A genius for finding a girlfriend effective method: exposure therapy


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One kind of effective way to find a girlfriend: exposure therapy be approached in many of them, dating, relationship upgrading and girls interactive process, we often are affected by one’s negative emotions – anxiety.For example: accosted anxiety, dating anxiety, anxiety upgrade, even down anxiety.This sense of anxiety, it will affect our physiology, cause you muscle contraction, shortness of breath, rapid heart beat, in this state, we interact with the girls, simply can not be done at ease, naturally, you can not get good results.Worse, if handled well, anxiety upgraded to fear, we tend to avoid contact with the girl, because you feel the danger, if we really develop to avoid thinking, then we will all miss the interaction with the girls opportunity.Due to the reason is because: social closure, lack of experience and interaction of the opposite sex, resulting in low self-esteem within the.So how does relieve anxiety?Here to introduce an effective method: exposure therapy.This approach comes from psychotherapy, it does not require any relaxation training, but let us direct our exposure to the anxiety of the scene, in order to correct errors quickly stimulate our understanding of anxiety and eliminate habitual caused by this stimulus anxiety reaction.Even if our anxiety has turned into fears, this method is also effective.In simple terms, what is the fear of what they do.How to operate?For student David chestnut: the micro letter with a girl talk is good, but it has not to date.I saw their chats, why not ask him about the other side?The time has long been ripe ah?He said he had never been told about the girls would be afraid messed up.I thought he did not want about this girl, just chatting to pass the time.But the reality is he did not want around, just the thought of dating, it is very anxiety.To solve his problem, I used his cell phone, direct micro letter about the girl watching a movie, the girls quickly agreed, and then we finalized the time, place, after everything was settled, I put the phone back to the students.Although he knew the result, the performance was very surprised flawless, but mature rice raw rice has been boiled, he had to bite the bullet on.When he watched the film back, his good mood micro letter told me: last abortion all goes well, and I thank pushed him, or he may be hesitant for a long time, and as before,.Summary: The principle of exposure therapy that allows us to recognize: our practices and goals to be consistent, do not poles apart, belie.I cried every day to find a girlfriend, and the girls really want to find an excuse to retreat time and date.Many times your mind is back in self-denial, self-denial the more the less the less forward progress no more lessons, and when we touch reality, we find that the fact that maybe is not what we want it.The foot of the woman is not a tiger, I met do not escape.If we can not resolve to do it, or no one around to help us, then we can consider the following recommendations: Given the chance to go out just like girls, and even put themselves in women pile with the girls out to play, enjoy the dating process Do not consider the relationship of the result if something really messed up, then observe the reaction of the girls, recorded, to see if the same is expected with the next improvements.These proposals aim to make our habits and get along with a woman feel and communication mode.Magic cards have the opportunity to try various methods to teach you routines, such as we are accustomed to and get along with a woman, everything will be more and more natural, with the increase in experience, and gradually complete the transformation of white to older drivers.More love dry, micro-channel subscription: This article headlines magic card numbers released by the author and do not represent the position of today’s headlines.

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