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Spring Festival this year, with families and children I returned after an absence of many years, “a foot and three counties, four counties heard crowing,” the home.One afternoon, my family and I met with the highest clan worship in seniority, age longest and most respected an elderly dependents – my second woman.  Two woman living in my hometown in a courtyard door, walk a few ridge, across a small stream, a little while went to her home.Completed just walked into this small farm house with a distinctive northern Sichuan, I feel more comfortable.Even though I did put up red couplets, red lanterns hanging, but the green tile, red door, yellow wall, square courtyard, the ground clean, neat things even give me It left a deep impression.  This small courtyard is the second woman to filial sons and daughters of five co-financing from the construction, mainly to provide shelter for the elderly a comfortable old age.Two big old woman used to live in the “5.12” Wenchuan earthquake severely damaged, uninhabitable.After two woman at his daughter and other son lived there until this small hospital built success.  Although the value of the Chinese New Year, the second woman’s children after she had visited years ago as a swallow-like returned to their place.I look quiet courtyard no sound, they shouted “two woman,” the second woman in the house answering a cry, then limped out on crutches.  ”Oh, your army is coming, fast ride, you have to Kaohuo.”Refreshing, warm, hale and hearty two-woman greeted us to the court room Roast.  ”Two woman, how your legs up?”I asked with concern.  ”That is not accidentally fell, and broke his leg.”Two woman quickly said to me,.  ”Oh, how not to pick up from it?”” The next few days with heavy rain, the road is cut off, to the town’s hospital is not easy; to say the kids busy outside, does not affect their work, it did not inform them.”I just finish, the second woman smiled and went on to explain that she did not see the slightest grievance.If not so touching to hear my words, I thought just only hear in the TV series.  Oh, how strong the elderly!How considerate of the elderly!What a noble soul elderly!  ”Never mind, now and long well, just a bit of bone is wrong, limping.I say this age, do not ignore it.Oh – Oh – “Always smiling and continue to give me two woman explained, there is no trace, not even a single cent of complaints.  Yes ah, although two woman raising four sons and a daughter, but they all East Feibolaoxi swallows, runs his own career in different positions.Together with her husband – my comrades Er Ye Wen Yoshimasa and because in the post of minister of a district of the county armed diligence and frugality, hard working, overwork, have long left the earth.Over the years, the second woman to lead a self-reliant and capable own life.  Remember the late 1970s, when her eldest son (ie, my uncle, Comrade Wen-chao) High School graduate, is the able-bodied can earn credits at the time.Is still inconvenient transportation, economic backwardness, lack of information with a year-round maintenance of the rural elderly paralyzed in bed, raising five children, two-woman did not think the uncle left to feed their families, raise children for old age, but to actively respond to national call to uncle to the motherland conditions the most difficult, the most remote places – the frontiers of Tibet became a soldier; the mid-eighties and let uncle Tibet became a medic; the early nineties again three Peter to Henan military service.Although a family with three sons at the same time for the motherland and the people stand sentry, it can be described as the supreme honor, cute envy.Two woman may have been a low-key man, be kind to neighbors, harmony wives, reputation.A country with three people to join the army, one person working in the armed services military families, she has not made any non-cent requirement from to the countries and organizations; at the local, enjoyed any special care from the duties of citizenship is not the bear.She often said: “Support the country, support the work of the family, it is my responsibility.”These words but with an earthy aroma like a simple, every word touched people.  In addition to the uncle and later also forces continue to willing to shed blood, contributing to youth, the Uncle, three Peter are gradually demobilized from the army.Two woman respond positively to national policy, encourage them to start their own businesses, to use military temperament and character into the world.Now Uncle through hard work, started a franchising hotels in Guangyuan, Xi’an and other places have their own businesses, not only himself made a home caused by the rich, but also to solve the employment problem of hundreds of laid-off workers.Three Peter in the county opened an antique shop and bookstore, business is booming.Four primary through self-reliant, after several years of hard work, now huh real estate, not only to buy a car to run transport, but also opened a supermarket, life is very moist.Uncle, three Peter and successful entrepreneurs demobilized from the army, there is the combination of two woman I do not know how much hard work and toil.Now, uncle in the inculcation of two woman in the army work hard, work hard, continue to enrich, enhance and improve themselves, has been an ordinary soldier grow into a Colonel.Uncle in two monasteries woman, and very simple, low-key, even visit relatives, with no guards, no motorcades, and no retinue, but a man in civilian clothes home from the party committee did not disturb anyone along the way government and military.Now two great granddaughter of the woman also became a soldier.Really Dead Poets Society, coming softly, dedicated to national defense, from generation to generation was ah.  ”To good work, sit end done nothing wrong, people can go further ah.”When he left, two years has seventies woman looked at me affectionately, said in earnest,” but also to educate the boy, sent him more than reading.”” Two woman, please rest assured, I will do it.”Two woman an understanding smile.  Yes, ah, two woman, although living in remote rural areas, but her rich background, always told us not forget Younger work diligently, a dignified life.  Think of these, I can not help but awe.Two woman, in order to build a steel wall of the Republic, in order to give countries and organizations to solve problems, although you do not sonorous rhetoric, no sense of good deeds of heaven and earth, but with your own real action, in my mind erected tall the image, I pay tribute to your heart will forever between!

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