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I want to thank my mother, who asked me to extract a large number of masterpieces. Although these precious diaries have been lost in several moves, there are some memories that will never be forgotten..   Once a friend asked me. What kind of state can you feel when writing an article? What kind of feeling is a happy woman’s sadness flowing at her fingertip? Is the beautiful state of mind due to the precipitation of life or the essence of life??     Every morning, I rush to work in a crowded car, go home wearily at night and turn on the computer. Those happy notes are the real meaning of my life. Sit down quietly, have a cup of tea and a keyboard, and let me have a comfortable night.. Like the collection of words, I am used to finding things I once liked or alienated, savoring my own mood and life bit by bit, pursuing those unforgettable memories in clear memories, and feeling compassion for love in the melody of my heart. I write, feel and be happy.. When the smile and tears become an eternal reality, my life will remain in the words … Ah, red sleeves add fragrance to the night reading, and every character that is warm, touching, deep, or sentimental is full of exquisite inner feelings.. Everyone said that online literature is spiritual fast food, while online writers are fast food makers. With the pace of modern life so fast, people are in a hurry and eager to know other people’s hearts, they need to find warm friends and close philosophies in the vast sea of people..     Einstein said: Hobbies are the best teachers. I never think I write well, but I always write happily. Admittedly, a text is the outpouring of a person’s emotion, and the writing style reflects the author’s personality from the side. For a person who loves life, whether it be an author or a woman, dialogue with words is her true release of love. At the time of writing, I sincerely admit that I am a pure enjoyment. I enjoy life, words, and all the touches of my heart.     When I was young, I never thought about what I would do when I grew up. Every time the teacher assigned a composition such as’ my ideal’, I thought about what the profession would write when it was easy to write. Once, I wanted to be a sanitation worker when I was older, but I can’t remember who touched me on TV at that time. The teacher praised me and read it in class as a model. After class, I looked at the students’ strange eyes and went home to tell my mother that my mother didn’t rebuke me, just said. Of course, you can be the champion.     I know my mother likes books. At that time, the biggest expense of my family was probably buying books. For this reason, I was often awakened by the low-pitched quarrels of my parents at night, but sometimes I was happy. For example, my mother would let me go to the post office with a postmark to collect the payment. The money wasn’t much, but my mother would say, ” Buy a book I like to read.”! Sometimes I buy snacks behind my mother’s back and her mother doesn’t say anything.   When I was ten years old, I did not know many words in the Three Kingdoms Regulations. First of all, I could not remember the names of many characters and always used good people and bad people to distinguish them..   Mother, sung river is a good man and a bad man, will you tell me after watching it, son?     Every year my mother takes me to the library when she is not at ease. She will take out the prepared paper and pen and tell me that she will write down the good words when she sees them, or she will not bring you next time.. I don’t know why, when I got to the library, the slightly milder air excited me like opium.. I walked through the tall bookshelf until I reached my seat holding the book that reached the lower jaw..     So the whole reading is more comfortable, happily reading all kinds of fairy tales, I clearly remember that I often change seats with people by the window, looking at the scenery in the distance silly chin trance. Later, I slowly read the world’s famous works, and then, somewhere on campus, I acted as a storyteller, surrounded by a group of 13 – or 14 – year – old flower-season girls, listening to me tell me beautiful stories for myself . Ah, remember a classmate party, a girl of that year had already had her own successful career, and she said she had never seen Margaret again so far.. Mitchell’s participation in the Gone with the Wind Regulations she said I told her was the best version, she said. Rhett and Scarlett could not be replaced by any version in her mind. What she actually kept was her young girlhood.     I would like to thank my mother, who asked me to extract a large number of classics. Although these precious diaries have been lost in several moves, there are still some memories that will never be forgotten..     Later, I took part in the work and treated people seriously. In the dead of night, I opened the book and could always hear a cry from the depths of my soul. I could always remember an ignorant girl shuttling through the dark bookshelf of the library, the girl who watched the match selling regulations shed tears, and the young manuscript who looked back nervously when it was first dropped into the mailbox.. So, I looked at this noisy world again.     Another plain night, I thought of the sentence of Taiwan poet Xi Murong: All the complicated petals are unfolding layer by layer. All the feelings and experiences in life are interwoven in my heart, turning on the computer, and in the tapping of the keyboard, the prosperity of the world and the details of life are transformed into a kind of sustenance and feeling. I dare not say that my words will have meaning to others, but my meaning to me is clear. In the boundless world, my humble position is great to me, my life is unique to me, and writing makes me only one..   I don’t know when I will write, I only know that if possible, I will always write it down. Think of a sentence in the book: If a needle is not used, it will corrode.   If a heart is silent, it will die.

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