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High school that year, I really spent almost put himself into a rusty iron.Class time to sleep snacks chat reading comic books, along with those boys yelling back, the young female teacher angry eyes with tears, and then the ocean of complacency.That was a hideous day, like colorful black hole looks spectacle splendor, ghostly appeal was unknowingly a little bit to pull you to a bottomless abyss.Then fell, then fall, but even more sad is that obviously know what they are declining in the fall but no ability to change.The force of habit is indeed large enough to let me do nothing, then he gave up the final struggle and efforts.Now think about it, it was just cowardly, it was just lazy, it’s just for ourselves stoop grounds are looking for a high-sounding, everything is self-deception.  But then who am I on the North no one to call me, pointing to my nose, I say you are not wanted so 破罐子破摔, so wanted to finish off your life.Maybe they have abandoned me, and sometimes I think.Mocking disdain and then a camel, as well as self-righteous disdain Who cares who is free and easy.In fact, at that time really should be a person, just as many people have experienced, pointing to my nose, I poked my spine to say, you know what you’re doing, do not know what they want, I do not know what they will be tomorrow.  However, it does not matter then people will have their own bottom line, as then it will have a deep trough Jian Gu.Like slippery slide all the way down to laugh presumptuous publicity, and finally fell heavily following, badly beaten.  Perhaps the only people in pain when, will seriously reflect on their own what step it wrong, they want to throw some somersault, to learn to go around the track.And this simple enough reason, but I paid a full year’s time to really understand youth.A year, 365 days, allowing Curie, who discovered radium, and one can make out the license Einstein’s E = MC squared, and one can learn to make a baby stumbled toward her mother’s arms, and one can make for some spectacular love began to end.But this year, I just got word that.Fortunately, not a loss, it is not late.  High School Division, I chose the text.You can not imagine the high school where I have a kind of rotten undergraduate liberal arts classes trio is what the concept?When I am told I am quite contented university students to take a class North Thanh Hoa dozens of high school when they are, I gently smiled.Liberal arts classes where I was on a line of three undergraduate liberal arts classes, more ironic is that all three men are repeat students.I was in all or frustration or irony or senseless eyes, resolutely liberal arts on the registration form to write his name.That was my life written a best-looking.  I just suddenly wake up and feel that their life is not on the way too.Later lot of people ask me how, maybe they want me to hear a legendary story of the prodigal son, and I was the only explanation can think of one, I just feel that my life should not be on the way sauntered past.  But I underestimated the impact of the past year has brought me.The first monthly exam, I took the test the first 12 grades.Perhaps this is a success sounds passable, but, still only conscience and reason enough to remind me that it was on a line of three undergraduate liberal arts classes.If you can not put all the people thrown far behind, 12 and 120 What is the difference?I still remember that the first test of the girl.Is an unknown girl, a little thin, black-rimmed glasses with thick deputy, Pafu on the desk are always somewhat stooped figure.And this impression come, because all the people only ever see her lying on the table figure.She has been first class to go to the last man.I’ve been kind of holding students a sense of exclusion and resentment, you always want what is amazing, is not dead read it, if I study hard like you are in the city as early as the first.In fact until that test scores came out, I still dismissive of her.Then, I ushered in the life of the most important class meeting.I do not know how to use the weight to thank the teacher, because if not her, then that seat, now I’m not sure where.Class meeting, she said: The results are very telling.It should be a good test of people good test.Then she glanced at me, I understand the subtext of her that is in her view I belong to no good reason to test that a bunch of people in the.Strange, I actually did not blush.I do not know too long already fallen polished the original sensitive self-esteem unconsciously, or subconsciously remained noncommittal on her words, I was blankly walked up to her eyes.Her eyes just swept me calm there, then continued: I know some people think you are very talented Cong, look down on those who seriously study the students hard work, always feel that people are master, round trip is inherent.But I want to say, you just cowardly!You’re afraid to try, you just can not like them to go to work hard, because you are afraid that they can compare them to the hard, too hard the first test will not result Fanzao ridiculed, you would rather not try just because of the risk of failure, and you can not even afford that risk, because, in your heart, you simply do not hold back what she said `I can not remember, I admit that I was totally Mongolia where, because she said that a few words.You just cowardly.The feeling is the same as the thunder overawed the whole person, and repeatedly echoed in my mind there is only so sentence: you just cowardly.She was right.  