Broken Words in September


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It is said that September in autumn is a season when harvest is in sight, but it is also a sad season for the rebirth of time.. The autumn wind, yellow leaves, curtains outside the window, cold sound broken. Moon Hao people think far away, oblique light and water leisurely, heartbroken people in the end of the world. Love’s whereabouts are in the corner of the sky, but the seeds of missing germinate in the bottom of my heart. However, love for me has gone further and further. Qiu Si’s love wound is sealed in the soil and slowly fermented into a strange wound..     It is said that people’s desires are beautiful from reality, and the gap between them plummets. It also shatters people’s hysterical beauty, making them more likely to be gaunt and hurt.. Ask, what kind of pain is the inner colorful soft part mutilated by the ruthless sword and bloody?? Unfortunately, I was injured when the autumn wind swept away the fallen leaves.. A depressed loser is listless in everything he does. Sitting, whole body uncomfortable, feel very scared; Lying down, feeling uncomfortable and depressed. What all don’t want to do, cooking, washing clothes and mopping the floor are all ignored. Finally, I chose to sit by the computer and knock long and short words..     I don’t know why, I am always drawn by square words, even if I am tired and hurt, it is no exception.. The latest issue of the public transport newspaper published my life bill in the light and shadow. when I saw the typeface, my body injury was immediately reduced by a few minutes. However, my wife did not agree with the words, and deeply complained that I was always quiet in these’ useless’ words, thus ignoring her existence and family trivialities.. How about writing one article after another in the press? Can you serve as a meal? Call me by the phone!     In the last two days, the autumn tiger has given out its remaining power, and it is too hot to breathe.. However, it was not a long time ago, and a cool autumn air returned it to its original shape. Direct call a person to taste the pleasure of ice and fire again. spring in autumn! In autumn, it is the rule for the survival of the fittest to have thoughts, pains and changes without changing.. Maybe I should heal well. After all, there are fruits and melons in autumn, wives and daughters and a good life..     The nine-year-old Xiao Fang has grown up bit by bit. She is always worried about her homework and always feels that she has homework she can’t finish. I took a bottle of listening Lanli beer, sipped it first, and then enjoyed it like drinking plain boiled water..     ‘ what flavor? Good drink? ‘ I didn’t stop, nor lightly chastising, just lightly ask.     Nothing, just a little bitter. ‘ small square language answer very simply, also very natural.     I can’t believe this is the way the small dialect is reduced in pressure.. However, in her study experience, it may be a good sign that she tasted bitter when she first tasted it.. Is the so-called bitter before sweet. Early adopters, maybe I can also try, try to change myself and slowly walk out of the gloom of life’s pain..     The autumn wind is blowing harder and harder with the season, the blue sky and white clouds are pulling farther and farther like brocade in Vega’s hands, and the waiting crowd at the platform craned their necks like geese to look at the direction of the car and let the leaves fall to the ground. As a result, the days slowly disappear from the marks left by the wind, but I am ashamed to cheer up from this autumn’s wind and become a simple self. ( 2011 – 9 – 18 )

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