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– commemorating poet, essayist Hsu floating into the sky to see the Earth in the big empty rolling on this shot, we can see the sea from the land, from the sea look back to the land.Volley see a clear – this is a man of taste, a man of authority, man’s account.  - “fly” a writer I like to read the article, I look at their pictures to see their brow, eyes and lips arc.In my computer to store the photo piecemeal many writers, Xu is one of the.He will always live in trivial things thrown his peculiar genius of imagination and tired of fine strokes in the US fiber melting out a sentence of poetic language, so I did a search of his photo before thought of his appearance certainly not filled with the lack of correction false.Surprisingly his eye in revealing a pure really like lovestruck man or devout believers, but the wisdom and keen eyes still outstanding.  Some critics said: “Hsu is only in the” Qiuchong “and” West Window “in open opposition to the Communist Party and the Marxist Clown, also wrote nauseating” obscene poem Do not screw me, hurts “sort of.”In fact, his poetry is mainly felt like it, attracts me is such a pure soul and.His poetry is an agent of life, loss of fine medical pure thoughts and feelings of our.  His works are filling Chunliu like poetry, his life in the pursuit of love, freedom and beauty.First read his work is “Farewell to Cambridge,” Resentment kind of mellow mood, the kind of fresh and elegant style, kind of like a crescent characteristics and personality, like a long, bradycardia rubato, full hidden very strong, and stir the hearts of charm, like a painting-like Xuxu to show the beauty of Cambridge (now Cambridge), he was seen.In that place, there he gently waving clouds, there are systemic sunset smear color on willow, as well as first-class water under swaying green Nymphoides, and evaporation is crumbled and sunset, and his rainbow-like dream and pursuit.That would be a man of his mood – an idealist sad after the failure of the pursuit of the ideal.  I also once had many unrealistic ideals but very fascinating, and finally are all unavoidable failure.After each failure, I always went to the park, sit at the sky and gentle on the earth, watching the waves numerous city shuttle in the middle level cloud of static flow.Twilight and evening bell of the evening scene of tenderness, led Along the fence stuck lonely, bitter wormwood point dyed my heart like a huge barren.The kind of sorrow and sadness Xu extent on the very far, but it has translucent like people can not watch intently.  Xu is the founding father of the New Moon School, both in conception, or in the rhetoric, he always pursue the “new”.I am also pursuing cutting-edge and trend of all people.In reality, some people indulge in nostalgia old past, unwilling to face a new future, but I always look forward to a new future, such as new clothes, new feelings, new relationships, new network terminology, so keep brave advance.After that, the Xu Ting Zhaoxiong still head high, he strode forward, destroyed the complex reality in simple faith.Sorrow and pain finally let his “initial surge of” restraint, his mood became the pre-dawn darkness like thick, stroke of the pen Apprehension become as mist mountain side, but he described the style was more gorgeous look and delicate, at that time, he works like a seat back garden without the sun, there are a variety of colors rhythmically flowing.  Prior to this article, I want to write like a philosopher wrote that Liu Liang Cheng on the sidelines of the time, he describes the scene as simple and always the alternative, that is another lonely.For example one does not eat the grass edge was eaten rabbit nest side grass, a hoarse talking until it flew away on his iron bird pulled, one does not look straight tree, a wall of broken decadent wall.He’s calm and extreme paranoia objective description of everything in the village, people feel emptiness after the wind and the melody is not exhaustive bright.I wanted to write him, but has no hands, I did not have no incentive to write, but I did not write his beautiful words in the secret of what’s under heavy emptiness is exactly what.  Xu is exactly the opposite, in his works are flowing every object distinct emotional, sometimes pleasant and sometimes depressed, one can tell the difference.He is his own inner Taodao the sun for others to visit the inside of treasures and artifacts, like a naked grand exhibition.Just like “I know Cambridge” in a text: “Winter is ridiculous bad, every significant rolling fog blind day you must not hesitate willing to hell itself to try; Spring (UK is almost no summer) is more ridiculous lovely, especially that between April and May, it gradually slowed most beautiful most of the evening, it was really begins to gold.Kang had a evening on the river is a supplement of soul.”He put their own emotions penetrate into the natural beauty, so all the scenes are imprinted on the infinite tenderness he is thick, and therefore everything is full of his unique ‘poet and only love’ sparkling brilliance, and he feeling at the time – “separate” true self will be in between the lines like a dream in the morning as clearly filled out, it will not help the reader confused inflow of spiritual understanding Wonderful scene in the text of.  It is said that those who can write delicate and luxurious character of people are hypocritical, they are described as life, there is no perfect thing exists.But at least I know that Xu was sincere, not only through his eyes shot simple light, but also because he is “a wish of the article when the article was written by people”.Like West corner of a cloud, static set for the world to add polish and warmth.Hu had earnestly wrote: “He is a most lovely clouds, always a warm color.”When I saw Hu’s words, my heart wanted to, and I really coincidental analogy.  However, the fate of the residual harsh he did not release the poet has a simple faith.Destiny, is the result of fragmented struggle can not get rid of the boarders, it’s huge palm blowing hot and cold, picked up a small stone to put in the ground, on a rack easily destroyed aircraft carrying Xu.Fate felt very interesting, as the year with a small tip of the ice as the destruction of the Titanic.It must not be allowed to love, freedom and beauty of these perfect things with extraordinary dedication and pursuit of Xu achieve the ideal, to destroy its own cruel gear.Hsu left in the poetic world of the text, can only become a demon on the Wheel of Fortune China destroyed the remaining residue of decadent city wall broken tile blurred charming flowers, extravagance Korea and the surface below, despair and Thoughts the foundation.  I’m just one of millions of people love him all the text, we indulge in his world of words, as fascinated by the ruins of pedestrians blurred flowers, only can do is stand still, to watch the gap, the sighs, tears in the pharynx.  He finally sublimated into a cloud in the sky above the desert below, Xijing looked at the world.His eyes may be more to a sub fondly, a minute regret for his pure ideal.However, he should know: Life is a Journey way, if there is no regret, happiness is no longer a rarity.  I am a cloud in the sky occasionally projected onto the wave of your heart if you push open the window, you can see a hallucinatory shadows cast on the extension of the planet’s land, it belongs to a very poor piece of life, love and the pursuit of freedom , beauty and sheer shadow of clouds, fluttering Yat Plaza, empty Lingling, fate would swaying my life.

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