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Hold your hand and grow old with you. This is our pledge when we get married.. Husband, I am full of affection to write our love. Twenty – four ups and downs, you have already become my relatives and loved ones in my life, and the dribs and drabs that have passed hand in hand have turned into blood and quietly flowed in my heart..     Looking back on the past life course, I am excited and sigh with emotion, I am happy and happy. Husband, thank you! Thank you for your indulgence and pampering me, for your care and love, and for your giving and love. We were all born in poor rural families, with many sisters, a weak foundation and a heavy burden. We are honest and honest farmers’ parents who have worked hard for us to go to school … Ah, after marriage, we work, live, build houses, have children and honor our parents.. Although we do not have vigorous love, what you gave me in the most plain and ordinary life is the most sincere and precious thing in my life..     Very not easy to go to school, out of the mountains, my parents wanted me to find a family with better family conditions, but you were poor and even worse off than our family. But when you were in love, you said that your brothers and sisters, you are several years older than me, will treat me like a sister in the future.. That is to say, this ordinary and true word deeply touched me and made me firmly believe that you are the person I can rely on for my whole life.. After marriage, you kept your promise day by day, never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do, never blamed me for what I did wrong, and always embraced everything with a generous mind.. Even if I was really wrong, instead of blaming you, you found some reason to comfort me. Because of you, the sky of my life has always been so bright and blue. The space of my mind has always been so peaceful and wide.     The plain life, the plain past and the plain words make my memory fresh and unforgettable.!     Before getting married, your mother was ill. You took her to you and lived in the duty room to see a doctor, decoct medicine and cook meals for her. One stay is half a month.. Niang moved to say that although your family is poor and good, she agrees to our marriage.     I am becoming more and more like a small child from marrying you, relying on you for everything and sticking to you all the time.. Just got married, we lived in a public house in the county party Committee yard, with beds connected to pots and pans connected to beds. At that time, I couldn’t cook. I often made a mess of the rice. You always left the bad ones to me and the good ones to me.. I can’t even cut dumplings and leaves, but the cooks on the team will cut them for me. When you hear their joke, you say with a smile that you will make dumplings later.     When cooking with coal, I can’t load coal. As long as I put coal on the night before yesterday, the coal stove will be destroyed the next day. I am very stupid myself, and you said that as long as you are at home, you won’t let me step in. Even if you eat outside, you always go home to load coal after dinner.. As long as you are not at home, let me cook with liquefied petroleum gas or eat in the street.     In 1989, because of work needs, you often went on business trips. Every time you save money outside, you come back and sell me clothes, gifts for family and toys for your son..     When my son was born, you said you would do your best to make me and my son happy and happy. The simple, honest and kind mother-in-law came to help us take our children, wash clothes, cook meals, hold the children and work hard. When you come back from work, you are still busy. At that time, there were as many as 100 students in the class and they had to study early. I was busy preparing lessons and attending classes all day, and the class was buried in the homework pile.. My son wiped excrement and urine and washed it. I almost never did it. You and your mother-in-law often joke that if it weren’t for feeding your son, I would be a guest officer. For the sake of my energetic class the next day, you get up from time to time to take care of your son at night and don’t forget to tuck me in the quilt.     Help me carry my bag while shopping. Never let me mention anything. You don’t have to look at the bus number when getting on the bus. When walking, I always hold my hand when I say my eyes are bad. Eat to make me eat the best; As long as I don’t do housework at home; Help me take a bath, rub my back and wash my clothes. On weekends, riding a bike, carrying me around the city like a donkey, tired and sweaty, coke is not the same … Ah, you said you can do everything except have children, and you love me like a baby..     My father suffered a lot in his life. Stomach resection, cataract surgery, right hand injury, lumbar spine injury, right thigh root fracture . Ah, every time, it is you who take care of it before and after running.. In the autumn of 1997, my father lived in my house after his stomach was excised and discharged. He had to cook five meals a day, each with only a small bowl of tea.. And I always can’t do it well, most of them are you feeding them to your father. In the spring of 2006, my father’s right thigh was fractured in my house, and you took excrement and urine for his father … Ah, my father was very sorry, and he kept saying that it was a drag on us, and you always said that it was the duty and responsibility of children to serve the elderly, and everyone had an old day..     People say that I treat my mother-in-law like a mother – in – law. This is your love that touched me.     Take care of your son, take care of the housework and support your parents! Heart as thin as you, considerate as you, excellent as you, kind as you, spoil me as you. You speak little, speak little, do not speak well, do not make affectations, do not talk sweetly, only act silently and pay silently.     