Fireworks life


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In my memory, the lament caused by the passage of time seems to have been too much and too much. It gives me the feeling that my years are in a hurry, but it has not decreased slightly. On the contrary, with the increase of age, the sense of urgency of waiting for time is becoming more and more obvious and intense.. At the same time, I feel more clearly the apathy and heartlessness of the years. No matter how much you miss and don’t give up on it, it is like an ungrateful person who resolutely walks away and takes away something you value and never looks back..     In the world of mortals, it is difficult to be free from vulgarity. This is busy years, partial some scattered fireworks from time to time, disturbing people’s mind. Even if one is alone, one’s heart will not be quiet. The world only knows the joy of helping others, but it does not know that it is difficult to help others. The joy and worry are all caused by a’ feeling’. Affection, friendship, love, which one can’t afford to hurt, all have to be carefully cared for. Therefore, he always spares no effort to do everything he can to get a happy result. However, in many ways, a weak person is hard to avoid being overwhelmed by many things, so he often feels like a flying insect trapped in a glass cover, surrounded by a bright sky but unable to find a free-flying sky.. Helpless and helpless, he yearned for a life away from human fireworks and accompanied by the breeze and the moon..     Fantasy is to find a good vision for yourself in the secular world, knowing that it is impossible, but still portraying it in your heart as you please, just like eating steamed corn-bread and pickles and imagining the abundance of the Chinese and Manchu banquet.. Turn around, but clearly know that grain is the necessities for the family and survival. ‘ wife and children hot kang” style life is the foundation of life. Every morning, when I get up, bleary-eyed and scrambling to play the pots and pans symphony, at night and under the light, when I hear the sound of the late family gently actuating the door lock, the warm and steadfast feeling warms my body and mind with the smoke and fire in the air.. Ordinary life, ordinary life, probably so?!     Trivial, busy, dull and lazy. The days slipped away at casual moments.. Fortunately, time has passed, not only has the youth and beauty gone relentlessly, but also the people have been polished more maturely and roundly.. After decades of exposure to the world of mortals and fireworks, those who are naturally dull have also acquired the most basic adaptability and have learned to associate and get along with different people.. It’s fun and learning to talk about poems and songs with teachers and friends who share the same interests and enjoy their wonderful ideas and original opinions.. Once in a while, I will be glad to meet with some old friends who have left their jobs to fend for themselves. A clean small restaurant and a few delicious dishes can listen to them for two hours, from astronomy to geography.. No one advised you to drink, and you don’t have to bother, just sit quietly and watch them pour beer into their big open mouths and criticise each other as’ sewers’. What’s more, they will speak confidently about the personnel arrangements in some political circles and the political career trends of some important political figures, including the plot of ” Zhang Guanli Dai”. Through this kind of forthright, generous and slightly vulgar words and deeds, let a person see another way of life. Simple and happy.     Life is lonely, but life is rich and colorful. As a human being, you cannot leave the world without fireworks. So, in my spare time, I tried hard to turn the warm and warm feelings of human feelings and daily necessities into thick fireworks with love and true feelings, adding some warmth to the lonely life..

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