Always in full bloom goose foot skin


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Teenagers suffering poverty or small, sometimes life is a great asset collection.- Inscription There is a beautiful, flowery, though silent, but touched many times you moving in the vicissitudes of years, and the flower in full bloom forever in the heart, never zero.  Open memory album, there are so many warm image, from time to time flashing in my heart, is often freeze into a smile, always open in my mouth.  On the balcony, do not know when I’ve hit the iris bud, fluttering in the breeze, crushing the midday sun poured, the breeze blowing across huge golden calyx, close flower plants, in long, broad leaves held up a branch flower arrows, my ears, as if she really hear the flowers singing in the wind.The sun, I seem to have a black shining up.  Looked at the shining sun hung upside down petals with golden light, caught off guard while throbbing heart, which like most of the flowers I remember that Bianshao full bloom goose foot skin!  Childhood memories seems to be more poverty, in order to give me a cure leg, the home of all of their savings so that parents gave large and small hospitals and clinics, and even far and near sorcerer and witch.Parents my legs, as if never give up hope, always full of hope.Occasionally a little money left, then again, they eat what make Han’s view, Trotter became my “never more party” Diet.  That should be the Dragon Boat Festival a penniless mother changed his habits, did not give me new clothes, no meat, not even to buy a fly in my red silk Bianshao.Boat Sailing ship when life is narrow, my mother always worried that I fell into the water, I will be a worry-free embroidered red ribbon tied tightly at the waist, the other end is tightly tied to the mother’s wrist in on, even though my hands and feet wearing bells, jingle go up, the mother is not assured, and if the only way she together, never from her vision, she can feel at ease to work.Not even sleep at night has been solved, even my nightmares and night she was carrying twelfth alert.Red embroidered by hand with a piece of floating often in my dreams, like a beautiful clouds, and now we want to come between mother and daughter is more like the umbilical cord had not been cut, but the piece of memory of the boat, then shook like me happy I grew up in the cradle.  I always remember the young leisurely listening to the radio, listen to Sidongfeidong Qiao Zhen Ding Jianhua dreamy tone to recite the Shu Ting’s “singing Iris”: I am sad because of your shine rising round faint halo in your chest, I have become a singing iris breeze blows me you breathe a chink in the moonlight with the palm of your broad temporarily cover me, and now I can dream yet poem reading her mother’s accompaniment toil, she expertly prepared to help a neighbor of the Dragon Boat Festival red goose.After some busy both big goose feet slipped out from the skin by his mother in boiling water.Home, his mother was very carefully cleaned, surfaces, salt with a base, with vinegar.Greedy I thought to myself, this will burn out at noon mother how delicious?Unexpectedly, semi, hit the mother tied it around my chest two long tails tip, goose toe own unique structure, open curl, a rubber band is fastened in the middle, like most of the iris in full bloom in that huge calyx, sunlight, bright bright yellow orange warm trace.I excitedly bouncing around, to see their hair flowers follow the rhythm fibrillation, also followed the boat rocked gently, I am as happy as an angel.  How poverty?How can disease?Early, then with her mother calmly without fear of wisdom for me blooming flowers, which spent childhood young heart in full bloom, a life that is in full bloom.Although silent, made me no longer afraid of storms of life, but also bright in my years of vicissitudes, will never become fragrant memories wealth.  Growing these flowers never die memory of, in the fading childhood memories actually is all the more beautiful, and the kind of colorful and sometimes tortured me, so I almost morbid fascination with his long hair, but also to I was crazy to buy a variety of headgear, Bob, even if there is sparkling, warm emerald beads, even if there is light shining diamond, the end could not worth that both mother goose foot skin bright memory.  Now think about it, this mother was put into the rubbish bin of the goose foot skin tied my hair, is presumably how sad and helpless, but let me know early, in our little hearts, not lacking the United States, as long as you are willing to dare you, you are the creator, no matter what kind of situation.  Perhaps inadvertently this golden goose foot skin, it became my family motto, I became a laughing motto of life.I also believe that no matter what situation I’m in, like a mother would, as with love wisdom, for themselves, but also created a touch of bright dazzling gorgeous for their loved ones, but also gorgeous with its own collection of memories.

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