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Sometimes, people can’t choose.     It’s like this time, facing sleepless night, thinking of the deepest gaze in your eyes, I can’t say the answer and can’t promise right or wrong..     When people don’t choose, they should be silent.     And I can’t be silent. I must say the answer, even if it is hurt, but it is true.     Looking back on all the past and designing the beauty of life, I admit that when I was young, I was crazy and silly, but that was pure and could be accompanied to the old..     At a time when the night is deep, thousands of lights are lit, but I feel sad, sad and helpless..     I don’t know how many times I have dreamed of midnight, only thinking of a past memory, not sad, not shed tears, but so deep and heavy that I can’t breathe.     I always thought I could give up everything I lost. I shouldn’t care too much about it, nor can I look back. Standing in front of anyone, I am still Zhang Qingchun’s face, but I know my eyes are full of sad expressions. I want to try my best to hide a loss, but I often show confusion inadvertently..     However, what you want is only an answer. You don’t ask, you don’t demand, so you choose another way of life.     Many years ago, we always looked at each other’s eyes and saw care and understanding. It was already a pleasure to meet each other in our life. What else can we expect.     I saw the regret in your eyes, looked at me quietly and let everything go with me.     There is too much truth in silence. This life is destined to be a drifting red sailing boat with my dreams and my heart constantly sailing away. I don’t expect anything forever or vows. Many times, we can’t go beyond reality or live easily and freely, but we can live with as little regret as possible..     You finally made a choice. Before my choice, there was no right or wrong, no distress or injury. The wind chime you sent was still hanging at my window. It was the oldest sound that sounded in the wind and floated into my dream and my heart..     Some things can be hidden in my heart without being held in my hand, and the same thing can remain unchanged forever. The choice of answer can only be judged after the test of time. After all, in my regretless years, you have accompanied me like a bosom friend, so all the ups and downs have become poetic and touching..     If happiness is defined, there will be different explanations in the world. If everyone has a story, they will never have the same experience. Therefore, the only beauty is the feeling in each other’s hearts that cannot be abandoned..     Fate is a reason, but it is also an excuse to choose or give up. Without such an excuse, all results will be tragic without any beautiful teaching.. Believe it or not, it’s just a person’s mood. It has nothing to do with love and emotion.     I remember all the treasures in my heart, treasure them to the old, do not hate or sigh, do not belong to my own eternity, and give up is also a relief. I know that when all the processes are verified by the years, right and wrong will vanish for me..     And I am still a simple life.     I finally realized that when everything was in time, my choice was still to give up.

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