Although the students, such as ants, but there are still Hongguzhizhi


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Shuttle blockage in the heart of the city, busy, crowd sea, road transportation, the subway crowds, nor grieve. Time goes by, the years change, although occupying the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city, but their hearts are still silenced luxury homes.The same piece of sky, there is a different feeling. “Students like ants when Lofty Ambition, Ming Bao papery due unyielding heart,” although most of us born in the general environment, but should establish lofty ambition, fate will not ring true when more should not succumb to fate ambition. Eagle’s rebirth is a good explanation.Eagle’s rebirth, like a man in a halfway life confused, I do not know sit still, or Nirvana rebirth. Some people live in their own world, only knew the day unexamined, stoop, living a boring life, constantly concocting lies one by one out of the question, in the face of hypocrisy, difficult for them to accept their lonely, can not see the glory of this world. The same background, there is a different life.When you spend time Gongchoujiaocuo, he tried to think, he was ready, he worked hard, he wants, is not the same as living with others, and not just live in such a meaningless life. “Day to drop any man also, we must first suffer their aspirations, workers of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, the line fu chaos, so tempted Ren Xing, not gain it.”The saddest not reside in shabby homes, not hungry, but lost the ideal and the pursuit of obedience of things, no one is born trampled ants, but if accepted mediocrity, and that no one to help you get. To be strong, we must overlook mediocre beings, there is a strong mind can come out from the mediocrity, eventually someone will see your extraordinary, even if unsatisfactory, but does not live up to their own. All success requires a certain process, only step by step, slowly charts. Although the students, such as ants, but we are unyielding destiny, still Hongguzhizhi.Live in the moment, we have no reason not to struggle, life is not a gamble much good luck, many are under the pressure of life, still keep the faith, to go along with the heart, the winner in life, must be able to hold loneliness and solitude, courage to change own people!

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