There is tenderness in silence and love in silence. With so many ordinary and warm feelings, I seldom savor them carefully, and even have been tired of plain life, disappointed in the poor economy, and wavered in the future. I seldom thought that what you gave me was plain, steady, warm and happy, and I never cherished the love and care you brought me..     At work and outside, when something goes wrong, I always scoff at you when I go home or face and temper in front of you.. And you, though full of talent, have not been successful in your career for decades and have broken your heart for this family!No matter how hard or tired you are, you have always been optimistic about the situation and shouldering it by yourself.     In 2006, when the bill outside the house was paid off, we drank a toast. You raised your glass and said, ” Wife, let you suffer with me.”!     Looking back on the hardships of walking and looking at the folds of canthus is sad, sad, excited and feeling, taking over the glass and crying in a big mess … Ah, husband, I don’t want you to be a big officer, nor do I want you to earn a lot of money, as long as you are safe and healthy is my greatest wish, and as long as the family is harmonious and harmonious is my greatest happiness.!     I know that I am straightforward, aloof, stubborn, capricious and angry. Just after graduation, my mother was seriously ill. Before she died, she sobbed and worried about my irascibility and my life after starting a family, letting me get used to temper and be more tolerant, so as to avoid quarrelling between husband and wife.. Mother’s worry is right and redundant, because your tolerance, magnanimity, your steadiness and maturity have saved me from reproach, and she always tells her son that your mother is always reasonable at all times..     I often don’t understand your busyness. I blame you for not being the main person in the office. Why should you be so punctual and go early and return late every day?. For this reason, many times play temperament, let you in a dilemma. How many times have I lost my temper for no reason, making trouble like a peasant woman, beating and scolding, throwing, throwing things and burning your clothes … Ah, and you never dispute with me. Husband, do you know how many times, when you do something wrong, you will never admit it to you, how many times, your mouth scolds you, and your heart is very sad. Every time I get angry with you, I feel sorry in my heart and scold myself for being immoral, vicious and unappreciative in my heart.. I know very well that in today’s society, there are too few men like you who are dedicated to the family and responsible for it.!     I am not good at socializing and working. I work at school and at home every day. On weekends, watch TV at home, play computer and type words. After dinner, I took a walk in the street with my husband … Ah, many acquaintances always envy me: I tidy up in the morning and evening, so relaxed and comfortable.. Indeed, after all these years of marriage, my parents-in-law have helped me, and my husband is considerate. I only give my salary book to my husband and seldom worry about things at home.. Today, people in their forties still look like small children.     Your deep love is like the sea. Silent, contains deep concern, dense with thick true feelings, filled with thick love. When I first saw the white hair on my husband’s sideburns, my heart was aching and tears filled my eyes. The white hair, the wisps of emotion and the wordless words are the best support for my career. At the moment, I feel that I am the happiest woman in the world..     When my mother-in-law was alive, she always joked that you had arched me around my neck. Relatives said you pampered me and friends said you were henpecked and a model husband.. For twenty-four years, our hearts have been touched and touched, and our love has merged into our mood, enthusiasm, deep feeling, friendship, love, love and affection.. Because of you, I know how to spoil myself and how to be loved.     Thank you, my husband, for your silent support and encouragement to me. Countless times I have been tortured in my heart. Heaven has given you to me. Although you are not rich and expensive, your heart is warm.! What do you want in your life? Life without demand is also life’s pursuit! Those contradictions in life are only an episode in our life.     Showing your love and tolerance, I became a real little woman. Sometimes I am capricious, sometimes I play coquetry, sometimes I am irritable, but you regard me as the most perfect in the world. You hold me high in your palm and stick me on your chest. Your love makes me feel so happy, no longer lonely, no longer lonely, no longer helpless. In life, I have become accustomed to your care, your care and your tolerance. I know my temper hurt you, husband, please forgive me for my apparent strength and inner repentance..     With one eye, one foot and one smile, each other will understand everything. It is the relentless years that have flown away and the precious true feelings that have been left behind.. Your little chatter is full of care, and your constant work is full of care. Husband, when I knocked on these words, I was already tearful and dripping wet the keyboard. This is happy tears, repentant tears and love your tears.. I would like to walk with you through every spring, summer, autumn and winter till the white hair is grey and till the end of the earth! I hope my husband can always tolerate me with this tolerant heart, and I will also strive to be a good wife.!     Dear husband, I still can be as pure as before for so many years, it’s all because of you. With your warm arms and strong arms, I have been able to keep out the worldly distractions, make my life full of sunshine and happiness, and make me a happy woman, a confident woman, and a woman full of yearning for life..     Today, our family is safe, living and beautiful, and our son is well educated!     Honey, it’s good to have you! It’s enough to hand in hand with you in this life!     Address: Liu Lijuan, Chengguan Town Central School, neixiang county Tel: 1373339635

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