10.An earthquake toppled failed to Forbidden City.A group of foreigners do run Beijing


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10.An earthquake toppled failed to Forbidden City.A group of foreigners run Beijing to do the experiment, the results were hit China builders face reprint this article authorization since it’s from the media: Hey wait a minute (ID: hiboluofengli) Jiuzhaigou after the earthquake, the National Palace inexplicable on the topic list.  A magnitude 7 earthquake let Jiuzhaigou mountain dam break collapse.However, after 597 years, more than 200 large and small earthquakes, the Forbidden City, what matter how children nor?  British scholar order to find out the secrets of the Forbidden City, Beijing flew collective: the.They spent 10 quake.  Last month, B UP main station there was uploaded a set of documentaries, no English subtitles, but not translated, thousands of school but had been burning slag cry, have to force myself to come up with the college entrance examination in English listening level, literally stumbling over chase the whole set, because it tells of the “Forbidden City’s secret”.  July 28, 1976, 3:42, had seven.8 earthquake, Tangshan, Hebei within 23 seconds, it was razed to the ground.  Even 200 kilometers outside Beijing are subject to violent shaking and shaking, many houses collapsed, but the tall built 600 years of the National Palace, still survive.  Forbidden City is one of the largest remaining wooden buildings around the world, 600 years, we have experienced countless lightning storm, change, war, and more than 200 earthquake, the bottom in safe and sound, which makes the whole world shocked.  So British television came carrying a camera, went to Beijing to try to unlock the secrets behind it.  In order to uncover the truth, the museum’s experts on a specially made earthquake simulation, first select the appropriate timber, hand-perforated, polished.  This built 1: 5 model of the Forbidden City, the whole did not use a nail, a drop of glue, using China’s oldest building structure: tenon joint and brackets.  When the building is completed, scholars feel very strange, this wooden house, really strong enough Well?  Our staff then unscrew the analog switch 4.5,5.Earthquake level 0, you can see the whole model began to shake up.  Isocratic added 7.When the level 5, on both sides of the brick could withstand, came crashing down, wearing a helmet British scholar, instinctively recoiled.  Experts Forbidden City is actually very calm, assistant to then intensify –9.Level 5!  To know the model but is built of wood, 9.Level 5 quake, the equivalent of 2 million tons of explosives destruction of the.  Until rise to 10.At level 1, the wall had collapsed into ruins, violent shaking, the pillar model, some have already left the ground, seeing that he was about to fall.  But after 30 seconds simulated earthquake, it is still firmly standing there, but a little offset position.  British scholar tightly holding the hand of the Palace expert, said excitedly: too!Finish!nice!The!  10.1 level before the earthquake record, not the collapse of the secret is – brackets.  It is a unique structure of Chinese architecture, a bow and a square block composition, and the combination of the tenon, do not need a nail, a drop of glue, you can make two pieces of wood perfect fit.  This will not only be able to even hold very heavy eaves event of an earthquake, loose structure between brackets does not fall apart, the flexibility to offset the destructive earthquake.  By the way, if you visited the Forbidden City, you should have the impression, the museum’s pillars were erected flat on the floor, and no in-depth foundation.  When such a terrible earthquake, slightly shifted position post up, but will not be broken, resulting in the loss of homes pillar of strength, the entire collapse.  Shocked foreign architects is that these life-saving detail is extraordinary artisans in the earthquake belt, out of her own.  When the earthquake, deep foundation pillars will be broken contrary, this architectural scholars heartfelt emotion does not occur: This is not the Forbidden City 600 years down the secret wisdom of the ancient Chinese people really admire Heart!  In addition, this covers an area of 720,000 square meters, the size of the palace seventy seats, more than 9,000 houses between ancient buildings, to build success in 14 years, far more than this one trick brackets!  Just the number of kilos of brick and wood, how to transport to the capital, is a thorny issue.For this purpose a special documentary made an experiment, the power of an entire hockey team, are immobile move a brick car.  But as long as 600 years ago, the ancient learning, spray a little water to the ice, can immediately drag.  Dianwai ten meters long and Kowloon play bead carving, staggering to the screen spectacular, no machine at that time, so much carving a piece of white jade, how much effort and craftsmen hidden it.  A documentary, commentary outside the network are blown up, so cool, this is a miracle, lifetime must go to a trip to the Forbidden City!  The most let small tears aim is a one of the Chinese Comment: thumbs up for the wisdom of our ancestors, thanks to this video, let the world know China’s builders more Niubi!  However, no rugged construction, and not without weaknesses, a lightning, a little bit of Mars, enough to destroy a whole magnificent palace.  In addition to natural disasters, war damage, this spectacular building, in fact, is the biggest enemy – time.  Fortunately, people have been quietly protect them in the back.  Palace of the bronze, wood, lacquer, inlaid treasure, the court watches.  Ceramic painting.Has a dedicated person in charge, but few people know their names, they are Conservation Division.  The difficulty of how to repair it, so they took the watch, the engagement of the gear, a difference of only a few millimeters, it is also not fixed; fix a watch, to work for at least a few months before the table.  Qian of a box, make up a paint layer 120 have a full color astray, hand flick brush thick, have to start all over again.  The paste made of gum, the mountain must be cut in the middle of the night, because the sun drying on the waste.  Repair screens, need to use the tapestry, use a small fine file between a few millimeters between the shuttle gear themselves sit all day at the table, also had a few inches.  And this is just in the inventory of the Palace millions in a very common heritage.  These tedious and meticulous in our eyes even a little perverted to the details of the Conservation division, the only common.  Wang Jin master watch group, said: If you really sit still, you will be diverted.  As long as you keep them interested in it.  Qu Feng master wood group of young people want to leave this once Forbidden City, it took ten years to realize the truth of Chinese craftsmen: Chinese people do a chair, as if doing a person, he is the minister of character to this requirement chair.  Ancient Chinese people pay attention to the nature of things, is to come to its own view of things on, it was to view himself.  He said these things in ancient Forbidden City is a living, the value of Conservation workers not only repaired, but the repair process, he is saying the exchanges themselves, it’s sort of understanding, which are integrated into the.  Heritage is dead, do you want to relics, artifacts purpose is to spread culture in order to make it, right, that is not to say that in order to preserve a heritage items in there, that little value.  So Conservation division, just 600 years ago, built this miracle of artisans as lower resistance to the heart, not rash to do something.  A tile on the roof, under their feet stepped on a daily basis or a brick mural paint off one side, and try to fix them, put their ingenuity to stay in every corner of the Forbidden City in.  Life so long, we do not hurry.  Repair ago – when Emperor Kangxi 60th birthday, the 16 sons and 32 grandchildren sent to look after the repair Longevity screen is stunning small series, two brush “Forbidden Secrets” and found accompanied by “I repair cultural relics in the Palace.” Watch together, simply blasting the!  You find someone created a miracle, it was silent in the guard, it was between each generation craftsmen, the rules do not need to say so, 600 years, have not changed.  Because only his hands, to make an item has a temperature, have feelings, in order to go through the long years later, still alive.  So even if Chinese craftsmen did not have a sense of ritual that flattering, but they kind of ease and awkward, still conquer the world.  Although we never know, 600 years ago, the construction of artisans name of this miracle, maybe one day after the documentary heat down, the Conservation division will gradually be forgotten; Fortunately, the Forbidden City is out there, it remember everything.  As long as you see one, it must be remembered that belong to Chinese craftsmen own legend.  [Disclaimer] Source network, belongs to original author.Work involving copyright issues, please contact us, we will remove content or negotiate copyright issues!  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