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I divide the gain and loss into internal gain and loss and external gain and loss. The inner gains and losses point to a person’s mind, which is related to a person’s spiritual quality and also to a person’s inner harmony and calm. The external gains and losses point to a person’s external life, which is related to a person’s image and face, as well as a person’s material life. Most of the time, the internal gain and loss and the external gain and loss are always not harmonious and unified. They often have contradictions and conflicts, which lead to people’s inner troubles and perplexities.     At present, people say a lot about gain and loss, but I don’t seem to have a clear dividing line in my mind about gain and loss.. To be honest, I have never thought about gain or loss. I feel that I have received a lot of human warmth and love, but I have never felt anything I have lost.. Perhaps, my good childhood has become a thing of the past, but I have not lost it in my own life. Perhaps, the person I love left me, but my life did not have her. She walked into my life, whether the time is long or short, that is, I have her.     I have seen a story about a fisherman lying on the beach in the sun with only one net of fish a day.. A reporter went to interview him. The reporter said that you can play more fish every day.. The old fisherman in the sun asked the reporter. And then?? Reporters said, you can have a big fish boat in such a year’s time. The old man asked, and then? The reporter gushed about his ideal, and finally the reporter said:” You will have a fleet in ten years.! The old man asked: And then? Reporters said, then you can lie down on the beach as comfortably as you are now and bask in the sun.. The old man said. I’ll do it now! In the reporter’s opinion, it is good to play a lot of fish, but in the old man’s opinion, he will lose a lot of good time in the sun.. The same thing, in the eyes of different people, some people think it is gain and some people think it is loss. So, how do we weigh and choose between our gains and losses? I think this is a question with no fixed answer. All gains and losses are related to a person’s spiritual quality, values, outlook on life, world outlook and many other factors. As far as I’m concerned, I’d prefer to be the fisherman who lies on the beach and basks in the sun..     I once wrote a passage in the regulations of participating in life and life: children’s life is very happy, and children’s happiness is that they will not be tired of playing.. Of course, children’s happiness also lies in simplicity. A few rough wooden sticks that can be obtained at random can make children enjoy extremely great spirits.. The child’s happiness also lies in not caring about it. Those who fought yesterday will be good playmates today as well.. Of course, the most fundamental reason for the child’s happiness is that the child has a warm family in mind, which is the parents in the child’s heart.. However, adults are often unhappy. The most fundamental reason why adults are unhappy is that they lost their spiritual home without knowing what happened.. For adults, a spiritual home may be love, a career, or an event … ah, in short, too many possibilities will make adults lose their spiritual home, and once this home is lost, happiness will disappear.. There is a saying that does not think you have lost anything, because you already have nothing. This seems to be a relief to those who have lost their spiritual home. However, the fact is that the person in the spiritual family was originally born and then lost! I think that if a person always keeps his inner spiritual home intact, he will not have much to lose, and at the same time, he will not have too many people to get..     At this moment, I listen to the voice from the bottom of my life in the silent night.. I didn’t feel that my life had lost anything, nor did I feel that I had got anything. Maybe time lost, but I gained the warmth and love of the world in the lost time. Perhaps the night is getting deeper and deeper, and I will enjoy the warm sunshine when a new dawn comes.

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