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Peter Pan is a children never grow up, never grow up he.    I see this when I think I was jealous of his.    My childhood was happy, like a fairy tale garden as only pure crystal clear joy.Parents love, grandparents hurt, and my brother and sister, and a hair soft girl next door.I often have new clothes to wear, candy, there are a lot of toys, and other children are not the same, I still have a lot of books.I was five when you can have a look at the comic book word count and a double-digit multiplication.I am in the happy children who grow up.If you can, I really wish time could stay in my childhood, do not flow away quickly.    But I’m still in the sunshine, the parents’ love, the lonely wind quietly grown up.My heart is no longer flowing through the colors of childhood like the kind of pure bright yellow or dark blue, representing purely happy or sad.Grow up, thousands of colors flowing from my heart, I thought they would be like water flowing through the smooth stone, like fleeting, but they are on the surface of my heart left a mottled projection , like a water bubble millennia as the surface of the copper canister.When there is a painful smile, but also a happy trance of sadness.Exchange with a variety of light is bright white, but a wide variety of paint sinks together it is decadent black.I used to try to change, you can then find themselves powerless, my grief is too great.So the day so it goes down.    Peter Pan Neverland forever stay?On Neverland, his childhood stay inside.And he can fly, everyone hurt him, I should be envious of his.But I do not.I do not like Peter Pan, or sometimes even a little hate him.Because of his wayward mess.He always hurt those who love him, he never considering whether others sad heart.    I did not grow up like the little monster.    But that day in the “banyan tree” website, small Xu said to me: Peter Pan is an unconventional child, he too headstrong.But you like him.    But you like him.    We see this when my heart started falling, endlessly falling – down every time I thought in the end, but it is still falling.Originally, I was a sad child.    June 6.Midnight.Bright Gemini.My birth.    I was born at the junction of the two-day edge, born under the Gemini huge shadow, I am a dual personality who.Night gave me black eyes, but it made me fall in love with black sharp pain to my.    I have always been taught to be an obedient child, there is conservation, clean and fresh appearance.Little Xu once said to me: Peter Pan is an unconventional children, and you are too obedient, too rules, your life is like a painting along the track in good gliding wings though open, but maintained the same posture hovering at low altitude, stiffness and numbness.    I know that Peter Pan can fly and fly very very naughty.He sometimes skimming the sea.But when you got to go inside very high clouds.    ”Seeing Michael will fall into the sea, and Peter Pan was quickly washed down, grabbed him.Peter Pan did this look really beautiful, but he always waited until the last moment before going to save people, and he seems deliberately to show off their skill, rather than specifically to save lives.”You see, he is such a proud and willful child, he hurt his friends a.    Little Xu had to write such a sentence: “What is love back?”” Hate.”” No, forget.”Peter is a man often forgets people, or that he never loved someone else to go.    ”Since he forget those things so fast,” Wen Di thoughtfully said, “he can still remember how we expect it?”Really, sometimes as Peter came back, I do not know them, or at least illegible them.Wen Di see this point.”Whether it is day or at another time, Peter fly over to see them, the eyes actually look reveals efforts to identify.On one occasion, Wen Di had shouted his name to him.”I do not like Peter like this, he needs everyone love for him, he can be spoiled in wayward love those inside, like a child run wild in the snow, but he did not love others.Or, more sad that he does not know how to love others.    A loss of the ability to love others who are sad.Anne does not easily love others, because she was cut a great wound of love fate.But Peter purely because of childish, selfish because of his wayward.So all those who love him feel sad, sad for him, including the text of pedicle, including the text of his jealousy pedicle die for him fairy Dinka, including the Indian princess Tiger Lily, never on the island including children, as well as those willing to let Peter ride on his tail playing mermaids.Including me, I think I also love him, I said to someone: I think Peter Pan was a poor child.    I think that Peter Pan was a poor child.    In this article written half of the time I called a small promise.That night already quarter past seven, and everyone in the study up.I hold the phone standing in front of the school in the phone booth, the night the wind came, I can smell the grass he had just washed hair fragrance.I said to my little promise to “Peter Pan,” she wrote book reviews.Little Xu said why do not expect to write Peter?I say that because he was too distressed people hate poor children.Small Xu said that you were the first person feel miserable Peter.    Little Xu insisted that Peter is unconventional child, I do not know what Peter was unconventional place for a small promise, just as a small promise Peter could not understand what makes me feel poor.    Small Xu said that I was the first person to write book reviews for fairy tale.I told her that in fact Gu Xiang also wrote book reviews to the fairy tale, wrote “The Little Prince”, also wrote “Peter Pan”.Gu Xiang written fairly good for “Peter Pan,” the book review, I feel I now write “Peter Pan” is doing a stupid thing every paper Miaohong or superfluous.    Little Xu encouraged me to say it is not you and Gu Xiang write something different from what.    So I laughed, and comfort myself: Yeah, really do not like it, we look at the “Peter Pan” are two versions of what she said is what I said Wendy Wen Di, but she seems to see versions than I translated a little better.    Then we both laughed.I see the glass wall of his exceptionally bright smile, like a happy child.    Guo ah, you’re like a child.A so small to me that a grass told me so.I remember when a man went to Shanghai for the first time saw a grass, he and I and other vehicles on the roadside.A grass said: Guo Yeah, you’re like a child.So I said I would have is a little child.A grass looked at me with a smile: Guo I especially like that you recognize their own small, not like the average child of the same play six or seven mature.    