The kind of shock is a sudden awakening of words can not describe, but also I do not want to use words to express the.You can only imagine by the results, only we need to imagine the results.That night I wrote in my diary, try it.What I do not insist, I just want to try, try as hard as their own efforts to learn last month will not bear fruit.At that time I did not dare to promise ourselves what the outcome, and indeed can not afford to promise.I just hold a thought, give it a try.Then ushered in the life of the most dramatic month.We say it dramatic, because as monk unimaginable without further ado, the Monkey King is no longer aggressive, Journey no longer greedy, I could not believe that from as early as six in the morning to ten at night self-study lessons a school night classes to sit motionless on a steady, steadfast position can be my own person.In fact, is not so simple, really I did not say it so simple.When I went to do a little bit of it it has been found: in order to change the habits of 365 days to form in a few days, too difficult; and in order to create a very phenomenal men can answer in a month of miracles also difficult.Habit is second nature, ah, like this quote, put your horse heart like plain, easy to difficult to take, accustomed to wild hearts, in order to recover all of a sudden, easier said than done?Often could not help but sit and sit, and began impetuous heart, eyes began drifting away, several times almost going to give up.But, at that time the most dangerous sloshing edge is always pressure on me, telling myself, could not help when it no longer brook.In fact, plainly will then saying: can not help when it no longer brook.I admit that deep down he is a very arrogant man, I just do not believe it will be as good as what I work hard, I just do not believe I really do one thing when it will not, I just do not believe what this world really impossible things.IBelievethatnothingisimpossible.  Then, I welcomed that the long-awaited mid-term exam.I still remember the feeling after finished.Holding the book to go on the way home, stares at the busy coming and going, trance think really finished yet?Why a little empty unfunded?That really is my life’s most special exam, because it relates to my next direction and path selection, too risky, I am at the heart of how Andhra?In fact, the test results surely we have guessed.I indeed let all who truly phenomenal men can answer a.Yes, I took the test first, the city’s first.  You can never imagine how important that results in me.I know the score when unusually calm.At that time I came to understand the original impulse to cry and boosting the vertex will be calm.When returning to the names that appeared in the transcript of the first row, I silently said to myself: Remember, this world nothing is impossible.Nothingisimpossble.  Later, I have not changed that attitude and methods.In fact, all of the methods that white is no way of.Only one word: hard.  I stick with my method is not a method, but also stick my name on the report card position, until the final exam before the college entrance examination, I always was the first.However, the real challenge has not yet begun.Even if I can firmly occupy the first place, even if I can every time second Shuaixia very few, I know, I was too far away from the North, even in a dream too far away you can see it is not real.All the teachers are convinced that I will be the school’s best ever managed to get a liberal arts students, in their concept, managed to get the best of liberal arts students, which means you can get on Alexander, a little good luck, then maybe extended hand can also be on the threshold of Fudan even NPC.And I just North.Let’s talk about then I’ve never had my volunteer if you can call it volunteering to anyone.I just want to have all the power savings up.  The second semester of the third year, we moved into the just completed school buildings.The relocation of the day, the corridor fights very, drag the table to pull the bench voice heard in the corridor.I am a man blissful silence skip the window and embarked on a second floor window frame outside the big platform.Playground opposite, not melting snow, wet air, bare branches sky straight stabbing.The sunlight through the snow to cool sprinkle eyelashes in the eye, eyes quietly watching the far sky, I said a word, just say the word.Against the distant sky, I silently said to myself: wait, I want you to witness a miracle.I know that in this world there is nothing really impossible.  