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This is a letter I wrote to my son on September 21, 1998. That day was the 18th birthday of my third-year high-school son, and it was also the day when he entered the ranks of adults.. At that time, I wanted to celebrate him well. On second thought, I gave him more money and material things than I could take out one of my hearts and show it to him. So I decided to write him a letter to salute the 18 – year – old..     Looking at my son coming out of his infancy, from clever to rebellious, from immature to adult, as a mother, I felt too much emotion. On the morning of his birthday, I laid the written letter gently on his pillow, and I thought I could see the 18th birthday present from his mother after he opened his eyes.. We are a special family. My son doesn’t feel much fatherly love in such a family. As a mother, I used double love to fill up the fatherly love he lost.. My son told me that he was very grateful to his mother for her birthday present. He handed the letter to the teacher in charge, who also read it in class..     Now his son is THIRTY – FIVE years old and has passed 17 years by accident. This 17 years is the most extraordinary time for my son, singing all the way, success and failure follow suit. As a mother, I said to my son, ” Your mother will be happy for you when you reign in the world, and I will accompany you to make a comeback when you are poor.”. His son studied abroad at the age of 19; At the age of 23, he introduced Porsche dealership rights to Chongqing Commercial Corporation and served as general manager of the company. At the age of 27, he went into business in the sea, meandering all the way. Looking forward to when my son really started a family and started a career, I was also old. Today, I turned out a letter I wrote to my son 17 years ago from the drawer. When I read the letter again, my cloudy eyes were filled with tears..       Dear Heng Wa Er: My son, today is your birthday. Before that, your mother always bought a birthday cake and made it delicious to celebrate.. God has arranged that your father’s birthday and yours are the same day of the lunar calendar. Therefore, your father and son celebrate their birthdays together every year.. But this year is different. This year is your 18th birthday. You know what it means to be 18th? It means you have entered the ranks of adults. Mom has too many regrets and too many words to say to you.     My son, since you were born in Jiangling Hospital at 11: 30 noon on September 21, 1980, we have been a mother and son for 18 seasons. Some people say,’ Mother loves children as much as cow hair, and child loves mother as long as cow hair.”, No.! I don’t think so. I always think that we are each other. Our mother and son love each other almost deeply.. Mother loves you, Baxin Bachang loves you, and you also love your mother and are attached to her. We have a long bone and flesh.!     I remember that it was also your birthday two years ago. I gave my mother a cosmetic box and said, ” My son’s birthday is my mother’s good Friday. Thank my mother for bringing me to the world on this day. May my mother be young and beautiful forever”. This is something that my mother will always remember and move forever. ”. Sometimes your mother comes home late because of things. You always can’t sleep and worry about her safety, son. These are all your love for your mother!     Mom remembered every bit of your growth. Since you were young, you have shown a gift for language. You can speak without walking, and you can articulate some complete sentences in less than one year of age.. When your mother taught you to recite Tang poems and children’s songs, it was not laborious at all. As long as she taught you once or twice, you could recite many poems at a young age.. Since you showed extraordinary memory from an early age, when kindergarten celebrated Children’s Day, the teacher selected you to give a welcome speech, when you were only three years old and read a small class in kindergarten.. When I went to the kindergarten to pick you up, the teacher handed me a big welcome message, saying that a leader came to see the children perform, selected your son and a large-class doll to recite it together, and asked me to teach you to recite it when I got home..     When I get home, I’ll take the manuscript and let you read it after me. You’ll recite it after only teaching you twice.. How much I wanted to see your performance that day. Unfortunately, I was in school that day. When I arrived at kindergarten, your performance was over.. Parents present told me that the big-class doll couldn’t remember the welcome words, all of which were recited by your doll alone. The leaders present liked you very much, saying you were good and smart. A female factory director also said to me, ” Your son is so good and very smart, I must recommend him to the TV station.”. At that time, I decided that my son must be a piece of reading material.     Mom still remembers that when you were a child, your favorite animal was ” horse”. You said you were going to ride a big horse as a general. Both your father and mother were riding horses. You said your father was your big horse and your mother was your gentle donkey.. When you were two or three years old, your mother once went to class and left you alone at home. You just watched Xu Beihong on the wall of our house take part in the horse racing regulations and wait for her mother to come home from work.. Mom opened the door and you ran up to her and mysteriously pointed to the painting and said to her, ” If all the horses on the wall were alive, our family would not be able to close them.”. I ha ha smiled and quickly wrote to tell your father about it. Dad replied that he had laughed for a long time.. Yes, we are moved by your lovely imagination and your persistent love for horses.     When I was a child, you especially liked to ask this question. Once, my mother took you in a bath in the pool, and the water you slapped splashed all over me suddenly grabbed the tap and cocked his head and asked, ” Mom, is the tap iron?”? Why should iron rust and glass not rust? ‘ At that time you were only three years old. Mom was very surprised at how such a problem occurred in your young head?     