Cemetery diary


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This year, when she returned from her brother-in-law’s grave – sweeping, her mother chanted that she wanted to select a graveyard in advance.. This matter also heard my mother say before that I always fobbed off on the pretext of being busy and seeing my parents are still alive, I always think it is unlucky to prepare the graveyard in advance.. I can’t do it this year. My mother solemnly told me about it and said that if I don’t have time, she would buy it herself.. The sudden departure of my brother-in-law let me know what it means to be a danger or a blessing. I just went out for a meal and never came back. At the age of 33, I hurried to say goodbye to my life and left.. It is not a bad thing to be able to choose one’s residence after death in one’s lifetime.     Today and Sunday, younger siblings all rested. After lunch, they had an appointment to go up the mountain together. Father took his little nephew at home. Mother insisted on going with him, so she went together.. That cemetery has a large scale and is afforested well. Recently, several new cemeteries have been developed, and there are still some remaining ones facing south, which are also low-priced areas.. Cyan granite, graveyard facing rolling hills, full of green, sunshine all over. The price of sitting from east to west is on the high side, and the stone material is also different. White granite is facing an open land and extends far away.. Mother said that according to the rules of her hometown, she would face south. I think my mother is concerned about the price and loves that it is not easy for us to earn money.. I said I would look elsewhere. My mother said firmly that she would face the south. Why would she want to be so expensive? All her deaths would be dead. Just have a place to bury her.. The graveyard staff was very enthusiastic, holding a register book and carefully introducing the remaining graveyards. The first row and the second row are under construction and have not been sold yet. The third row is the best. There are no obstructions in front of it. There are five tombs in all, but all but the heads on both sides are sold out. The fourth row has more left. I said the 3rd, 6th and 9th have been sold. The 6th is still there and the stone is relatively intact. My mother took a fancy to it and walked around it, carefully wiping off some stains with her hands. Her heart suddenly felt sad and pulled her away quickly.. The staff said that row 4, row 6, is very good, both are double numbers, and both old people are still alive and will surely live a long and healthy life.. My sister-in-law and I were relatively silent and nodded silently.     When I left the cemetery after completing the formalities, it began to rain. It was very small and scattered. I didn’t have an umbrella and no means of transportation at the gate.. When I came to rent, taxis were mostly forbidden to go to the cemetery and change trains at the foot of the mountain. There were many modified motorcycles at the foot of the mountain. A car body was installed at the back, with two narrow rows of seats and just four people sitting on it. It was wobbly when it started. It was not stable at all. It was on a steep slope and the horsepower was obviously insufficient. The engine rattled violently. It turned seven or eight turns and climbed up the hill with difficulty. The driver asked if it was necessary to wait at the cemetery gate, because I did not know how long it would take. I was also worried about the safety of this kind of car, my mother said..     With light rain, down the mountain road, pedestrians are rarely seen. Tomb – sweeping is usually in the morning. At this time, the mountain is lonely and cold and cheerless. Some raindrops add more coolness.. My sister and I wore long-sleeved jackets when we went out, and my mother also added a coat to her long-sleeved shirt. Only my younger brother wore short sleeves. My mother will take off her coat to her younger brother. Of course my younger brother will not wear it. My mother advised me that no one will see it on the mountain. You should wear it for a while and then take it off if you have one.. As he spoke, he unbuttoned it. My sister and I laughed and pretended to be jealous, saying that the mother was still eccentric and knew that we loved our son. Brother is more embarrassed, ran forward. I said, mom, you don’t take off your coat, the mountain is windy, he is a big boy still afraid of the cold, you take good care of yourself is love him. The mother then re – buttoned up and took out two umbrellas to let her sister send one to her brother and the other to me and my sister. I took a wide-brimmed hat and didn’t need to take an umbrella. My sister took an umbrella for my mother, but her mother wouldn’t let me. She said she would pick some sheep droppings and eggs and go back to wait on her flowers and plants..     There are sheep droppings scattered in the roadside tree pits. It rained, and sheep droppings are hidden under the grass, so it is not easy to pick them out. Mother took a plastic bag from her bag and squatted down, picking them one by one, but it is not too dirty.. I quickly took out two small bags from my bag and put them in my hands with my mother to help her pick them up. When I was a child, I saw a lot of sheep dung eggs on the road. I went home excitedly and said that there were many black dates on the main road. Let’s go and pick them up quickly. Now I only want to pick them up as black dates.. My mother greeted me with joy. Come on, come on, come on. There are many holes in this tree. My brother and sister helped me with my umbrella. My mother and I squatted by the tree pit to pick it up. We forgot about the cemetery as early as possible. It seems that today we are not coming to the cemetery, but to the park.. The trees on the roadside are mostly conifers and cypresses. After being washed by rain, they look green and green..     Mother is nearly 70 years old, bent and hunched, her hair is nearly half white, and she will never have a strong wind when walking.. First brought up the three of us, and then brought up the three of our children, never at leisure in his life. When I was a child, my father worked all the year round and my grandparents were not around. The three of us were brought up by our mother.. The living conditions in the countryside are bitter and the mother’s character is strong. After the farm work never falls behind, my family’s three acres of land, no matter what they grow, grow well and see no grass. For this reason, my mother ate a lot of bitter things, slept in the middle of the night after getting up five, and was also busy eating, dressing, studying and studying.. My brother has a congenital heart disease and is hospitalized every year. The doctor says he can’t live to be a teenager. In order to share the family burden, my brother, who has always been excellent in his studies, is not going to go to high school. He enrolled in the technical school with a total score of 3 without telling his parents, but the physical examination of the technical school students is very strict. My mother told me the truth.. I also learned that when I was a child, my mother often asked us three to lie side by side on the kang. She listened to our heartbeat one by one, and every time she heard my brother’s heartbeat, she showed a sad expression on her face.. My mother never told me this secret. When my brother came back from the hospital for a medical examination, my mother’s face was very ugly and she did not dare to say anything to my brother, just pretending that she had nothing to do with the medical examination.? Brother said, height and weight, chest X – ray ECG, many items. Mother then carefully asked, what did the doctor say, if there were any unqualified items. The younger brother said that the doctor said nothing and the physical examination forms were normal. Mother asked the three of us to lie on the bed and listen to the heartbeat one by one. After listening, she asked me to listen to the heartbeat of my younger brother and sister.. I said, exactly the same. The mother was relieved, and we also learned that her brother’s heart disease was incurable and self – healing.. In the same year, I was admitted to university, and my father suddenly became famous in the unit, and everyone envied him, saying that his father was blessed and both children had promise..Parents finally had a comfortable smile on their faces, and the family had never been so relaxed.     Don’t pick up don’t pick up, enough. The mother said aloud that it was a great pleasure to hear the sound..     The rain stopped and the plastic bags were filled with black sheep droppings and eggs. Not far away, there was the bus station at the foot of the mountain. The three of us followed behind our mother and went home as when we were young..

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