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In this flashy world, I stumbled and walked every day. Most of the time, dreams and reality can not be coordinated. It looks like a step away, but it is thousands of miles away..     Xue Hai is a junior high school classmate. After graduating from junior high school, he has been working hard outside, working as a hotel security guard and working as a front-line worker in a factory. He has devoted his heart and enthusiasm to every job.. After several years of hard work, he, who has a small savings, is no longer willing to live under the eaves of others, but will take a road of his own with his own blood and youth..     However, the roads in the world are complicated, and every road has a mixture of blood and tears.. Step by step, step by step, the deep footprints are branded behind him and in life as well. No matter which road to choose, I hope to be able to fill the path with flowers and the sky is high and the clouds are light.. However, it is not clear whether each foot falls down. I do not know whether the mire or the broken glass pulp is hidden under the flowers, and whether the deep night or the torrential rain is behind the glitz.. Sometimes, the shoe was cut by a hard stone, and even the foot was stabbed by a nail hidden in the soil, only to know that this road is not an easy one..     People walking on the road have two choices at all times. One is to retreat from difficulties and find a new path; the other is to learn from difficulties and stick to it.. Both of these options should be based on their abilities. It cannot be said that the one option is wiser. Only the decision made according to one’s ability is the right choice. Another new path requires the courage to endure pain and give up love, and to persist in it requires the courage to cross the rubicon..     Xue Hai studied Lu Cuisine chefs and rented a fast food restaurant in an upscale neighborhood with several years of savings.. Self – confident disregard for the family’s simple advice, hardback repaired the facade, equipped with brand-new kitchenware, tables and chairs, and air conditioning. After the busy opening of the restaurant, it was discovered that the fast food restaurant was far from as good as it thought. The business of Menkeluo is running for hundreds of dollars every day, excluding utilities and rent. After three months, it not only didn’t earn money, but also took in thousands of dollars..     In the face of gloomy business, when no one was there, Xue Hai frowned, reviewed himself over and over again, looking for reasons and plans for the next step.. He knows that there are some roads that need to be temporarily redirected by the navigator so that he will not fall off the cliff and fall to pieces without deviating from the final goal.. On the road, people should lock their goals with intelligent eyes and hold their direction with intelligent heads.. What Xue Hai lacks is not intelligence nor wisdom, but capital. From a poor family background, he has already invested all his possessions in fast food restaurants, and continued to operate or change professions, with money being a big problem in the headlines.. At this time, fast food restaurants are just like chewing chicken ribs, giving up and staying in Xue Hai, which is a brain-wasting matter..     What is even more troubling to Xue Hai is his old father, who lives alone at home, who suffered from gas poisoning and spent more than ten days in the hospital.. Although he didn’t spend a lot of money, it was undoubtedly worse for him who lost money in business. Under this circumstance, he shouldered up his external debt for no reason.. There is an old saying that when heaven closes a door for people, it will always open another window for people.. Some opportunities are in full bloom at the bottom of life. Bright, bright and bright colors will cover up all the gloom and gloom.     Xue Hai, who served his old father in the hospital, had no intention of talking about his business with his father’s clinical uncle. The uncle said that his friend also worked in the catering industry in Nanjing, and that he did a unique job of picking pig’s feet, and every day he went to market.. Hearing that Xue Hai’s eyes were bright, he immediately asked his uncle about his friend’s contact information and was going to visit his teacher..     Speaking of doing it, the next day after his father was discharged from the hospital, Xue Hai travelled to Nanjing in a dusty way.. After much ado, I found the pig trotters master and formally worshipped the pig trotters master. I earnestly learned to do pig trotters. Xue Hai, who is hardworking, conscientious and careful, has learned the whole process of hoof scraping in three months. The color and fragrance of hoof scraping produced by him are worse than those produced by his master..     With a suit of craftsmanship, Xue Hai cheerfully returned to the fast food restaurant only to find that he had little money left in his pocket to turn the fast food restaurant into a pork chop.. Although there is no need for a big investment, it is difficult for a skillful woman to make a meal without rice, pig’s feet, big materials, cooking pots, and rare traditional Chinese medicines added by the master alone, and she is hard-pressed for such a small investment, so there is nothing she can do about it.. He was thinking hard before he realized what it meant to be a’ hero who can’t win a penny.. Xue Hai, who can’t gather enough money to run the pig’s trotters, was so helpless that he offered his blood twice a week to raise all the raw materials needed for pig’s trotters.. He followed the master’s instructions, and on the first day of opening, he gave all the paws free of charge.. After a busy day, a few hundred paws were sent out in terror. After closing, Xue Hai, exhausted, panicked and afraid of his own decision, made another mistake.. To his surprise, Xue Hai was relieved when a customer came to the store early the next morning to make a reservation for hoof scraping..     Now, as the general manager of more than a dozen branches, he is scanning the location of the next branch.     Original text: falling into the world of mortals and laughing like smoke QQ: 1483563655 WeChat public number: pen and ink flying flowers

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