After you went to primary school, you had two poles on your shoulders and became a squadron committee, but you just couldn’t control yourself and were free and loose. The teacher talked to your mother many times.. Your father was very strict with you and said rudely, ” Even you can’t control yourself, can you still control others?”? Go back, don’t be. ‘ At that time, you were very depressed and wronged. You listened to what Dad said and did not dare to refute it. You stood there in a huff and puff.. I know this kind of education method is wrong, and it is very exciting to your mind, but your father’s original intention is to let you know’ why sweep the world without sweeping the house’?’, don’t you say so?     Primary school performance, because you are fat, the teacher asked you to play Japanese devils, but you are determined to play Wang Erxiao, the teacher said,’ Where is such a fat Wang Erxiao? You refused to perform, and the teacher and mother did work for you, but the mother knew that my son was a hero, and in the end you took part in the performance..     When you were in primary school, you liked to speak and won the first place in the school speech contest, but you also liked to show off and always answered questions in class. When the teacher said the first sentence, you said the next one.. You used your memory to be good, and when the teacher called for endorsement, you were often the first to memorize and walk out of the classroom, but you were full of misspellings and could not write well.. You like reading books. You are particularly interested in historical geography and ancient characters to participate in the characters and events in the Three Kingdoms interpretation regulations. You can remember the name and nickname of ” One Hundred, One, Eight Generals” in the Water Margin Regulations..However, you don’t like sports as other children do. Holding a book is all day long until you accumulate fat and narrow your fat eyes. You are nicknamed ” Fat Fat Fat” by your classmates. The teacher invited your mother to school many times to tell you that sports always fail to reach the target..     When you were in the fourth grade of primary school, our family’s balance was tilted. Your tall and perfect father had an accident and was admitted to the hospital.. Mom took care of Dad. For the first time, you tasted the taste of supporting others, son. How much pain did Mom have at that time, how much pain did you have and how hard it was to say.     After studying in middle school, you should understand, but you don’t. Mom knows you want to change yourself and change your unhappy home.. Because after your father’s accident, you are often bullied. They say your father has become a fool, deliberately provoking your self-esteem and angering you. You start fighting with others and often go home with your head broken.. Since then, you have changed. You have deliberately mixed up with naughty students. You think you will not be bullied by others only if you make yourself worse than your classmates who bully you.. You have learned to smoke and fight, bully classmates and contradict teachers. You often cut classes and play pranks..     From the first day to the second day of the new year, I have never seriously read a book. The teacher said that you did not listen to the class and did not do any homework at all. You lost your schoolbag several times and Mom went to town several times to buy your lost textbook.. In order to punish you, the teacher kept you in the toilet many times and you became a real naughty king.. You have been named and criticized by school leaders in the whole school many times, and almost fired. Every time my mother went to school, she felt humiliated because the teacher told me a lot about you. In the face of a disabled father and you who don’t know what to do, mother was so sad that she didn’t know what she did wrong and gave birth to a son like you.?! Mother’s heart is bleeding and her heart is dead.     My mother thought privately, ” Even if my son doesn’t make a promise in the future, he can’t be a bad person.”. In order to get rid of the influence of naughty children, mother tried her best, and finally had the heart to let three aunts and dads send you to Nanchong’s big aunt’s house to study in that village middle school, hoping you could change yourself in a difficult environment.. A semester later, when you came back from Nanchong, you said to your mother, ” Sitting on a bus back to Chongqing and seeing a Mercedes car running on the road, I think a lot.”. ‘ I thought you changed, the in the mind secretly happy. But soon you repeat the same trick again, still fooling around with naughty classmates and not thinking about learning.     The key school year for entering high school is the summer vacation of the second year of the third year. I don’t know if that nerve was touched and you really realized it.. You increased your exercise every day, controlled your diet, and you were so greedy that you were indifferent to food. You just lost all your fat in that summer vacation with strong willpower and became a handsome young man who was praised by everyone.. I can see from you that there is no specific weight-loss medicine in the world. Weight – loss can only be determined by perseverance. For this reason, my mother also wrote an article entitled ” Attending to My Son’s Awakening” which was published on the ” Attending to the City Weekend Newspaper” Regulations. Many people laughed in laughter and praised my son’s excellence..     That is, the unforgettable summer vacation, you not only lost weight successfully, but also started a heart-to-heart communication with your mother.. You said you must go to high school. You don’t want to be a poor person in the next century.. So, in order to let you get rid of your classmates who have been living like you, mom transferred to the middle school of 72 for you again.. The teacher in that school heard that such a naughty king is going to transfer to another school and is not willing to accept you. Mom asked the public security department where dad worked to pay a transfer fee before the school accepted you and placed you in a kind teacher’s class.. Parents of students in No.72 Middle School know that you are going to transfer to another school and say hello to their children. Don’t mix up with Wang Heng for fear that you will bring them out of order.. This matter has great stimulation to you. You have suppressed your anger, studied hard and did not contact with others. You just quickly added the course of the first and second year of the third year, and you became the best student in the class in the second semester of the third year..     