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Although I am a friend of Shi Yuzhu text / peace Wang Zhongmin March 1962 born in Anhui Province Huaiyuan county towns Yongping Street, he and Shi Yuzhu living in a compound, they wear pants grew up with friends.In mid-1978, two people have entered the county in a high school.High about half of the semester day, suddenly Wang Zhongmin Shi Yuzhu said: I’m going to work.Shi Yuzhu ask why.Wang Zhongmin said his uncle working in the county construction company will soon retire, according to the policy at that time, the family can take over after retirement.Shi Yuzhu said: now been restored college entrance examination, why not approach the university entrance exam?Wang Zhongmin said: the event into university, and missed opportunities into the state-owned units, he regretted it.    In this way, Wang Zhongmin replace uncle became a construction worker, Shi Yuzhu continue reading.In mid-1980, a first place in Huaiyuan County, Shi Yuzhu to score, admitted to the Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University.    Shi Yuzhu read junior year winter vacation back home, Wang Zhongmin suddenly come to him, said excitedly: pillars, the twelfth lunar month Nianba I get married, you have to come to the wedding.Shi Yuzhu has surprised: your nominal age only 22 years old, married so early to do?Wang Zhongmin said: Well live, eat and drink nothing more than having children, because it is to be married, as early as late knot knot.    In mid-1984, Shi Yuzhu University graduate, was assigned to the Bureau of Anhui Province.At the end he returned home to visit relatives, specifically to visit the Wang Zhongmin.Wang Zhongmin, the couple was living with his parents, he lived in a room less than 10 square meters, they already have a child, the child has done a piddle in the quilt, his wife was scrambling to clean up.Shi Yuzhu looked worried for a while, Wang Zhongmin said: I think the days of the wife and kids white picket fence, a nice quite good.    In early 1988, Shi Yuzhu suddenly returned home, he found Wang Zhongmin said: I intend to resign and go into business, but there is no venture capital, can you help me a little?Wang Zhongmin an anxious: old school, you work in the Provincial Bureau of Statistics, it was a golden rice bowl ah, think of how to resign?Although Wang Zhongmin Shi Yuzhu can not understand the idea, but still lent him 500 dollars.So, Shi Yuzhu with borrowed 4,000 yuan from multiple, south to Shenzhen Venture.    In 1991, Shi Yuzhu giant set up a company, and the headquarters moved to Zhuhai, then earned more than 36 million.This September, Wang Zhongmin 7-year-old son was scalded boiling water, requires repeated skin grafting, Shi Yuzhu heard the news, let the children to Guangdong Wang Zhongmin, to help him find the wounded children to hospital.    In Guangzhou, see Shi Yuzhu business done fast, Wang Zhongmin play acting happy for old school.When Shi Yuzhu asked him not want to work in their own hands willing, Wang Zhongmin politely refused.Shi Yuzhu not force him, but wounded children to spend tens of thousands of dollars, he quietly got.    Wang Zhongmin did not expect is that he’s not strong iron rice bowl.In 1993, the construction company where he restructured into joint-stock enterprises, all people can no longer eat mess lying on a state-word.After Wang Zhongmin Shi Yuzhu heard the case, called to invite him to help himself.But Wang Zhongmin because his wife was still state-run work units, again refused Shi Yuzhu.After that, Shi Yuzhu’s business is water from the wind, also in 1994, “Forbes” listed as one of mainland China’s richest, ranking eighth.    In mid-December 1995, when Shi Yuzhu to Nanjing, drove a special trip to see the workers in Chuzhou Wang Zhongmin.    Wang Zhongmin came to the construction site, I saw that he lived in a small room on all sides to take the air shed, the bed was broken building a template to take up white quilt have turned black, a black pot with some batter-like noodles, Wang Zhongmin is unkempt.See old former classmate like this, Shi Yuzhu tears fell down.This time, he just got me to Wang Zhongmin Zhuhai.    At first, let Wang Zhongmin Shi Yuzhu computer science with young men in the back.But Wang Zhongmin see that stuff on the headache, he told Shi Yuzhu: I’m over 30 years old, so I really can not learn that stuff, you let me help you see the door right.As a result, Wang Zhongmin became the highest-paid guard in Zhuhai.    Mid-1997, the giant building an emergency fund, Shi Yuzhu decided to fund all aspects of health care products transferred to the giant building.Health care business due to financial excess blood, coupled with poor management, Shi Yuzhu the company’s rapid boom-bust, he not only became a pauper, also owed 2.$ 500 million debt.    Looked very lonely old classmate, Wang Zhongmin, feeling he was dragged down, then insisted to go home, Shi Yuzhu had to promise.    Wang Zhongmin home before we know, due to the long years separated the two with his wife, plus he has no money, she had had an affair, and yet they did not call him motivated.Two people quickly this thing Naoqi divorce.    Shi Yuzhu know that afterwards, felt sorry for him, after all, their pull him out.But he said he has incorporated the Jianteshengwu Shanghai Science and Technology Co., Ltd., intends to specialize in the production of melatonin, also believe that they will soon be able to stand up.But now in urgent need of help, as long as Wang Zhongmin follow their own doing, he gave Wang Zhongmin 5% of the dry stock companies and health characteristics.    Wang Zhongmin thought: How can you so I’ll toss?Besides, you are now registered companies must just empty shells, I want you that 5% of the dry stock What is the use?Thought here, Shi Yuzhu he again declined to give him the chance to re-dry from masonry line of work.    Let Wang Zhongmin did not think that Shi Yuzhu company’s total market capitalization was soon reached $ 4.2 billion, he irons his 18 men for possession of shares, all of them have also become a billionaire.June 2011, Shi Yuzhu has spent 2.6 billion holdings of Minsheng Bank.He stood up again.    At this time, Wang Zhongmin mixed feelings: if he was in bigger bolder, continue to follow Shi Yuzhu dry that he will have that 5% of the dry stock, then your own will become billionaires

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