climb a mountain, looking at the sea Lang flee, shed tears, and finally a small grouper and Van Loon turned to stone, we all call it Amah.

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