STEPVR: National Cheng Wantong to build the world's most advanced equipment of Things


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"Things" road Beijing National Cheng Wantong Information Technology Co., Ltd., founder and CEO Guo Cheng from Tianjin。 In 2010, Guo received his Ph.D. Dutch Delft University of Technology, the main research。 And since 2003, when he was in the Master's, began with the "deal" the。 Today, Guo in the way things have been for fifteen years before the trip, he gave himself and society handed in a good report card, to create the world's most advanced equipment of things – the world's first laser positioning large space people interactive system。 National Cheng Wantong CEO: Guo July 2013, Guo led his country's commitment entrepreneurial team set up Wantong, the company's core team consists of a group of scientists and engineers in the world's top-class composition, to focus on large space laser positioning, motion capture research and development of a series of core technologies, such as interactive multiplayer。
"Our company is a company to do interactive。
To enhance the computing power of the computer is a reason for replacement, and change the way of interaction is another reason to promote their industrial upgrading of。
"He said that we can recall, from the original computer to the PC's keyboard, the mouse, touch screen, upgrade interactively changed our lives。 What is the next generation of interactive?We have been thinking about this thing。
Can we help the computer to interact in a three-dimensional space, I think this thing is very interesting!Guo future when paired wearable electronics are confident that he had received "People Weekly" interview in the past, "said the man computing (device) wore sooner or later thing, anytime, anywhere and one machine access to information exchange, humans can not resist such temptation, this thing is (human) forward a general direction。
"So, he decided to open up a path through here。 Venture four years, laser positioning large space multiplayer interactive systems into the market, Guo led the team on this basis, and also created a series of low cost with completely independent intellectual property rights, high-precision, low-latency laser solve large space unlimited expansion programs, and the large space-based laser positioning tracking, motion capture products。
At present, the products have been successfully used in education, medical, military, movies, games, and other industries, for the industry to bring disruptive change。
Team photo high technology "combination" laser positioning system comprises a large space more than six interacting components of which the spatial positioning of the laser emitting unit may have an indoor millimeter positioning accuracy, distributed computing, allowing simultaneous access to more than。
Unique large-scale expansion of technology, space expanded to any size, unlimited extension of the future world as a grid。
Standard positioning and motion capture unit is integrated self-developed inverse kinematics (IK) algorithm, and 9-axis positioning attitude fusion algorithms, the maximum refresh rate of up to 330HZ。
Low latency reduction can be achieved a high degree of experience, easy to wear, without calibration, support for wired and wireless solutions, can be bound to the human body or any object, real-time 1: 1 to capture the spatial location and orientation。
A full set of virtual reality experience device wireless somatosensory operation to handle ergonomic design, force feedback can be, and more control, multi-scene operation in any direction, fast and agile, operate freely。
Virtual screen display unit has a top head VR display, greater sense of immersion super quality, natural interaction with the virtual world, the future of the world's imminent (adaptable to all market quality first explicit)。
In addition, it is equipped with a powerful central computing processing unit, and can be customized somatosensory simulation props, can be 1: 1 to restore the true scene control experience。
Wireless expansion of large high-end virtual reality space technology and equipment integration, let people interact with large space laser positioning system has multiple advantages。
Its high positioning accuracy, low latency。 Self-developed high efficiency standard positioning means, independent arithmetic chip mosaic, the positioning accuracy of up to 1 mm or less, calculates the delay can be controlled at 2 milliseconds or less, high positioning accuracy translates into excellent sense of immersion。 Relative operators of other products, laser positioning large space multiplayer interactive system maintenance costs are relatively low, Guo would describe it as a "rugged", "good quality of our products, and other similar products may be necessary to maintain 2-3 days once, while our products are about 1-2 months, do not ignore it。
"In-depth multidisciplinary Guo told the story of the beginning of a venture," At that time, the office is very simple, no air conditioning in the summer, particularly hot, how do?I went home every night, the six large plastic bottles filled with water in the refrigerator。
The next day, and then put them to your office, linked to the blowing fan。
But even so, the Office hottest temperature will reach 40 degrees。 "Entrepreneurship is not easy to today。
"There is no guarantee a profitable venture, start-ups mortality high, may not be alive to 2%。
Difficulties at any time, how to overcome?The first is to keep the optimism, and the second is to toughness particularly strong, the pressure does not cross。 "Guo said,。 With optimism and tenacity, Guo led the team created an interactive multiple large space laser positioning system。 Today, this system is changing with the development of multiple industries。
On the military side, by moving the laser capture and large-space laser positioning system simulation of various types of emergencies, tactical battle drill deduction, you can maximize close to the actual exercise plans, training of low cost, high efficiency, good security。
To enable trainees to visually and hearing real-life experience of the disposal of environmental emergencies, familiar environment features important goals in key areas, multiplayer cooperative exercises, tactical combat, skilled use of the equipment, the ability to play the greatest performance of equipment to enhance the ambience, improve trainees to combat the perception and quality of training。 In the medical field, and laser capture moving large space laser positioning system will also play a major role。 It will achieve more than cooperating, simulated real interaction with the medical environment, the high accuracy positioning precision module units virtual medical devices, such as surgical sutures, the use of medical devices。
The system can be set up scenarios based on actual needs of different environmental scenarios for psychological rehabilitation, mental training, rehabilitation training motor coordination, developing a healthy body and mind, to promote the rehabilitation process。
In the field of education, sports, fire safety, this new technology also can play their own advantages to help its development。 For the future, Guo already have their own plans。 "We will strengthen the core technology, continue to develop valuable products to replace imports of foreign products。 From the big perspective, I hope we will be able to further and promote the development of technology in various fields, small side speaking, I hope that good company management, shareholders and employees to an account。

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