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Thirty years ago with the students travel between mountains, dense forest leaves, hibiscus trees being open too lively.A country girl with a shepherd boys in the hibiscus tree picking flowers, boys continue to strike up a conversation with the woman, amused.The silence of the valley echoed with the sounds of bleating sheep and the young men and women flirting invigorating laughter.This plain simple love more romantic than love highbrow interesting.Later, back home, the couple has became man and wife.Faced with this situation has been haunted my mind, I would like this poem dedicated to Althea rural men and women under the sentimental. Althea child red, white hibiscus flower child, red and white flowers farm vegetables, tender entrance beneficial blood, add charm and beauty.Althea children Jiao, Yan Althea children, find common peasant farms, princes and Flowers gifts Mei, garrulous Vulgar language given love song.Althea also love, love also Althea, Fallen flowers into the mud educating new branches, Chunrong fry autumn Ruxia.Opening and closing toward the twilight English cluster, total war with the country girls youth.Night Moon Dance fragrant trees, passionate men and women answering each other.

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