Give your child enough confidence


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From an early age, introverted and cowardly. The untimely outmoded coat, eight-inch trousers, thin tennis shoes and black and old quilts will make people feel extremely inferior. I dare not talk to my teacher at school, dare not communicate with doctors at the hospital practice, dare not talk to boys in the society, and dare not make close friends with anyone, for fear that if I am not careful, I will expose myself to nothing.. I remember it was a’ deciduous west wind early’ break drill, and the students came to the playground alive and well. I was the last to dally, still wearing the old military uniform that my mother had found on the street, and a pair of eight-inch trousers hanging over my ankle.. The radio drill sounded rhythmically. With the loud, sonorous and musical speakers, all the students shook hands, and I also held up my arms timidly and gesticulated symbolically.. I’m afraid that my arms will be raised too high and my trousers will be lifted higher. I’m afraid that the steps will be too big and the long blue jacket worn by my big cousin inside will be revealed. I feel that I am the ugliest ugly duckling in the world.. He said that the headmaster, who is called the headmaster, is not even qualified to be a human being ( I always think so ). He said, ” Look at you, you are lazy, don’t do exercises, and come down and pick up all the leaves on the playground.”. I am sure that all the eyes on the playground at that time looked uniformly at me, the ugly duckling.. I marvel at myself so far, how a girl who is so timid and self-abased can pick up all the leaves without saying a word or even dropping a tear.. Now, several decades later, I am confident, sunny, beautiful, positive, optimistic and open – minded. I feel that I have become a ” queen” through my own efforts, but I can never forget that humiliating recess drill. Hate the headmaster, hate heaven without eyes, so there is no connotation, no fix for people to become the length of a school. With the passage of time and the maturity of the mind, I have already forgotten my hatred and will still regret the break. With my daughter, I will give her the best thing in my power. I bought her a drag bag, took her to eat’ McDonald’s’, drove to and from her, bought her beautiful clothes, brought her beautiful quilts and took her on a tour . Ah, I believe that only if one has enough confidence can he have a youth that is not barren, can he be confident to become the best person, achieve the ideal career, and then meet the most perfect person..

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