From, is the heart is wounds


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‘ Why are you so inconsiderate?! ‘ This sharp female voice came from my mother.    ‘ why always say me! It was Gao Xinxin who beat me first! ‘ Brother’s Mouth” Gao Xinxin” said that I was sitting on the sofa with a cold face and bowed their heads and playing with my mobile phone..    ‘ You don’t bother her. Will she hit you? ‘ mother said angrily.    ‘ she is will! ‘ Brother Gao Ling rushed into the bedroom with a face of anger and threw my things on the table and even fell to the ground.    I ceng once stood up and strode to Gao Ling. Yes, he completely angered me by this move.    When I learned of his existence at the age of eight, I did not like it from the bottom of my heart. I think he will take away the love that originally belonged to me.    It was noon when the sun was shining outside. I was walking in the street, complaining about everything just now with my sweetheart by voice, when an idea suddenly flashed by..    Give me the money. I’m going back to school. The club will accept new money and leave tomorrow night.. ‘ I stretch out my hand to mother light said.    ‘ Why did you go back to school so early?” Mother said with a face of her own, but she still gave money..    In the evening, my mother bought my favorite fruits and cooked food and asked what time the car was and I gave it to you.    Gao Ling aside also kept asking. Looking at the two faces that I saw only once in half a year, I suddenly felt restless and stammered, ” Don’t worry, it’s early, don’t send it.”.    At night, there was a sudden storm. My mother was not at ease and insisted on sending me. I crustily agreed.    On the donkey, I was sitting behind my mother. She blocked a lot of rain for me. She had been telling me to study hard for more than ten minutes and to report peace to her..    I looked up at the sky behind her and let the rain beat my face and keep silent. I’m afraid there will be a choked voice. high-speed railway station is here. I took a deep breath to get off the bus and said,’ You go quickly, I will go in for such a heavy rain, and don’t send any more.    ‘ I couldn’t resist my urging, and my mother rode to one side and said,” I watched you go in.. ‘ I said yes, I didn’t see my mother again, but I left her a parting figure.    Standing by the ticket machine, I don’t know how long it took, but I only know how long it took to stay, the cell phone rings, and the caller id ” sweetheart”.    Hello? Honey, I’m here. Where are you? Gao Xinxin, what’s wrong with you? I think I was wrong . ”

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