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Because of studying and working abroad, they often have the opportunity to deal with trains.   Almost every time I take a train to catch the peak season, although sometimes I can’t buy a seat or sleeper when I change trains, I can buy a direct ticket because I have a student id card..   Every time I take a train, I smell a lot of instant noodles, because many people on the train will soak instant noodles to allay their hunger and occasionally add ham sausage.. China’s train channel has already brought a lot of profits to Master Kang, Unification and Leyou etc.. Most of the time, the people sitting next to them are people they don’t know, but they don’t affect their conversations with each other, their studies, their work, their personal problems and so on.. There are all kinds of people in the carriage, including students, migrant workers, businessmen and so on. Listening to their experiences, attracted by their years of accumulated experience, they share their different experiences, either surprised, appreciated or helpless..   Most of the time, the aisle is full of people because China is too short of train tickets. Most of the time, passengers who have seats will be willing to make a small piece of space for standing passengers, but there is still no shortage of people in the aisle.. At this time, the dining car will be pushed forward like a snail’s speed. It’s far away. You’re hungry here and there..   The train passed through the city, through the mountains and rivers, and finally reached its destination like the Tang Priest after eighty-one difficulties in obtaining scriptures, so it can also see many landscapes like them, although they are not the same. You can feel the light and dark passing through Shaoguan tunnel, admire the yellow river water really good yellow, and look far away at the misty rain of Nanjing Yangtze river bridge and so on.   I found myself taking the train out of experience, and the more I do, the more’ skilled’ I will spend more than one day and one night on each train. The journey from Guiyang to Harbin took me 80 hours in Guangzhou, but I didn’t feel tired. My brother who met me halfway joked, ” Xue Jie, the more you take the train, the more energetic you are.”.. Every time I take a train, it seems that it happened yesterday.

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