A letter to the future daughter


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Daughter, do you know why mom wrote this letter to you? There are too many reasons for this. You can’t say a word or two clearly, and you will understand it slowly in the future..     Let’s just say recently, you seem a little precocious recently. You seem to be able to detect what adults are thinking and occasionally do some actions that seem to cooperate with adults. The question is whether these are not what children of your age should perceive or whether I underestimated children’s abilities.? In a word, this subtle feeling of getting along with me surprised me, and at the same time, I was a little worried.. You can realize this at such a young age, which undoubtedly benefits from your sensitivity and may be born. I don’t know if such a small conclusion will affect you in the future. Do you know why to say so?? Because my mother suffered such hardships when she was a child, I don’t want you to repeat her mistakes in the future.. It’s not a bad thing to be sensitive to the surroundings, always take into account other people’s feelings, and feel extremely slim, but I hope you don’t care too much about other people’s views and evaluations on you, so that your normal life will be affected, including your normal contacts with other people, don’t be too sensitive, face-saving and suffer, and don’t take those irrelevant and illusory words too seriously, let alone become a stumbling block on your life path. Care about what should be cared about, don’t care about what shouldn’t be cared about, keep your eyes wide open and focus on yourself and the things around you, try to do things in detail, you should learn to be responsible for your own life and you should strive for self – improvement.     I know it’s still too early to say these things, and I also believe that you will overcome some weaknesses in yourself through your own efforts the day after tomorrow.. Everyone has his own weakness. Weakness is not equal to weakness. Weaknesses can be divided into good and bad but not weak. Disadvantages must be overcome, and although weaknesses do not involve the nature of life, overcoming weaknesses can make individuals become outstanding, which may become your capital, whether for future career or for other aspects of life.. Mom believes you can do this, right?     Also said sensitive, you may one day ask, sensitive is not good? Aren’t many scientists, artists and writers sensitive? It is because they are sensitive that they can stand out from the crowd and achieve their career for a lifetime.. You’re right. I didn’t say that sensitivity is not good. I was just a little scared that you would lose out because of this. This may be because of being too sensitive as a mother. I hope I think much of it.. Here, my mother wants to say that sensitivity can really inspire people to create immortal works, just as you said before, so as to achieve a proud career. However, sensitivity to people tends to make a person unconsciously affected by others and their environment. Of course, this includes both good and bad influences, especially sensitivity to feelings, which often results in a person blindly indulging in emotions and neglecting other important things in life, or even losing the ability to judge right and wrong so as to get stuck in the mire of feelings, especially when we really invest in feelings, it is often difficult to be objective and rational, and most of the victims are girls.. Therefore, while putting in love, it is good for you to have some reservations properly. Do not let your feelings overflow, or you will be flooded unless you know how to swim.. For most young people, once they are involved in their children’s affair, they rarely can face it rationally, so they stumble emotionally.. Besides, it is small to stumble and big to miss the future. The key is to get up and start again in the shortest possible time. Said the purpose of this is not to want you to fall in love, love is coming, or should be grasped, on the premise that this love can really bring some changes to your life and is beneficial to your future. If you can’t make you look more vigorous, energetic and full of people’s glory or even work harder and more aggressively for what you are doing, at least you should have more and more love for your life, then this love will be discounted. It is necessary to carefully consider whether it is necessary to make a new choice..     I hope to say these things now will not have negative implications for you in the future, but only a revelation for you in the future. After all, my mother is a newcomer and she has a certain understanding of her feelings.. This is also an important reason why Mom is writing this letter to you at present, that is, she wants to tell you that sensitivity is not bad, and it belongs to human nature. If it is used well, it may be of great benefit to you in the future. Love is not a scourge, it is not desirable at all, but it is just to let you know that love is not the whole of life. There are still many things to do in life. Don’t put your life on the same thing at any time. Don’t be carried away by feelings. Learn to overcome it instead of just waiting for death. Be positive and sunny about life..     When it comes to sensitivity, it naturally involves emotional or emotional catharsis. Mom doesn’t want you to repress yourself, but she wants to know how to catharsis properly, preferably in a way that neither hurts others nor herself. For example, you like dancing with music. This is a good catharsis way.. The future may not be a big dancer, but you have at least found your own spiritual sustenance. If you persist, it may become a source of happiness in your life.. The premise is not to hurt your body, but to entertain your body and mind..     Having said so much, you may feel that your mother is a little too worried, making a mountain out of a molehill, making you nervous, or you may be a little annoyed.. Probably when the mother is more or less a little nervous! Don’t say, save your troubles. Thousands of words only hope that you will be healthy and happy in the future life journey. To be a positive and useful person, you must have your own opinions and know what you really want at any time.. All right, that’s it! Mother will also rest, otherwise she will not be able to lift her spirits all day tomorrow. However, it’s getting light, even it’s time to say’ good morning’! ( to be continued ) in the morning of July 25, 2013

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