Teachers and classmates regard you with special respect and respect. Teacher An, the teacher in charge of the class, often praised you and called on students to learn from you.. Since the third grade, you have tasted the taste of ” the prodigal son never changes his money when he comes back.” You said smugly to your mother, ” China’s education is a waste of time. Only one year is required for middle school.”. The mother knew that her son was really smart. As long as he took it seriously, it was a piece of reading material.. At a time when your academic performance was booming, the 72 – year – old teaching director called me to go to school and said there were important things to discuss with me. When I arrived at the school, the teaching director told me very politely, ” Wang Heng’s mother, your son’s academic performance is very good and he is fully confident of entering the key high school. I hope you can transfer his status to No.72 Middle School to win a light for our school.”. You know how proud your mother was at that time, and you are the eternal pride in her heart.     Looking back on your three years of junior high school with a wave of 30 % discount, it was a mixture of sadness and joy.. After entering high school, you were supposed to be the best student. However, your handsome young face loomed the flowers of seed of love, you lost your enthusiasm for learning in the third grade, and you spread your time to the throb of youth.. Your love and dislike for teachers also make you seriously partial to subjects. You like Chinese teachers, who are your class teachers, so your Chinese scores are very good. Your compositions are praised by the teachers every time, especially your free proposition composition, which is highly praised by the teachers. The teachers have preserved all your compositions.. You like chemistry, and your achievements in chemistry are excellent. This summer, you were chosen to attend the Summer Camp of Chemistry Othello at Southwest Normal University. A month’s independent life has tested your ability to live independently, and you have gained a great deal in your study and self-care ability.. However, your other subjects are not worth mentioning, and your mother is very worried.     Son, 18 – year – old son, now that you are in senior three, your mother should discuss the issue with you. You like to mention the world’s youngest super-rich Bill Gates and take’ who can enter Microsoft’ as your goal in life. You must be thoughtful in the next century of’ knowledge plus diligence equals wealth’. Isn’t it? I saw you put a piece of paper on the wall. The big book ” desperately” has two characters, and there is a paragraph in front of the big character ” less than a year before the college entrance examination. I still have many poor subjects. I also have to make up for them desperately and spell out a key university.. ‘ son, mom likes to appreciate you and cheer for you! The third year’s sprint means a lifetime’s future, as long as you do this, no matter success or failure, mother fully understands it. Let’s remember a writer’s words together,’ Make Success Efforts, Prepare for Failure’.     Eighteen – year – old son, mother wants you to remember that you are a man, a man should have a broad mind, and you should know that the sky is bigger than the sky is the heart of the people.. The most important quality a man should have is’ broad mind’, which should be taken up, put down and thrown away.The most difficult thing for a person is to defeat himself, but you must defeat yourself, or you will not be able to nirvana, so you must have iron willpower. Son, you are very smart, but you have a little lack of will. Although you are strong enough compared with ordinary children, because you have experienced the blow after your father’s accident and the past that you cannot look back on, it is not enough compared with what you are about to do.. Do you know why your name is Wang Heng? That’s what mom and dad want you to do, start well and end well, persevere and never give up. Son, be sure to stick to it. The more you can’t stick to it, the darker it will be before dawn, the most desperate it will be before victory, and the least likely it will be before success.. Many people fail not because they have no luck, but because they have no will..     The 18 – year – old son, whose mother liked to take part in the regulations on how steel was tempered when he was young, said: ” Life is precious, life belongs to us only once, and human life should be spent like this. When he looks back on the past, he will not regret for wasting his time or be ashamed of doing nothing. Therefore, when he dies, he can say that my whole life and all my energy have been devoted to the greatest cause in the world.. Mother hopes you will also remember this passage.     After the age of 18, you will quickly rush to the age of 20, 30, son, do you know the difficulty of being a human being? Life is a catharsis, life is a growl, life is also a presence or absence. This is how Mom came to know that people over the age of 30 are like rivers flowing thousands of miles away. Young people’s efforts will maintain the overall situation of your life.. Some parents want their children to do this and do that. In fact, they are looking for themselves in their children. I have nothing to ask of you, son. You are already an adult and you are a man. Go your own way.!     Over the past few years, mother has set an example for her son with courage to overcome misfortune and perseverance to overcome all difficulties, and at the same time opened up a golden avenue for your development, as you know. We are mother and child, we are friends, and mother wishes you a happy birthday! Hail to eighteen!     The mother and her son shared a common aspiration on September 21, 1998

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