Yes, I’ve seen a lot of junior high school kid with an adult posture ugly smoke, I feel bad for them.Why hurry to grow up Yeah, one day you will find yourself really irretrievably grow up, then you want to re-smaller are impossible ah.    In a grass say when I did not tell him how much I do not want to grow up some time is.    It was the third day, I said I do not want to grow up to A, and lifetime kindergarten more than okay.Small one said: Peter think of it, that’s always sad child.    A little after listening to the words I began to want to grow up quickly, I want to learn how to love to cherish learn to forgive others, because I do not want to be like now like Peter, like a wayward child-like tantrums make love own people sad.I want to see Mom and Dad older, friends are holding their children, are small trees grow into towering trees, the mountains were flattened by the wind, the sea has also been filled with sand, and I still was not long get rid of die large mouthful of deciduous heartless child.    If that’s the case, I think I would cry.    Peter too fond of himself, he is naive and selfish.    ”The number of children on the island often change, because some were killed, or other reasons, they appeared to be growing up – this is not in line with the provisions of Peter does not allow them to grow, so Peter put them hungry thin up until starvation.” I was talking about Tiger Lily’s emotional ‘, a beautiful princess, “said Peter Pan saved my life, I will always be his friend, I will not let the pirates to hurt him.”This is one of the princess Tiger Lily, is in gratitude and politeness, but in Peter’s opinion, this is the reward he deserved.So he often condescending to say, “Well, well, Peter Pan said”.    Every time he said, “Peter Pan said,” the time is to allow the other side to shut up.    ”Peter does not allow children to look a little bit like him.”A man loves himself too often unwittingly hurt someone else.    That day I asked my rabbit is not a hateful person.Rabbit to say in a sense you are in.So I asked why the rabbit.Rabbit said you would always easy to promise something to someone else.For example, you promised to give me a pearl rabbit promised to give me your article I promised to teach flower arranging, but finally you did nothing.    I want to tell my rabbit printer is broken and burned the computer screen so the article does not come out to play, I want to tell her my relatives have not put pearl rabbit gave me so I can do nothing for her, I want to tell her I had to learn flower arrangement to get that book do not know where to go so there is no way to teach her just by a mouth.I want to tell her a lot of things can be thought and too cumbersome Moreover, she said she would not necessarily believe.Then gave up.    Some people ask me for help when I seldom consider, readily agreed.Because I do not want to see someone disappointed look.But when I tried found myself really can not help, I only let people more disappointed.I know I make things up just counterproductive.Friends say I am good to others with beautiful illusion.    Peter Pan hurt others, and I hurt others.But a sense, Peter was unintentional, and I was interested in – though I intentionally want a little joy to others.    That rabbit with a straight face said to me: You do not easily promise to someone else, really should make a change.So I made a mistake like a child in a low voice said: I know, I must get rid of this bad habit.    Peter has a very bad habit – duplicity.It also shows that he really is just a kid.    Wen Di to go, the children go, but Peter pretended indifference, he is still in Youkouwuxin blowing his flute that support broken.Everyone calls him to his mother, but he did not, “you go, I do not really see her, she must have to look forward to when I grow up, I do not want it to grow up, I want to be forever child, always playing. “.    ”The kids had gone, he happily blow it for a while flute.Of course, this is only to hide his discomfort, to prove their friends to leave the text of the pedicle of indifference.He decided not to take medicine, in order to stretch the text gas pedicle.Then he did not cover was lying in bed, but also in order to provoke angry Wen Di.Normally, Wen Di was afraid he might catch cold, always him into bed.Sadly, he was almost crying out loud, but he suddenly thought, if they laugh, how angry it might Wen Di.Then he laughed.”I do not want to see Peter Di separate cultural – lovers separated.Just as I hope and I love the people live with the same life.The children do not know how to love do not cherish, so you can put their favorite toys to throw around, and so can not find another loud cry, but it will not be too sad, because my mother would buy a new one.But we always want to grow it, grow up, we must learn to cherish it, how it can be so capricious?Peter, you make me angry.    That day saw little promise in the banyan tree post: “You said yes and I went to Shanghai along the way, to see the beautiful plane trees Yeah, but how do you retract your hand ahead of it?So you do not know how to cherish it?”So only to find that they really like and Peter.    Peter was a sad child, the book there are many places make me feel bad.    For example, in the lagoon, Peter, text pedicle were injured, all fly no more, and this time the black tide rose up.This time it coming from a kite, so fiercely Peter called Wen Di kite climb up, leave him.But other text pedicle gone, Peter fear.Mermaid around him, but they have no way.Pale moonlight toward the water, hitting the water.So he listened to the voice of the world’s most sad – mermaid singing month, while the courage to say to yourself: death is the greatest adventure.    This is my favorite episode, also Guxiang Xi Huan.    For example, there are said to Peter Di Wen, he said: I had also always thought my mother would always open the window waiting for me, so I played for two months at the outside, and play for two months, playing two month, and then I fly home.But the windows have to tie him up, my mother had forgot all about my bed asleep a small point.    Later, Wen Di and children fly back home, the window is still open, very happy at home.But Peter out of the windows, he can not go.Peter has not enjoyed by other children happy, but happy in this glass window, he never not enjoy.    The sad child, I hope he can one day grow up.Gu Xiang let me use words to the end of it: “The second crossing to the right, then go straight on till morning.This is the way to go to Neverland.But this is only Peter said casually, even if open dusty maps for birds came flying over the entire planet, can not find.But Wendy letter, I have believed.I think I have forgiven the Peter Pan.”Standing on the tail of the children of this call, I really forgive this sad child.

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