Next week rebound, this sector will have to double quotes


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Hello everyone, I am a regular old blogger。 Today Saturday, Dec. enter the market is good or bad is crucial。
Last week's last trading day, Shangzheng Bao received 3317 points, Shenzhen Component Index closed at 11013 points, no big deal, no big surprise, to go very flat, the only welcome change of subject shares hit a small market to pick up, driven by launch a new round of broad based stock market。
In yesterday's article, the old often say a bold prediction is that next week the market will usher in a strong rebound favorable, this rebound may point to the position of 3380, and is based on the rebound to be judged according to funds we can see from the past ten days, with the continuous reduction of large blue-chip current national team and the main funds, we have entered the deep water adjustment, capital outflow is very large, and small and medium-invasive repeatedly demonstrated record rally emotional, thought-provoking value, capital flows out, it is up to the inflow where to go?I believe we know what。 Sector stocks, in fact for a long time, the subject shares of just the right become increasingly difficult, and many topics for day trips into the chase is a high guard。 In particular moment into a squat blue chip collective adjustment of the environment, small and medium-theme is particularly awkward, but blue-chip stocks can not just speculation, because the opportunities are often no longer blue chips, pumping silk cocoon stripping learn in the stock market, can really make money。
Many of my friends gave me a message in the micro letter, I hope I can give some of the stocks of code, re-set for a long time, also chose pieces form a perfect, popular themes, and in the bottom of the stock, most importantly, the code will basically be in the near future initiation, because the subject has enough imagination。 I have the ticker symbol tidy, and make the document easier to read if you want to, you can open the phone micro-channel search my (Micro Signal BPBP9898) Add me as a friend micro letter, I will be the first time sent to the micro-letter you。
If you are not convenient search, and finally, in accordance with the old rules, I wish you all stocks rose, can make money。
In fact, in the stock market, it is easy to make money, first of all focus is always the same logic, first dig out the hot cocoa expectations of the plate, followed by the analysis of individual stocks in the Plate big data, the selection of a true leader。

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