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At the end of last winter, I had a chance to join the prose online bill and become acquainted with the webmaster man’s tree, so I became an editor and worked as a writer.. Due to the new arrival, many things are not known and many people do not. At first, I was crazy about the prose group, then I ran around with my interest on the website, and then I released my enthusiasm to burn on the keyboard.. In a hurry, my spare time was consumed in this way and I enjoyed it. In the trance, my hobby was thus transferred and I had a special liking for it.. Often forget to eat and sleep, often stay indoors, often perfunctory friends.     After a period of editing, I learned the basic rules and general operating procedures, as well as the soundtrack and drawing. Through editing, I changed my perspective to look at the website, changed my identity to look at articles, and from time to time I have some thoughts and feelings.. I think these things should be expressed to share, communicate, evaluate, discuss, learn from each other and improve together..     ‘ Reading books breaks thousands of volumes and writing like a god.”. Sometimes I feel that if there is no real life experience and enough life experience, if there is no open vision and close feeling, if there is no persistent pursuit of beauty and a kind heart, even if there are more books to read, it will not write well.. Daily observation, natural’ thick’, often more thinking, natural’ deep’. The world is vast, the life is rich, the human feelings are sophisticated, the scenery is numerous, everywhere feels, does not think at all. Shallow a word, don’t say what you think; A small pen can’t finish what you read in your mind. Lonely and multi – expressing, natural language’ shun’, quiet and multi – thinking, natural language’ Jing’. Time flies, life is too short, cherish yourself, cherish your own time, cherish the world you live in, cherish the scenery you look for, cherish the fate you meet, heal the wounds, gather boredom and spit it out, pick up pieces and merge it, find the deficiency and fill it up, see the difference and look at it, smell the strange and sigh it, admire the beauty and praise it, live a dream when you are trapped, live a wish when you are bitter, live a wish when you are sick, live a dream when you are sick, dream, dream, wish, true meaning, finish, and kindness.     The editor reads the text first and the title first. Choose a text, choose a title first. The title, the sign of the article also. Only when the signboard is wonderful can readers come. The content is wonderful, and the reader will come again. In some articles, the title cannot be expressed. In some articles, the content is the piling up of words. Some articles have a wonderful idea, but their sentences and paragraphs are at sixes and sevens and don’t know how to integrate them. Some articles and sentences are good, but their punctuation marks are too messy to be changed or even sent. Other articles, which look very classic, are found to have been copied from the Internet. For articles with too few words, the reason for rejection is very good. The editing of ancient poems is still limited to whether they are in harmony with the law or not. In addition, if the author’s attitude towards writing articles is not correct, how can the editor pass it? The articles I edited are very loose and will be distributed as long as they are slightly better. Sometimes, even if it is common, it will be edited to encourage the author. Editors must want to see good articles. Good articles can give people a fresh feeling. Authors should have a number in mind before submitting articles.. The editors will only like it if they have a correct attitude, love and carve their own words carefully and look fresh and beautiful..     For good articles, we should strongly recommend them. However, because everyone’s preferences are different, each editor’s preferences are also different. Sometimes an article is gorgeous, but it is repugnant to editors and may not be recommended. However, sometimes a very common article can make editors happy and may also be recommended. However, no matter what the editor’s subjective preferences and emotions are, the strength and connotation of the article under review exist objectively. Whether the article is recommended or not, the main and fundamental part lies in the author. The power to examine articles seems to be in the hands of editors, but the power to examine articles is still in the hands of authors.. The author should strive for high quality products before writing. However, some writers seem to be suspected of collecting numbers, whether they are poems or words or essays, not seeking to improve their own skills but to show off, which is not correct in attitude and is not serious in creation..     Give editors more reasons to recommend it. After all, editors are very passive groups.     Due to the limited human resources of the website, I spent most of my time on the website and rarely wrote, so it is inevitable for me to have a low eye level.. However, writing editor’s notes has provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn and write. Writing’ editor’s note’ is a happy thing, more interesting, more interesting, more happy and more rewarding than writing articles. Because writing’ editor’s note’ is a comprehensive and quick’ reading, thinking and writing’ training, it is a rough summary and general introduction to the article. editors always have to read many articles and finish them as quickly as possible, but in a very short time, they have to find out the theme of the article, grasp the core of the article, highlight the highlights of the article, and make the article perfect as carefully as possible and send out the article with responsibility. of course, the most important part is to write’ editor’s note’ carefully..     So how to write’ editor’s note’?     First of all, adjusting the state of mind is of the utmost importance and cannot be achieved in a hurry. No matter when, wherever and whatever you do, you will try your best to maintain a steady and clear, happy and relaxed state, adjust your state of mind and do things again, and you will be much more focused and efficient, happy and reaping countless rewards, and will not make mistakes easily.. If the state of mind is cloudy, the mind is disordered, the eyes are different, and fidgety is heavy, it is not good to do things.     Second, familiar with the environment When reviewing articles, someone has been contributing articles, quantity, quality and about what they are like. Also, for example, how the editors around them operate, what habits they have, whether they are diligent or not, they should have a spectrum in their hearts, be familiar with the general environment first, and then start to do things in detail..     Third, review the article first, then consider carefully, seize the center and find out the bright spots. In general, the topic is very obvious. The topic is the core, or in the beginning and end paragraphs, it is clear at first sight, while some articles are vague and must find the core by themselves.. Find out the core, or state the core directly in’ editor’s note’, or in your own way, explain the meaning of the core again. Any article, as long as it is not too bad, usually has bright spots, and even some articles are excellent in every word, witty in every sentence and endless in appreciation.. Find out the highlights of the article, find out the brightest points of the article, the most wonderful small sentences and paragraphs, and then ” copy” and ” Yu” and ” editor’s note”, paste and praise them, or extend them according to the meaning, and try to ” highlight” and polish them more brightly..     Fourth, start to review and find the core, post the highlights, then write a summary, and finally review, sometimes not all of which need to be written, but when interest comes, there may be many reviews. Of course, the content of the commentary should not be too short, but rather a’ fine’ word. Comment on the attitude, appropriate” praise” unfavorable” demotion” for a’ beauty’; The direction of the review should be ” and” unfavorable ” and” refutation ”, and the word” good ” should be sought.. Because of the usual refutation, sometimes it will be refuted, but it will be very soft. If it is refuted too much, it will affect readers’ mood and even distort the meaning of the article..’ Editor’s Note”, should be” Fuzheng”’ audited article, not” Push”. If you want to” Refuge”, write a comment in the following article after reviewing and issuing it..     After a period of editing, it was discovered that the editors were very tired and bitter.. Relatively speaking, the author is much simpler, free and relaxed, does not need to consider so many things, can be expressed intuitively by one person, and can play words like a child. However, in order to have a platform for everyone to exchange words, let’s have fun through hard work. Finally, let me shout: Cheer up the author and cheer up the editor.! ( 2432 words )[ Responsibility Editor: Men’s Tree[ Original ]

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