A person’s distance


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The leaden sky was low and depressed and impetuous. My friends looked at the back of me gradually leaving at the entrance of the station, blurring until it disappeared. I didn’t look back, because I was afraid that tears could not help scribbling down my face, because I was afraid of endless yearning for a person in a lonely distance.. Although I understand Zhou Libo’s friend theory: Friends are like passengers on a train. Some arrive and get off the train, some leave without saying goodbye, some forget their interests and fight each other.. No one can accompany us to the end. But I still stubbornly don’t want to say goodbye, because I’m afraid I really don’t have a chance to see it again. We are rootless duckweeds on the water, but we have no time to get to know each other when we meet each other, so we gradually move away from each other’s world with the rising water waves, no matter how much we don’t give up.     The waiting room hall of the railway station was noisy, crowded and dark when viewed at a glance.. Standing in the crowd, I couldn’t help fidgeting and hesitating. I suddenly felt like a lonely tree, independent, walking alone and moving upward toward my inner heart.. I am independent but I will not die.     The train slowly left this familiar southern town, taking away all my thoughts and leaving behind unlimited expectations. The familiar ones stay in my memory and wait for me to look back, lonely taste and chewing, turning into glittering and translucent tears in the corner of my eye and a sweet and imperceptible smile on the corners of my mouth at every missing night.. Warm my frozen heart.     The scenery outside the window sped by, flashing lights replaced clear scenery, like night instead of day, changing day and night, stranded in just visiting, following each other, never overlapping and touching. In the dead of night, there is no daytime noise in the trunk, impetuous, as quiet as a night river, waiting quietly for the poet to pick up the scattered words. I didn’t feel sleepy and sat by the window watching the flowers bloom and fall.. From time to time, there was a steady stream of snoring. With a local accent, mumbling dreamland gibberish; The child was awakened by nightmares and crying … Ah, I hope time will not move forward any more, and this quiet and peaceful night will be fixed on this title page, sending out the fragrance of philosophers and smoothing out the inner blundering of city people.. Perhaps I am greedy, but friends, please allow me to ask, don’t you covet the warmth of your heart? Or you have become accustomed to the indifference and numbness of the heart like the buildings outlined in the city’s reinforced concrete? No matter night or day, busy, mechanical shuttle between tall buildings? High above, overbearing looking down at all sentient beings has nothing to do with it?     If you like the inexplicable warmth of the journey as I do, then indulge yourself to give yourself a little time and space to be a warm person and warm your own distance. You will be surprised to find that you will fall in love with it and never recover from it again.

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