Please look back at the corner


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I slowly and slowly learned that the so-called father, daughter, mother and child play only means that your fate with him is to see him go away in this life.. ‘ dusk, read to watch the bill, read, the in the mind heavy, guilty. The children of Mr. Long ( who still likes to call her Mr. ) are like us. As they get older, their desire to break away from their parents’ arms becomes stronger and stronger, such as not wanting them to send them to school. When you go out for a walk or leisure, you don’t like your parents to follow you. Also don’t want parents to interfere more in their study, and so on. This may be interpreted by us as the normal performance of adolescence, but we don’t know how deep the ” normal performance” has brought to parents.. I didn’t take these seriously, but I did find so many accidents by accident. I read a passage from the book in my spare time, which said that the person who cares most about you will stop and look back at you at the corner, whether you are looking at him or her or not. Looks good, so he secretly watched. On that day, Xiao Yu walked with his father into the lane where the school was located, and after saying goodbye to his father, he was ready to go in. Suddenly, the words flashed in his mind, so he leaned forward quietly behind the door and saw his father walking towards the corner. Suddenly, I felt nervous, as if afraid that his father would not look back, so I stared intently.. In the corner, father still strode through. My heart suddenly flashed across disappointment, but I saw that my father’s steps were taken back, and I looked back at the school gate and looked at it again.. I stood at the door, my heart pounding, and there was a force of inexplicable joy rising rapidly. ” It may have been an accident,” said a voice in his heart.. So in the moss-covered wet corner of the wall; So at the corner of the door and father respectively; So the bus stop and the turning point of the road are this’ accidental’, father’s turning back. As if it were a habit, my father was so natural and proper that he naturally made my face red and my nose sour and red.. I slowly and slowly learned that the so-called father, daughter, mother and child play only means that your fate with him is to see him go away in this life.. You stand at this end of the path and watch him gradually disappear where the path turns, and he silently tells you with his back: Don’t chase. Since then, I seem to be accustomed to my father’s looking back at the corner and following with warm eyes. That day, in the early morning mist, my father still sent me into the lane. I took a few steps to stop and looked at the back of my father moving to the corner. My father still looked back and saw that I didn’t go a little surprised. I tried to give him a hand. He may be surprised, his eyes suddenly froze and leng, and nodded at me with a little embarrassed.. I smiled, the sun spread over the fog, hot. Looking back, touching his face, his palm was moist. Really, when oneself also become so melodramatic. Muttered in my heart, corners of the mouth are rising radians. After reading the last page of that passage, a line of words lay quietly on a slightly curled sheet of paper: what can be done and what matters most is probably only the parents. This is another story. Please look back at the corner and encourage with you. Also send this article to my father.

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