Wu silk elegant, drunk into tender feelings


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The black silk is elegant, drunk with tender feelings and gentle breeze, holding a wisp of green silk, slowly letting it pass through the fingers, soft and light, with the subjective feeling of’ dancing to find out the shadow’, which can be seen in person. The black silk filled with faint fragrance will create a boat on Xinhu Lake, leisurely and fluttering..     Unconsciously, the dance has already crossed the palm and landed on the shoulder. The breeze slowly, filar silk hair tip how also can’t restrain the tender feelings just excited, still light dance. Beautiful and graceful, soft figure, quite a bit of a lady’s temperament.     At the beginning, the hair was high and tied up in a round bun, which was somewhat more capable.. And” My Fair Lady, Gentleman Good Qiu. ‘ The opposite is true. However, he unexpectedly has the boldness of vision of ” trying to be higher than the sky”, which makes men fear and fear..     After a long time, moss slipped from the top of her head and restored her daughter’s makeup as soon as she was not careful.. Take a few volumes of clever, full of love, could not bear to take back the long line of sight. The wisps of green silk draped over the fragrant shoulders, with vigor, dance with the lady’s steps. People move, people still move. Set the whole body’s aura in the hair tip, gather others’ eyes in the hair tip.     Long hair fluttering, charming, slightly applying thin powder, sipping red lips and making people love each other a bit. It seems that this is the gentle initial solution, which is capable and strong in atomization, making a bay of soft ink and wash, holding in the eyes and rippling.     This is not enough, warm the tender feelings on the heart, add a few smiles, add a few smiles, and care for a few minutes … Ah, look at the tender feelings without any intention, but like flowing water flowing through his heart, moisten and dry up, drown out the cold, and surround his waist with a pair of long arms … Ah, wandering, always like a duckweed, with no place for his heart to return.. Now, gentle pull duckweed up again, give it shelter, return its happy appearance: long-lost calm, across the face, bright eyes and bright teeth again. To save the rootless duckweed is to harvest, not ask for the deadline, perhaps the hope of this life, to love you for ten thousand years without regret.     Season turns, warmth reappears. Sowing love, duckweed no longer wanders, sentimentally attached to the long-awaited harbor, sheltering from the wind, enjoying the outpouring of true feelings and the connotation of nature. The vast sea of people, partial to meet with you, dancing beauty smile, skirt unlined upper garment rotation, envious eyes, always stay between you. Although that was the beginning of you and me, it has already been deeply engraved in my memory and in my heart.     Shu Er recalled that he would also be lyrical in writing: either condensed into poetry or flowing into prose.. Hiding the ground-wide acacia in your heart quietly for a long time, filling your heart with tears, always looking forward to seeing a pool of white lotus’s innocence and elegance again.     In the rush of people, you did not stop. Bai Lian is still sad and dejected. Just lift a head of black silk, change its posture, still running in the rain before the wind, always driving the time away in a trot. However, after so many experiences, white lotus is quietly hidden in the bottom of my heart and no longer blooms.     You, who rarely enjoyed life today, understood my full love for love, even though you were touched, some did not expect me to. On the white petals that were not willing to open, I breathed heavily, rolled my breath and drunk with you..     The neglected winter wind rolls the window, but thinks that spring flowers and autumn moon, Lang Jun and I have the same degree of heart-to-heart bridge. In a hundred years, we have to cross the same boat, and in ten thousand, we have to sleep together..     Reclining in gentleness, chewing drunkenness dance, being well tonight, this life is sunny. Green silk to love, eyes full of autumn waters, reunion according to accompany you.     Winter breeze cut candles, you don’t want to hide any more, pick a lamp to show your calm again, sincerely touched me, Wu Si is more clever and more charming, willing to join hands and become intoxicated with gentleness..

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