Always keep in mind the historical mission of the Communists and political responsibility


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2017 Annual March 27, after the rain ushered in a rare fine weather, we Jinggangshan cigarette factory authorities finally a branch of the party members who carried out the schedule has long been brewing group activities, Kitayama Jinggangshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery to pay homage souls, turn Yongxin three Bay adaptation ruins accept the revolutionary tradition.The good news is, the local red Ji’an Jinggangshan resources will always be our precious spiritual wealth, revolutionary martyrs are with their lives cast fine tradition continues to flourish.Some old face of poverty and backwardness still exists, we should not forget the early heart, always bear in mind the historical mission of the Communists and political responsibility.  Jinggang Mountain Revolutionary Martyrs Monument to the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery Kitayama, and even across the country, and even stands in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square Monument to the People will always be the heart of the Chinese People’s monument, martyrs of their dreams, let us understand the Chinese nation, “integrity” uphold justice in the face of the enemy or the pressure does not yield quality.From the integrity of the source of “hear the Tao, Xi die without regret”, and “do anything dying,” the integrity extended to the “hero of life and death road, but it is when the Grand Tour” integrity of sublimation, through generations cultivate, promote the heritage of integrity and beliefs, are thousands of years to support the Chinese nation to keep, weak and strong undone, decline and revival of the soul and backbone.  Whenever we sing “Anthem” and “The Internationale”, come to mind is a pioneer throw the head of the Chinese nation, the sun blood, strong build vast land of magnificent scenes of the movie.Hearts boosting “Everyone must die, to retain loyalty according to annals” and so many outstanding sons and daughters of the Chinese righteousness feat.  Yongxin three Bay adaptation to pay tribute site, let us see the role of the Party in the army, the army can not be separated from the party’s leadership.Since then, the organization laid the army of the people of this has created a good fight politically and democratic style of work, the courage to fight the courage to victory myth.  As a party member, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, they should always grasp their historical mission and political responsibility.Remember I plant formerly Ji’an cigarette plant construction in the early years of 1982, two year old Red Army Deng six gold (Mrs. Hill was the former Minister of Internal Affairs of the State Council), Chen Lan (former Vice Premier Madame Teng), they are over seventy years, off-site without rest, then fought back in the Soviet investigations visit old haunt, the deeply felt support the old revolutionary enthusiasm that year, millions of people in this dedication to youth and blood of the land behind, there are still many to be solved the problem, especially the construction of the old lagged, need government support.Later, the central government introduced preferential policies Jinggangshan cigarette factory we have a newborn.  ”A half an acre of Fang Tang Kam open sky clouds were hovering; ask him what so clear, as the only water flowing.”Today’s Jinggangshan cigarette factory has been transformed into the cigarette production scale of 20-30 million cases, can become a window toward the tobacco industry scientific and technological progress embodied window display of tobacco industry advanced technology, showcase the goal of social responsibility towards those for we much work, can not be tolerated.As well smoke, and I look forward to well smoke at the forefront of the industry as soon as possible so that they are no matter where, just say, “I am well smoke people”, it attracted many admirers and praise.Once behind it should become in the past, today’s well smoke, what we dream of our achievements with both hands the opportunity!Today, we look forward to the smoke well in terms of science and technology, including plant, equipment, processes, measurement and information technology tools are on the grade, the future, we look forward to the smoke level management well, well look forward to this flagship smoke in Gian red earth shine forever.  As the old comrades, I was fifty years old, said that more than half of life, there is no suspense; say the rest is still long, not budget: Maybe a hundred years more than a hundred, maybe tomorrow is a hundred years.For individuals, it has had a long half a century; in terms of history, just a momentary glimmer of drifting snow.Ho no doubt that our life is like subtraction, each page torn off, can not be repeated, therefore, encourage yourself every day, more diligent, more fortunate, more grateful, more happiness!Like peers, we cherish the ideal childhood, dreaming along the way, also experienced hunger, tried suffering; from primary school, secondary school to university, has been to accept the party’s education, bathed in the glorious history of the party of sun and rain.After work, so many years, have repeatedly visited the Jinggangshan week to cherish the memory of martyrs, strong faith, every feeling is new Mi Joy.The times are ahead, social development, and the world are adapting Times are changing, however, loyal to the party’s cause has never changed.  Childhood had “upstairs, downstairs, light phone, to switch a ring, a suit” look forward, also enjoyed big pager phone, TV primary stage of socialism computers; decades, into the ground (metro) God (aircraft) beyond the treatment of emperors, stealth (network) lights like (video) tangled fairy sages through the ages IQ.From the beauty of cycling out of the year, but now usually air travel; trip around the world from across the sea, to the enduring ethereal nothingness games; our generation, life experiences spanning thousands of years, the quality of life over countless generations!  It should be said, our values, and we can not complain!Our life and did not experience the midst of the tumult of war, displaced Dianpei escape, the pain of losing country and home weeping wives and children of sorrow.State-owned injustice, we basically worry-free life!There are world injustice, our basic freedom security!Although also hard work, but it is for future generations grandchildren!Notwithstanding the difficulties, but also worthy of total life!  Regardless of the length of the rest of his life, we must dream of flying, smooth mood, laughing all the world, the music of life, day by day, step by step follow-up of the recession, in a year full of beautiful young lonely in a year!

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