I never knew the pressure to a certain extent, was able to inspire the kind of human potential to the point of.I am a very restless person, but during that time I have shown immense patience and calm, at ease like a old head of cattle.In fact many times I have faced the brink of collapse, and five high school history book I tossed and turned back for a whole six times.When you put a book back six times too when you know what time feeling.Back side edge tears, I really came close to not go back to take the book thrown away.Just could not help when it no longer brook.He insists indeed the world’s greatest kind of quality.During that time my only way of relaxing is to stand in the hall to see the distant sky.Later he found a row of big red building on the opposite wall, is used by schools to encourage students to it, I’m not sure.It could sentence with me through high school, the last day of will power, is the power of success and failure.I use all my experience and the experience to practice and prove this statement: will power, it is the power of success and failure.  Sped to the Kazamaki filled the sand, in the north in the spring, we have a more disheveled, rough skin.Alternating silence and bustle of the ruling party as the United States, the law may have cast doubt on some kind of strange and magical double endless hand.Huangran dazed but we usher in another bid farewell to a mold in awe and anticipation, as well as two-mode?Die every nerve to be ruthless temper was indestructible reality, whether it is used to Yin willow shore Xiaofeng moon poetry, still accustomed to the doodle Painting.In this season come and gone, all are sensitive slim luxury as if Caesar’s thick clothes, leaving behind numerous pieces of hope and knocked down many times before, many times boosting fall under numerous Droopy badly beaten.Yesterday, more than everyone understand that road unbridgeable gap between ideal and reality, but also more than yesterday desperately struggling, trying to squeeze through the narrow plank bridge that road, knowing that even if it is in vain.  It would be futile?  When this heartbreaking question mark again at almost midnight when violent percussion played hearts, everyone is unbearable that tide and to the panic and confusion, then forced himself buried in, buried in books, papers buried, buried black cocoon into airtight only one day of a butterfly.Qinghei eyes, puffy eyes with dry fingers, anxiety afford the mouth blisters.I do not know that spring is the popular blue and apple green or silver gray purple Dai.Small mirror was quietly put away, because can not bear to see his haggard face and dark eyes, for fear of what would be open to arbitrary like the aspect of God in the face of drought has long been in the ocean, I was a girl ah.  God speechless.Silent smile.Smile told me that you, willingly.Yes.I am willing to mind my own I do not regret chose this path rugged flat Ye Hao matter whether I have to go.I want to go.I will go.  Thus all cry are swallowed, then pride is close up all.I am like an ox in February, stepping quietly, silently forward.When is desperately fighting to replace the Shangri-La has turned into the hearts of Hengyuan and hazy dream, and all efforts just to make this dream of blossoming beauty no longer go across the end, even if Qing Ming day long, even if green water waves.  When I entered the examination room after a very calm.Wu Zhi also do not to those who can carry on without regret.In fact, I never thought I’d admitted to which school outside North.This is not so much a sense of confidence, nurturing say that this is a hunch.I just want to, even if the North only recruit one of those places, why not me?Nothing in this world is really unlikely to happen.  After finished the walk on the way home, still looking at the rush of the crowd, and my heart is still empty landing.Because the mist of tears blurred eyes, but more and more things in the field of vision clear.This is explained in the science, but I prefer to believe that because everything is perceived to be true to tears and pain as the price.Yes, we always have to learn to give up something to get something else.If you care about what it is worth your while to pay everything, all just give up pangs of childbirth.Always have a choice, the butterfly’s life is so short, because it is too delicate wings of.Sometimes, giving up just to get the real key to what you want to see what is, and what it wants in order of how much you are willing to pay the price.God everyone is equal.  In fact, I miss those days, and always appreciate it.Not only because in that time I completed my transition and sharp change, but also because at that time all seared in my character is in a malleable stage, becoming wealth in this life forever.That really is how much money can not buy wealth.Which life will never be like that time period exclusively as, simply, firmly, almost stubborn but full of faith and hope, the heart next to no credit and even isolated, to a target identified and struggle.When you are in a relaxed afternoon after a number of years, recalled that he had to abandon the effort and, once perseverance and endurance, dedication and had to pay, had sweat and tears, that would be what kind of moving and rejoice, how one kind of reverence and respect yourself happy.Yes, in this process, let me repeat, do important is your own.I thank my parents thank teachers thank the students to thank a friend to help me thank all those who care about me, but I am most grateful, my own.Nothing is impossible.This is what I get to try a little bit of effort and the things.And I also believe that this is going to be something I make a lifetime of.Here, I have a word to give you their most faith: Nothingisimpossible.

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