Flying dragonfly


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In 1976, all the angels in the sky waved their wings to fly to Tangshan. They flew so fast that the world did not have a red light. There are too many souls and their lives are too short.   When I see dragonflies, I will be afraid. ‘ Somehow, suddenly flashed through my mind this sentence. Who said that? If you think about it, you can still remember it.   At that time, Joe leaned against my chest and said nothing in silence. The glittering and translucent eyes gawk at the unknown place ahead. I couldn’t know what she was thinking, only that the moment after a rainstorm was so peaceful.   I moved a little, Joe still did not move, but spoke. She said: ” When I see dragonflies, I will be afraid.”. ‘ she held her arms around her, her eyes still empty.   I knew she would go on, so I didn’t say anything.   She went on to say, ” Grandpa left and when he was buried, I saw several dragonflies flying back and forth around the circle in the air. I don’t know what to look at.”? At that time, I looked at them and soon they flew away. I smiled and brushed her short hair with my hand. Her hair was smooth and healthy.   She ignored me and said, ” One day, just as I walked out of the yard, a dragonfly flew past my eyes.”. She didn’t stop and kept flying far away! Into a black spot, disappeared in the corner. ‘ She paused and rubbed her nose with her hand. ” The next day, the family learned that her uncle was gone.. Why do I always see dragonflies when someone dies? ‘ she let out a question, then there is no words.   At that time, I couldn’t give an explanation, but simply said, ” Maybe it’s just a coincidence.”! She didn’t say anything and I didn’t say anything. Two people stayed in silence for a long time, a long time.   Is it really just a coincidence?   A while ago, I saw the regulations for participating in the Tangshan earthquake. When the group of dragonflies flew past my eyes, my heart gave a strange tremor. Dragonflies again.   Maybe I really want to think about the dragonflies. Where did they come from? Where to fly again? Is it just to look at this sad moment and fly from an unknown place in the distance in a hurry?? Are they here to visit? Is it really just to act as a passer – by?   Maybe not. I believe that they must be angels sent from heaven, flying down from the sky and turning into dragonflies, to come to the people who have left or are about to leave and bring their souls into heaven.. The way to heaven is really long and hard, but because of their guidance, the souls easily got there. Dragonflies waved their wings and whined, perhaps crying.   Angels fly and fly, they come to Joe’s grandfather’s grave and wait for his soul to get out of his body’s mouth. They fly! Fly! Turn around! Turn around! They saw, not far away, Joe was lifting his head and looking at them with glittering and translucent eyes.. They turned around again and then flew away with grandpa Joe’s soul.. Joe gawked at the sky, the sky was blue.  In 1976, all the angels in the sky waved their wings to fly to Tangshan. They flew so fast that the world did not have a red light. There are too many souls there. Their lives are too short. Some of them may have just looked at the world and left in a hurry without knowing its splendor.. They should belong to heaven.   Dragonflies are still flying. They are flying in every corner of the world, regardless of wind and frost, rain and snow, they are flying. Because they have a common mission – to bring all pure souls to heaven.   Joe, stop crying. Don’t be afraid when you see a dragonfly, you will be sad. These dragonflies are angels, they want to bring good people to heaven.   Fly! Dragonfly. Fly to where you should go. Perhaps at the final moment, I will also see you.   Really! Dragonflies can fly![ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

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