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According to age, he is 57 years old this year. People today live a long life, 57 years old is still very young according to the current concept, and it is a mature, sophisticated and high-spirited age.. However, he is different. He is only 57 years old, with white hair and several missing teeth. Although he still stands upright on his waist, he looks at the silver wire. People who are not familiar with him will ask him: ” Look at your old man’s house like this, there are more than 70.”? He doesn’t mind, who asked all the questions and replied with mirth: ” Amy ( Xiangxi dialect: not yet ) is only a little over 50.”. ‘ the somebody else natural not letter, he also have no way to explain, can only let people to guess. His body became like this, partly because he was too tired and hurt when he was young. Half of it is because smoking and drinking are badly without restraint. He had a hard life in the first half of his life. When he was five years old, he died and his mother remarried. Later, his father hated him.. At an early age, we have to get up early in the morning to cut a pick of cattle and grass, cut firewood during the day and take care of our younger brothers and sisters.. He told me about those experiences. When he came home, he was beaten and scolded for cutting less cattle and grass and cutting less firewood..     I was impressed by a detail he said. At that time, most of the year round he was barefoot without shoes and had snow in winter. At night, he went back to his mountain home from his uncle and walked barefoot all the way to the house from the thorny Shan Ye.. He said he was young, dark and cold, tired and hungry, and spent most of the night climbing the mountain.. He didn’t want to stay at that home. He spent most of his childhood at my uncle’s house.. At the age of 15, he signed up to join the army in order to get out of the misery at an early date. The deceiver said he was seventeen years old. Also don’t know how to review, anyway, is passed, so in the army for five years. When he was in his twenties, he picked barite for people in the township mines, each weighing more than 250 catties. His physical injury caused premature death was the root of the disease buried at that time..     People who have come from that era all have plenty of bitter water to pour out, and he seems to have suffered more and more than others.. Usually he never tells people about these experiences, and only occasionally mentions a thing or two when he drinks. Things have been going on for the past few decades. Every time he talks about his youth, his tone is light, but I hear it very much.. I can’t imagine how he survived such a day. Once I asked him, ” Do you hate your late father?”? ‘ he said don’t hate. I said, does he have anything to thank you for? He wanted to think, say yes, just two things. One was the year when I returned home from demobilization, a comrade-in-arms came to visit me, and he was very enthusiastic in helping me.. Another thing is that when he died, I asked him what else he had to explain. He said no, and he would bless your children and grandchildren in heaven for peace and prosperity in the future..     He doesn’t have any hobbies, but he smokes and drinks, especially alcohol. It’s no use persuading anyone to eat three meals a day.. Told him that smoking and drinking hurt his health. He said he would rather die drunk than hungry. I was the only one at home who could let him have scruples, but I couldn’t manage him for years.. Sometimes I call and say you drink less wine, and he promised to be very happy: ” I know, I can add and subtract myself, so don’t worry about it.”. ‘ phone hang up, according to drink not by accident. What makes him feel the most uncomfortable every year is the New Year’s day, when I was at home, he didn’t dare to be too presumptuous and only drank a little moist throat every meal.. Especially in the last few days when I was about to go out, he was fidgeting and scratching his heart, but he had to endure hardship, which made people feel pitiful, exasperating and ridiculous..     Because his family is in charge, his most hope is that guests will come and know that outsiders are present, and his family will not be able to control him, so he should take this opportunity to make up for what he used to drink less.. For this reason, the family is often weddings, and most of them were dragged into the house by him as they walked along the road.. At the end of the day, he put up a grievance in front of his family: ” I don’t want to do this either, but the newcomer is a guest, so why don’t you accompany him to drink two cups?”. ‘ In winter, he sometimes drinks without food. He flicks down a handful of dried peppers from the wall of the board, takes them to the fire and bakes them with a mouthful of pepper and a mouthful of wine.. Drunk on the bench to sing Miao songs, the voice rustling, has a desolate bitter flavor.     As the saying goes: old and small, old and small. This kind of phenomenon is more and more obvious in him. His personality was originally talkative, but now it is even more bothersome. Most of the time I like to bosse around there and criticize this one who criticizes it. In short, I don’t see anything pleasing to the eye. People don’t do it to his liking and have the taste of picking bones from eggs.. Sometimes, he was childish again. He said he would come back to help his family cut one day of rape. He went back to the house early that day, but after taking the door, he played ” Three Chess” ( a chess game in Xiangxi ) with several grandchildren. He didn’t think of doing business until the afternoon.. Feeling embarrassed, he blushed and said to his mother, ” I wanted to amuse my grandchildren, but I suddenly forgot my business.”. ‘ I bought some vegetables the other day and immediately asked Niang for money, saying that everyone was eating the vegetables and couldn’t let him pay by himself, asking Niang to deduct the money from the family’s living expenses and return it to him.. Make niang in distress situation, finally had to take money out to settle the bill with him.    He is a very strong man. He is now old and poor. Many things are not as good as before, but he has never been willing to take care of his old age.. When you go out to do something, you always boast to your family: ” Today it’s a beautiful thing to do. People praise me for being able, and even those young people are convinced that they are inferior to me.”. We all know what is actually going on and don’t expose it. He is intoxicated there. His generosity is also well-known in the stockaded village and in the circle of friends, when people meet for three minutes, they invite people to dine out and invite people to dinner.. After passing through the store in the stockade, he saw someone sitting there chatting and inviting people to drink. In Niang’s words, two dollars in the purse are itchy and can’t live without spending them all. That year he took a load of pears to catch up with the state market to sell pears. When he met an acquaintance on the way to greet him, he forced two pears to be stuffed for others to taste. Before he came to the market, he gave out a load of pears.. This matter is still often raised by Niang as a joke.     A few days ago, I went back to my hometown from Shenzhen to work and went up the mountain with him to lift the tree. The chestnut tree he cut down years ago was ready for firewood. It has been cut into small sections. He can’t carry it alone. He told me to come back with him when I came home.. When the two men came to the slope, he stood under an old pine tree to rest, and suddenly said to me, ” What do you think of this place?”? ‘ I suddenly didn’t understand, asked him what to say? He said that this place is quite good, the back mountain has a strong momentum, the front mountain is smooth and handsome, the water gaps on both sides are well combined, and the left tsing lung and the right white tiger are well guarded.. When I get old in the future, you will bring me here to sit. I didn’t know he was taking the opportunity to explain his affairs. I was shocked that such a person who has been strong all his life and refuses to accept the old will suddenly say such a thing.. At that time, the sun was faintly shining, the trees were covered with withered and yellow leaves, and the sun shone on his white hair, flashing with silver light, especially dazzling. I think of a few words from the ancients about death: the wind shakes the grass and the sunshine relaxes. The Spring and Autumn Period is not for me. How long is the night. Life in the world cannot escape that day. I can’t help feeling sad and tearful when I think of the day when the two dearest loved ones will be separated from each other by yin and yang..     I have always felt that I owe him too much and too much, but I can only do so. No matter how hard I try and make up for it, it is not worth the one thousand he paid for me.. From an early age, I learned from books that the kindness of parents is like the sun and moon, and the kindness of parents is like the mountains and seas.. It was not until I became a father that I really realized the depth and breadth of that kind of kindness, which can never be repaid for my children.. Suddenly thought of a student’s father-in-love composition in Taiwan, there was only one sentence, but it is said that it touched the whole Taiwan society at that time. Let’s end with this sentence: I can’t participate in the first half of your life, and I will accompany you to the end of the rest of your life.!

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