A dime hidden in a crack in the wall


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Thirty years ago, no, to be more precise, I did this 33 years ago: several times I peeked at a novel borrowed by my brother from someone else ( I’m still very angry why he didn’t let me see it ). The title must have been selected from Grimm’s fairy tales or foreign fairy tales, full of the words stepmother and witch, and naturally without the titles of princess, prince and servant.. The elder brother put the book under the felt at home. The felt was spread on the kang tip. I was in the second grade of primary school and I didn’t know all the characters, but I was attracted by them. I imagined how cruel my stepmother was, how terrible the witch was, how beautiful the princess was, how brave the prince was, and how loyal the servants were.. The most important thing I can’t forget is that I should have read the story of a stingy and eccentric old woman who likes to hide things in the east and hide things in the west. I don’t remember the ending at all.. However, I was deeply attracted in those days, and suddenly I came up with an idea: I also hid something and came to find it when I grew up. What an interesting personal game it should be! Make up your mind to act immediately. What are you hiding? After thinking for a long time, I finally thought it over: I will hide a dime. So, I started looking for a place near the stone wall in my backyard, and finally targeted the target and put a dime in a small hole in the wall. When I hid it, I entered into a fantasy of delusion: after many years, I took it out with my own hands.! Oh, it’s a doll with wings? Or gave birth to a monster with three heads and six arms? Or a small sheet piling ash? Or nothing has changed? A gust of wind from ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~, leaves fall on the face before returning to reality. Leaving the stone wall, I vowed in my heart: I can’t look at it and don’t tell anyone.     In a word, when this great move was completed, my heart felt full of mystery and strong desire..     As the days went by, I was a little taller, my schoolbag gradually sank, and the words I knew increased one by one. My dream fell behind the mountain and floated above the blue sky, seemingly forgetting what story I had had with the stone wall..     Later, when I was in high school and stayed outside, it took me two weeks to go home. Every time it was so short that I didn’t have time to look at the grass and barns in the backyard, the stone wall seemed to disappear from my memory.. In the third grade, the house was demolished, five new houses were built, and new brick walls were built, leaving no traces of the old days..     In this way, year after year, new houses have become old houses and new brick walls have become old brick walls..     Several times I went home to help tidy up the backyard, pull out the grass that grew, and look at the peach tree that blossomed and did not bear fruit, as well as the cherry tree that was full of fruit. My heart suddenly returned to my childhood and returned to my childhood of hiding a dime.. So I started looking for it, but where is my stone wall?     Later, when I married my husband’s family, there happened to be a stone wall in the backyard. I often mistakenly thought it was the wall of my childhood, so I looked on the wall and hoped I could find the secret of my childhood because there was a dime I planted there..     However, even if I look for it again, I will never find it.     Clever, if you see it, please remember to tell me, ok?

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