Although the finish at youth, the dream has set sail


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Bided ten years grinding sword.We finally into long-standing favorite university halls of high school from the school by a high school student became a college student.Young carries unique passion and ideals, struggle with exam success and joy with friends and family wishes; bid farewell to the home folks from across the motherland, and went into the university campus, came SENCERE students cultivated land, came to a new environment; from here to pursue our dreams in life.    New faces, new learning, new life.Campus four spring sprout strewn with vitality.The university campus is talent, each student is very good, very rich in contents college, university life is also very exciting.Campus away from the glitz and hustle and bustle society, only reading aloud, a quiet, a net.    Years rush, time yo.Time flies, a blink of an eye to graduate.Red in June, along with the rhythm of the crops, waving to the jointing, it is a harvest season, is a parting of the season, gardenia campus filled with a touch of sadness, sadness and overflowing blessing Jingjing campus.    Since then, we will say goodbye to some innocent youth, we will say goodbye to some ruts, we will bid farewell to an era full of fantasy, graduation, like a big full stop.Graduation, which means a long journey began chasing the clouds.We believe: tomorrow is good, the future is bright, the road of life but it must be bumpy.    After four years of college life, that part of the campus the day turned into a gentle wind gently gently Zhaochaoxixi dream, turned into a faint hint of tears faint smile that month of that year.We have a precious memories of a friendship can not let go, for a lifetime of experience.    Freshman year, we are full of pride came the long-awaited university campus, is greeted by teachers and fellow students warm reception, we face filled with joy and longing.Too many blowing new life, fresh and bright, warm and tense.    In memory, we in uniform, began the arduous memorable military life, we learn to be independent, learn to be strong, learn to deal with their own housekeeping.Then, college life started to shop, bored in class, life began to have the colors, we have first met the well-known professor of excitement we have for the first time to join the community of curious, we have a tight first exam.    Sophomore year, we are busy and fulfilling the dream is also a little closer to reality.We started in various areas of the school, each budding stage, and each student has become the backbone of the community.    We started to get to know a lot of like-minded friends, discussing the issue with the teacher, saw a contented smile on his face; dialogue with foreigners, called to their satisfaction scores; become familiar with the campus of any one food, often on the BBS stay up late.    At that time, we seem to have used up the passion and energy, we have to become someone else’s favorite girl girlfriend secretly cry.Junior year is a critical period of our college career, pressure grew little in the hearts, then we are not unaware of the child, we calm down, understand their own how far away future, we began to plan their future, own life, and to that end to make a choice, employment, study section, the civil service exam, study abroad, about to start swinging the balance of mind.    All of this decision may change everything associated, including our love, that I did not experience wind and rain still young love.After some deliberation, we aim to become clearer, we are one step closer to their hearts the sun.    Senior living, we do not have a full curriculum, and no longer avidly participate in community activities, however, we are still busy, or, more busy.Resume, job fairs, interviews, a loss in a variety of choice in.    These days before graduation, everyone is busy, the last class, and the teacher is farewell; finished the last test, and is academic farewell; through thesis defense, is a student and career farewell.    Then disband seats feast, bid farewell show of hands, start a field of farewell, farewell teacher, classmates say goodbye, bid farewell to four years many have become accustomed to life.If one did not finish all of poetry, we will begin to hurry hurried farewell.    Four years ago, we are carrying a simple luggage came to the university campus, full of joy, carries the dream of the young, to get involved in this strange landscape, from opening a period of innocence years, some young and frivolous days, a fantasy era.    And this Yang Liu Yiyi summer after four years today, worry no worry we ended up reading in university life, pack up again, with a fairly great report card, going to an unknown place to practice, go to work began into the community more difficult battles to their new world, another about to begin a new life.    We go along the familiar route of student apartment door, when we taken the pace of this threshold moment, we will no longer be one here, we will bid farewell to the beautiful fairy tale of youth.We silently, solemnly on the left our four local youth said loudly: “Bye, I’m gone!”University graduate, is the end, is also beginning.We mysterious, pure and beautiful university life, there have been hard work, and there have been back; had gathered, and there have been isolated; we are left with the memory of a lifetime can not forget.    We have to go towards different ends of the earth.Those moments lying on the green grass breakdown blue sky.Those shiny days with the stars strung, who quietly open in teaching front of the flowers, in an instant freeze, become eternal life in the past.    Youth have finish, we will be rushed at the opening of a drama of life.Our life journey will be in the front row, facing the sun, the courage to dream of flying heart.

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