Crying wild lily


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I still hope that a miracle will occur in the hesitation of waiting, one week and another, and I also hope that I can stick to it as adu sang, but I can’t find a reason to stick to it.. I think there is no need to work hard.. Believe in fate, so respect fate. If you choose to leave, your heart will not be able to retain even if it hurts, and you will still be free to speak to each other. Maybe you will never be able to see these things, just as you will never be able to read me..   Don’t want to give up, but have lost the courage to wait, can’t find the reason to insist on. The original idea was to let everything end in silent silence and let each other return to the original calm, but it was really impossible to convince myself that nothing had happened.. A word here may not explain anything, but I think at least I can explain it to you and myself..   After graduating from high school, simple luggage accompanied by a young flying heart, I went on my way. From that moment on, there was a kind of expectation – hope to be able to complete the turning point of his life and find his dream in a strange city. At one time, I stubbornly believed that I could live a leisurely life alone, but after experiencing too much helplessness and helplessness in my life, I found myself helpless and fragile..   In the past few years, life has not given me too much trouble, but it is also plain. The bustling city has never been able to let itself stay, and has given up the chance to let itself go alone in the eyes of others, just because it is not the place where my heart wants to stay.. Maybe I am too emotional and emotional, so I care about every little detail. Don’t believe in the promise, even dare not easily promise, because again beautiful promise will one day burst, don’t want to in a few seasons later, for a meaningless promise, let oneself continue a sad story that can only move oneself.. Because I don’t want to live too tired, the idea is simple: I want to have a simple feeling and a simple feeling. But the simple request seems not so simple.   I don’t know if it’s fate or chance to know you, but I’d rather believe it’s just a coincidence. The first time I saw you, your unnatural smile gave me a feeling ( now I’d rather believe this is an illusion ) that your heart may be the place I’m looking for to park.. Therefore, the heart, for the first time, had an idea to listen to the beating voice of another heart. For the first time, I want another life into my own life. However, the heart door may have been locked too long, but it has forgotten how to open it.   Since childhood, perhaps because life is too smooth, so I don’t know what setbacks are, so I never thought about what to fight for, what I got and lost, what happened in my eyes is so natural, and I am so calm. Perhaps it is because of fear of suffering after happiness, like the taste after drinking wine, that I have to live carefully, not to give easily, not to accept easily.. Or happy or sad, always only beautiful to keep yourself at a distance from others. Let yourself wear a happy coat to show people every day and bury all the unhappiness and joy in your heart. Looking forward to some time, someone can quietly listen to me around, all his past, someone can wipe away the tears of happiness for himself. Once upon a time, I thought you would be the one in my life.   Want to make the imaginary enthusiasm less distant from you, so I accepted your invitation and went to see you in a dusty way, but what I saw was your hesitation.. So, in the city where you live, I lost my way. Therefore, I can only choose to come back and return to the place where I lived, as if a lonely bird did not know where to go.   I still hope that a miracle will occur in the hesitation of waiting, one week and another, and I also hope that I can stick to it as adu sang, but I can’t find a reason to stick to it.. I don’t think there is any need to work hard, and I don’t need to prove anything. If I need to use the feeling of’ working hard’ deliberately, it’s not what I’m looking for anymore, just when you just accidentally break into my life, it is doomed not to stop your steps for me..   I don’t know when I began to like lilies, perhaps because of their long fragrance! Do you know what you gave me to say at the beginning of the aromatic feeling you liked?? That’s what you said: Let me fulfill my promise! Let me wait! Really, I can’t control myself now. I can’t control my impulse.   Flowers bloom and thank you. I can’t say what I want to say. I can’t force you to do what you want. You’re leaving, but I can’t save . Ah

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