Always thought that happiness would believe, the result is self-deception


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Butterflies are flying too sea, but in the fly half, only to find that person had to wait for the other side of the sea are long gone, so will self-defeating on the way.- Inscription met six years ago, to six years after my self-righteous love, and then we come together, I think they are the whole world the most fortunate, most happiest woman, read your space to write the log I was I know that everything is self-deception.  Your 2006 at 12:30:27 on May 4 wrote: True love does not need to return, so do not consider themselves how much to pay?Not to care about how much they receive?If you love her, really loved her.Do not think the final result, and happiness in her daily prove your love is true.Do not go to doubt whether their efforts are wrong, she’s happy all the time is the best answer.She did not want to see you, you should hide parts of the world could not find the wait..Do not think about how her life will be sad, very soon she will be back that day, she is only momentary fun, forgot to come back, so do not blame her, do not go away, do not when she came back, could not find you.If you really love, do not give up, because waiting for a kind of love.  Your 2006 at 20:29:08 on July 8 wrote: In the emotional world did not say how much you have to pay on the other side much in return; to pay for me not to return, is to fight for a period of worth feelings and pay for, no such thing as wasted time, only worth it, because all you’re worth; even if the future is over, it will not cry, I will smile for once had, as once you pay off.  In your October 12, 2006 28th 46 minutes and 48 seconds wrote: like the moon, the moon is impossible to win, put it in your basin of.But the moon can still give me light the entire room.Love a person, you can also have another way.She is my only memories of this life.  You wrote in 2006, at 13:00:07 on October 28: in love on the road, people will encounter three people.Their favorite people, experience the feeling of love.Because understanding the feeling of love, I found the person who loves you.When experienced love and be loved, I learned to love, to know what you need most, will find the most suitable own, people who can get along with life.Life in these three individuals are usually not the same person!Your favorite people, often did not choose yourself; love you, more often than not you love; the last people together, not your favorite is not the person who loves you!I meet someone,?Who would I encounter?  You wrote down in 40 seconds in November 14, 2006 on the 3rd 50 points: nodding indistinct indistinct, floating alone in the street.I do not know where to go?No direction, look up at the sky is dark clouds covered the sun, and then looked down at the street crowds.Really confused ah!She went to her hotel frequented, the point of all her favorite dishes, savoring the taste once together.She went to dance practice hall, quietly sitting in the last row, quietly staring after breaking her back.Bloom again, Dreaming Seamless, everything on this end it?It is not over?I was reluctant to end?I still love her Mody?  Your 2007 at 21:04:25 on January 28 wrote: Originally I thought: Winter is the most beautiful season, originally I thought: it will not be dedicated heart break up.Originally I thought: tomorrow the sun shines on me, I will still shine, so my heart to you to comfort..Now, I have.No dream.I love, quietly gone.Everything is the fate of the disappeared in reality arrangements makes me so sad!They or their childish so I can not explain?Lonely night, I was the only left lonely and shadow, and the endless pain and regret.Heard your wedding booked at the Spring Festival, tears, from the lips slowly slide into, Sese stuck in the chest.  You say you six years has been like all my why?Why I was wrong today only to find?Why so I can only find here vent?Why am I still a vent in tears?Why do not you understand my tears?Why do I see but unable to face?Why do you love that she was not me?Why do you remember her favorite dish not know that I like it?Why would not drip on me on your log?Why read your space seem to have a feeling of being shock?Why would I cry?Why can not you give me a definite answer?Why did you hesitate?It is a narrow-minded or care?It is envious or jealous?You still love her I love you?  When you call my dear, I am grateful; when you call my wife, I was moved; when you said you would marry me, I’m happy.How far is the way forward, I do not know, but I’m still always believe you will firmly hold my hand all the way to the end.  April 5, is the first day we met six years later, I know this is the so-called edge.  June 20, when the first time you send a text message saying “I love you”, I looked silly text message saying to you: Thank you.In fact, I really thank you say to these three words, because I have been waiting more than two months.  June 24, when you take me to Kowloon Park, we together ride the Ferris wheel, skating together, you still feed me soup to drink, I really miss you and so over a lifetime.  July 6, because my feet hurt when you’re sad and worried look, I know that you care about me.  July 8, when you say there will be commitment, not afraid of commitment, just want to use action to prove you love me, I am full of sorrow but secretly chuckle.  July 8, when you told me that now the whole world only when I have a girlfriend, I really feel very happy, because your words.  July 9, when you first speak loudly to me, I feel good wronged wronged, Haohen Haohen you yet so in love with you.  July 9, when you first enter the haunted house with me when I found out that your chest has always been so warm.  July 9, when you first pick to play with me, “push the envelope”, and I know that love each other, sharing weal and woe.  July 13, when you shun my meaning changed the phone number, although I know you will not use for a long time, but still very moving.  July 14, when the first 100 days of 2008, when understanding of, really excited Oh!  July 14, when you can not get through the phone, I can not find you, I’m looking for you all over the world, until I lost your voice in the world turned out to be less fear, and understand that you would have been hard important.  July 15, when you told me to wait is a blessing but also a torment, you may have to wait a long, long time, I know that their loved ones waiting for a then suffering is a blessing, a joy, a kind of meet.  July 15, when you roar me, I would cry, I feel very aggrieved, I find you have it wrong?I think you Guilty?  July 15, when you say a diamond ring on behalf of a lifetime commitment, I imagined you take in a diamond ring on my ring finger leash on my happy face, and you’re cold splash of cold water with me, hate!  July 18, thunder rainy day when you called to tell me told me not to be afraid, I know you have been at my side, I understand that you also have to understand in fact, I fear nothing.  July 20, when you take me to hold my stitches, feeling really very happy, very satisfied.  July 20, when you said to me, “You are important”, that is, I really very touched.  July 27, when you say you marry my wife, regardless of illness and death, poverty or not, you will always betray, I was really happy.  July 28, when you shouted my phone, my first time in two decades talking on the phone can be mentioned tremble, also the first time that I realize I really fragile.  July 28, when you say “I treat you as a wife, not to treat you as my daughter”, I really do not know what to say, I really want you to spoil me like a hurt child that way, it is like six years ago as.  July 28, when you because I want your QQ password and say this love tired, I mind a blank.Afraid afraid so lost you.  July 28, when the log after your space is I browse, I know that they really benzene.  We always thought six years ago as simple as naive, I always thought that as long as you had enough love, always thought you would not bother to dress up like a woman, always thought that “eye of the beholder.” That is true, always thought that as long as I believe will be happy, I always thought in your eyes is the most beautiful, always thought I was the best in your heart, always thought today they are all self-righteous.  Today saw logs your space written for other women, I know that is sad to know a person better, and understand what you say after seeing the original six years has been like this all my words only are words came to realize that the love is not so simple I think, came to understand after reading the original six years I have never appeared in your heart, did he realize after seeing the deepest bottom of my heart that you would love after reading the man turned out to be not me, the original.So many turned out, not even my shadow.  I always thought of you to be the most really love, I always thought that as long as the distance between the feelings of the past we will be deeper, I always believe that you really care about me, I’ve been waiting to do your wishful thinking of the most beautiful the bride, I have been innocently looking forward to our future.The reality is so cruel.  it’s okay!I will stick, because stick is the only hope, no matter how you involuntarily again, I will wait.Waiting for you, you do the most beautiful bride!Honey, will you marry me?

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