And a not bad money down, be careful!


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And a not bad money down, be careful!    Porsche China a few days ago, Mr. Li Yi, director of public affairs due to sudden cerebral hemorrhage, died only 44 years old.  Health is always ranked first, precious life, health care!  Do we really want to wait until the hospital to spend money like water, to remember the importance of health is better than cure!  If you lose health, and how to win the world?  Hard work to bring you money, status and sense of accomplishment, but also consume your health, devouring your life.We expect high pay is usually better to live, can wait until we gain a bunch of cold numbers later, but found something lost can never get back.So when you think of compensation finish make money, but found parents are old, the children have grown up, they would end up with a pain.Whether this result has long been away from our initial dream big.?  51 before Master PricewaterhouseCoopers 2-year-old woman spate of suspected death from overwork, a 27-year-old Shanghai real estate agent manager events such as sudden death, so death from overwork network has become popular keywords.In reality, most people really like a stage of winding machine, in order to live constantly on the run.  As everyone knows, when you edgy, rush to participate in a meeting, when you rush, busy summing up the work at the last minute, the system will alert the body again and again the red light — adrenal glands secrete stress hormones, the heart rate, blood pressure rise, if such tensions continue for weeks, months or even years, are likely to cause cardiovascular system, endocrine system, digestive system and a series of lesions.People are like a 10 cm long rubber band, stretch it to 20 cm, even ten thousand times will not be broken; but stretch to 40 centimeters, once cut off.Karoshi top five direct causes of death are: coronary artery disease, aortic aneurysm, valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathy, and cerebral hemorrhage.Medical research shows that they are stress-related.  Serious lack of sleep, I really do not want to work, when to take a sabbatical Yeah, really want to retire now.Do you often hear her friends say things like?Or your own, is not mired in overtime and working pressure can not extricate themselves?There is a saying that good: lost health, and how to win the world?Why can not we stop occasionally hurried pace of life, to rethink the relationship between happiness and money, to pay more attention to the heart?  Several compression law experts have taught you: 1.Grasp the body of emotions, become aware of the pressure signal.When the pressure is too large, the most vulnerable parts of the body will have some specific signal, such as migraine headaches, stomach pain, heart palpitations, back pain, etc..In behavior, like solitude; no reason to miss it, late or absent; do not want to comply with work norms.  2.Often reflect on their own.Make fixed time every day to ask yourself some questions, such as whether the fast pace of life?Today is not too abused himself?Once problems are detected, to adjust as quickly as possible.  3.Two effects of antihypertensive drugs.Walking is the most beneficial step-down way, better results faster pace (100-130 steps per minute).Another cure is to listen to classical music.Experiments show that, just listen to one hour, half will be less anxiety.  4.Hold on life than 8 hours.Do not stir the working and living together, regularly travel, see more entertainment television programs and books, often participate in group activities are easy to make people relax.  5.And close to nature.Every so often to be close to nature, and more to the prairie, the sea and the simplicity of the countryside and other places.If you are indoors, when trouble might try to pour some water plants.Studies have shown that exposure to the plant world for 10 seconds, it can have an enormous psychological relaxation.  6.Potassium fatigue points up.When you often stay up late, mental and physical exhaustion, the glucose in the body will be moved to a large number of cells, the body is likely to cause hypokalemia phenomenon, increasing the chance of sudden cardiovascular dysfunction.In fact, that is not hard to add potassium in bananas, strawberries, oranges, grapes, grapefruit, watermelon and spinach, seaweed, fish, chicken, milk can find it.  7.Squeeze time to exercise.Even if you can not do three times a week, every 30 minutes of exercise intensity, you can open one day a month less car, take the stairs instead of elevator, the phone in a place as far as possible, take a nap when idle children , stretching, and even sing a little song segment, completely sedentary than good.  8.10 minutes in advance.At work or an appointment, you must be 10 minutes in advance of departure, once the traffic jam on the road, will give enormous pressure.  Experts call the status quo exposes the workplace overworked labor law enforcement to monitor our absence, and part of the employer’s lack of people-oriented concept.Such as the EU to develop a “Health and Safety Work Act” and other laws and regulations, require the company to provide health and psychological support to employees, European companies offer massage, yoga decompression services to employees working flexibly US, British companies have free counseling phone, so that every employee can enjoy the full right to rest, the right to health and right to life.  How do you know he is not on the brink of overwork?  Institute of Public Health researchers from the perspective of prevention, lists the following 20 symptoms of fatigue, you can judge for yourself.In danger of these symptoms, possession of more than 7, that is overtired.At the same time, accounting for more than two in Item 1 to Item 9, accounting for more than 3 or in item 10-18 and those who have special attention.  1.Often feel tired, Forgetfulness is large; 2.Inability to drink a sudden drop, even if drinking do not feel enjoyably; 3.Suddenly felt a sense of aging; 4.Stiff shoulder and neck made of wood; five.Because of fatigue, insomnia and depression; 6.There is also a trifle agitated and angry; 7.Frequent headaches and chest tightness; 8.Hypertension, diabetes, abnormal ECG results; 9.Sudden weight changes, emergence of General belly; 10.Dinner almost every night drinking; 11.One day drink five or more cups of coffee; 12.Often do not eat breakfast or meal time is not fixed; 13.I like to eat fried foods; 14.One day smoking more than 30; 15.Or do not come home at 12 to go home after more than half the 10 pm; 16.One way commute takes more than 2 hours; 17.In recent years, the movement does not sweat; 18.The total body feels good, do not want to go to a doctor; 19.10 hours a day’s work; 20.Sundays at work.  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