in the water side


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The water side 1 never thought of softness when flowers fell. I never thought I could stand still in the painting. The original ancient books on the meaning of all, also have no.. Q: Is life only discrete from withering after a moment of gathering together?? Painting, remember the shadow of white flowers, tung flowers fall to the end, it is like suing the prosperity of the world, like suing the mirror flowers of shui yue.. But why? I still have the sound of flowers falling in my heart when all the flowers are falling out..     The vegetation grows slowly in the painting and seems to be forgotten in the corner of time by moonlight.. Will the fireworks disperse one day. Fireworks scattered, gently coming to cover the face with mist but close at hand, the fireworks are as vague and fleeting as ever. Holding a light step, he asked who stole my watery year?     3 low calls, in the white shade of flowers, when the wind brings me back to the light color in April, late in the evening, listening to the water whispering through the forest, and rolling up a burst of fireworks. How much do you know about flowers in your dreams? The poet’s pillow, broken dream.     4 my path has wound, through a sheltered hollow, sentient beings have joy, the same summer, the same dream appears again and again. The small courtyard may have a story written thousands of years ago, but where did people go when the flowers were still there? Just, I, a dream, falling in succession.     5 no longer, time no longer. In the night I searched through the scroll and pondered hard, but I still couldn’t find the fate I never knew, nor could I find the youth I once looked like water.. So I can only be in the picture.     Why can’t I just be a herbaceous flower, or randomly spread on a foggy and rainy hillside, or quietly become an immortal beauty sandwiched in a book?     Painting, remember this poem to participate in the regulations of the mountain garden Xiaomei, all the fans shook down the unique Xuan Yan and took up all the amorous feelings to the small garden. ”Dappled shadows hang aslant over the clear shallow water, in the evening of moonlight their fragrances peacefully expand.”. Frost birds want to steal their eyes first, and butterfly fans like to break their souls. Fortunately, there are some songs that can be sung together. There is no need to use sandalwood plates for gold bottles. Painting, remember this sentence to participate in the night tour on December 2, Shen’s Garden Pavilion Road near the south of the city was already afraid of traveling, and Shen’s home was even more seriously injured.. Fragrant wear guest sleeve plum blossom in, green dip temple bridge spring water. In the south of the city, the little street meets spring again, and no one is seen in plum blossom. jade bone long into the spring under the soil, ink marks still lock the dust between the walls.     In the picture, Lu You uttered a long sigh . 9 On the water side, the water is still, the vine flowers are still, I understand, Lu You understands.     At the end, just like that hope and memory, at the moment when I finally understood it, I discovered that all the verses from the poet’s back were originally the words of our own hearts. We are on the water side .

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