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Participate in the “hero”, but know I’m not a hero.    Not a hero, but still going to participate in the “hero”, purely occasional.    Desert hinterland in this event, but simply by virtue of undulating sand wonder of wonders, no moment seems random pile of stone, steel and concrete barriers and a hero of the achievements of the venue, Alxa Left Banner decade ago with a forward-looking the overnight leader of this endless place of eternal heroes together.When lamented spectacular, not help people who do not go thinking something.    Our life is full of intense but orderly work in time, without shelter stopped entertaining, unfettered without me start fast-paced casual.This vast sand flying we have enough fantasy, we absolutely can suffocate past lives submerged nothing; here is no need gentle, not binding, shouting as much as possible, as wanton; entertainment where there is food snacks, these dressed in national costumes of all kinds of food spokesmen focused operation, so those delicious Fudge floating seduce every one of the visitors, rendering this piece of plain sand now busy; today’s all-pervasive open-minded to let more different things in depth each of these areas, and subsequently accompanied the birth of surprise results.Because of the vast bar, where every one unfamiliar or strange or luxury SUVs do all of the people are not doing Scream aloud and can not self-suppression of the move, so the site is to hold back these past I can not bend in its exhibition space vehicle style rules, challenge the limits, muffled roar, twisted body, these vehicles and their owners the luxury and dazzling show in front and this sand.    Roaring off-road motorcycle up and down around a small sand dune, which is set in the small gluttonous senses the only way to enter the main venue of.Heavily armed riders skillful driving a seamless motorcycle racing, doing so that the viewer or silence or clapping or cheering shocked the cycling action, with the monotonous roar of motorcycles, sudden stop and sudden start, pulling the heart suddenly stops suddenly jump, it can not inhibit such a stimulus.Leaving the local motorcycle noisy, far to see a luxury sport utility vehicle parked in a lot of frustration sand hill slope Banpo, trembling posture make people look worried, owners have been safe to leave the car and hurried call rescue, rush to rescue vehicles and rescue workers looked hanging in Banpo vehicle is helpless, according to their own ideas Inquirer master side, the answer is the same and only: to play under the direction of, let it slowly decline.Far rescue workers gave the same answer, the result is a great success in clapping and cheering onlookers in.Neatly placed in the sand on the side of the road in a luxury car, dazzling special car, as long as today’s society there is a platform to build up, there will be a relevant and irrelevant things to participate in, and to give the effect of stunning success.Of course, the car and the hero will be associated and racing hero is the protagonist, of course, it is essential.Luxury cars to clear the way collective wedding, but also the side-door car will be the hero of the program, but still make these beautiful handsome couple distracting the gorgeous.Now the emphasis is on the social policy of “colorful” does not exclude, the development of integration between open common enough to make all things prosperity.    Tackle tough cross country, should be the real protagonist of this racing hero can not guess racers in psychological changes and witty resilience during the game, a single audience is those who stay out of a breath a scream a cheer applause, people may feel able to fly beyond the Great Wall.After a smooth finish to stop racing to the finish, racing off his helmet at the time to respond to the staff report results, suddenly heard the audience cheered and applauded exotic.Minato body to take a closer look, turned out to be a female foreign riders, male riders on this track are too cautious, she was able to cross the border safely, no wonder the audience responded with warm applause.He stopped the car and stood on the car roof, with the same good shape and high color value of Canadian female driver immediately became the focus of the atmosphere without her refusal to accept the audience’s enthusiasm and her photo.Restless mind wanted her little girl up and have a picture taken.Has given way to a man tall and strong riders isolated female driver heard the sound of his wife’s invitation, actually picked up the little girl jumped off, his face full of youthful smile that is not enough for us but the character of the people to shame and self-righteous.    What, when, as a self-righteous do not what!No time, not to grovel to think what it was!    For more than nine in the morning when the three in the afternoon to go back, more than thirty kilometers of the vehicle after another one-way street, alone those parked in the parking lot, parked at the venue and loitering vehicle and the vehicle is a few game one thousand bar.Racing and racers, enthusiasts, and the occasional person like me all over the country but I do not know how much, but all of this is to attract these original wonders of Sandy.Perhaps the miracle of creation, do not need how wonderful foundation, which is a thought-provoking questions.

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