Always hungry Beauvoir


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Beauvoir, see her biography, look at her book, look at the love story between her and Jean-Paul Sartre, and was deeply attracted to live in the last century woman.I never let my life succumb to the will of others, when our nineteen years old, still thinking about where to eat today, tomorrow where to buy clothes, the star which is more handsome, she has published such an personal Declaration of independence.She was born in Paris of a more conservative families, parents are Catholic.Her rebellion began to emerge from a very young age, conservative family does not seem to hinder her hand to stimulate her everything even imprisonment for freedom on this earth rebel.14 years old, she suddenly God no interest on the family tradition of religious doubt, self-declared no longer believe in any god is no longer respected any authority.She stressed that he started from the sensible time, we are aware of the need to rely on their own decisions, to do a real self.15 years old, she received a high school diploma with honors, and received a diploma disciplines of literature, philosophy, mathematics, etc..17 years old, she also admitted to the Department of Philosophy and Literature Department of the Catholic University of Paris Saint Mary’s College.19 years old, she has written many novels, and Merleau-Ponty and wit became close friends, etc..21 years old, she completed master’s thesis “Leibniz’s concept of” to second place with excellent results obtained Philosophy Teacher daunting, and won the first place, it is her life partner, Paul Sartre.Her young, like a hungry lioness, continue to seek freedom, knowledge, ability to think to the outside world, accompanied by the wife, as she said all I want is life.She has what she wants for very clear objectives and conviction, seventeen years old, she has decided to study philosophy lifelong dedication to, the fact is true; after the age of 21 encounter with Sartre, she Since then, he will never know Zoutuo out of my life, since she and Sartre began to love forever, although there are also attracted to the opposite sex different, but they ultimately did not violate their vows of love, Although a lifelong perform marriages, to maintain their freedom on the law, but they spend the spring and fifty-one, they become partners in each other’s lives and on the soul, it is also a source of passion for life and creative passion of each other.Combination of both of them, and not while away Beauvoir and creative thinking beliefs, her longing for life, all eager to have a life, but does not succumb to life, refusing to become lazy in life, reluctant to give up thinking, not would like loss of freedom, she was like before, like the all-powerful warrior, like a mouth, it will be able to swallow the entire universe.Her commitment to feminist studies, in mid-1949, known as the Bible of Feminism “The Second Sex,” published in the book Beauvoir questioned how this world will always belong to men from it and try to biology, psychoanalysis, historical materialism multiple perspectives to analyze the problem.She believes that all men and women is no exception, are caused by its own choice of courage and creativity.This book has been called to discuss the history of women’s most robust, most sensible and most of a book full of wisdom, and I am afraid that this sentence also applies to the author of the book.She is rational, but also emotional, she is sound, but also incomplete, as incomplete, so her life in the pursuit of a lifetime are not satisfied with their existing achievements, existing life.She devoted her life to grab nutrients, predatory energy, always maintain a state of hunger, she would not satiate lying on rocks in the sun, she never aimed at the next game, always in repeated to yourself I want is life all.

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