I’ll wait for you to wake up


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In the past few months, the old man has lost a lot of weight and his hair is all white, calling out as he massages his grandchild: ” Grandson, my good grandchild, I will wait for you to wake up and give me a pension to die.”! Looking at the grandchild lying in a hospital bed who has passed out into a vegetative state, grandma sobbed, massaging the grandchild’s hands and feet while she kept saying, ” grandchild, my good grandchild, you must hold on, grandma is here with you, I will wait for you to wake up, watch you get married and have children healthy and healthy, and raise me a big fat grandchild.”: I haven’t enjoyed your happiness yet. I’ll wait for you to wake up and die for me! ‘ listen to grandma this grief-stricken chanting, all the people present were in tears.   Back in time to twenty years ago, although the family was not rich, the small life was quite good. Zhang Lin’s birth brought laughter to the small family, and of course Zhang Lin became the apple of his family’s eye and everyone loved him.. However, it was not long before such a happy and peaceful day was broken when Zhang Lingang began to toddler.. Zhang Lin’s father was dull and stubborn, but his mother was on the contrary. Because of the discord of character, his parents divorced, leaving Zhang Lin with his grandmother.. Zhang Lin’s father became even more eccentric because of his marriage, and he was also disheartened with his life. Fortunately, he still had his son as a spiritual pillar and did not collapse.. But it happened that on the way back from work on a motorcycle, a car accident stopped breathing forever on the way to the hospital.. Zhang Lin was left alone with his grandparents when he was only ten years old.   Successive changes in the family made the little boy understand early, understand to respect elders and learn to work hard. In the eyes of the people around him, he is the example of children of the same age, the pride of his grandparents and the spiritual pillar of his grandparents. He watched his grandchildren grow up day by day, reaching 1.8 meters tall and burly, and his lithe figure always flashed on the sports field. The old couple were really happy with their brows and were not happy to close their mouths.. I hope my grandchild, who holds a big hand, can start a family and start a career as soon as possible and die for his old age in the future..   The old couple waited at home for their grandchild to come back for dinner, but they came back early this time at ordinary times. But today, it was dark outside and no grandchild came back, so the old couple was somewhat anxious.. Suddenly the phone rang, ” Hello, is this Zhang Lin’s family? Now he’s in * * * hospital. Come quickly.”. Hearing the news was no doubt a bolt from the blue. Grandma was completely dark in front of her eyes and did not fall when she held the table with her hands. She had an idea in her mind: she must not fall down and must guard her grandchildren well.. Picking up some necessary articles for daily use, he hurried to the hospital and saw unconscious grandchildren covered in blood.. See the old man sobbing, mental breakdown, twenty years base build by laying bricks or stones of the spirit of the wall collapsed at this moment.   Since the day she was admitted to the hospital, her grandchildren have never responded to the old man’s call, and her tall, burly figure is shrinking gradually.. In order for the grandchild to wake up, the family is already in debt, but the perpetrators have not been heard yet. Every time the medical staff come to infuse fluids, they will say, ” This is a miracle. If the average patient is lying in bed for eight or nine months, he will have bedsore, but Zhang Lin has no bedsore at all, but he is very thin.”. It can be seen that his grandmother’s painstaking efforts to him are not as big as usual. Of course, there is also the credit of his only aunt.   They turned him over every four hours, fearing that his muscles would atrophy and massaging him constantly, even at night, hoping that one day his grandchildren would suddenly sit up and call her ” grandma.”.   Over the past few months, the old man has lost a lot of weight and his hair is all white. He called out while massaging his grandchildren: ” Grandson, my good grandchild, I will wait for you to wake up and give me a pension to die.”! ‘ Seeing this scene all shed tears, and we look forward to his waking up as soon as possible.   In the old man’s heart, grandchildren will wake up one day, as long as they insist and work hard. ‘ I’ll wait for you to wake up”’ has been encouraging the old man to make unremitting efforts for his grandson’s awakening.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

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