Broken thoughts


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When I was a child, I liked wandering because I wanted to. Later, I realized that it was a kind of peaceful betrayal. Some people said that this is called’ no turning back’ with my half – face of bitterness on the gray wall. The helpless innocence can always cover up too much unreality. I will define it as hypocrisy for the time being.. Back from the brink, the past smoke clouds are also unforgettable. I believe that there is a reasonable destiny to die in vain. I secretly sigh, old friend, do you understand what real life is?? For a long time, I seemed to live in silence and forbearance, unhappy and pale. I don’t know whether I wanted to pose as cold as ice or whether fate really needed it.. Who said that tangible things will wither sooner or later, and who swore that he likes to define beauty by death?? Who left red blood stains on the white cement board? Who is under the thin street lamp? Sadness ran aground on the edge of the eye socket? Who is it, who still owes a’ goodbye’ that has not been said. Long – lost, I still love and let go of my heart, criticizing the past memories without leaving a single finger, while others secretly shed tears, but I was unscathed. I smiled and said that I was not sad, and how long did I wait for the answer to emerge in the cloud? acquiescence, my haze. Every time I can’t fall asleep, I always have an endless fragrance. Life is deeply engraved on everyone who has appeared, and then I laugh and shout no pain.. Possession and loss are dull and tasteless, and only then will they fight back tears and assume a indifferent attitude. It turns out that everything should not be forgiven, including themselves..     The dark night has no trace of reservation. My eyes are shining like diamonds at both ends of the moonlight, but I use it to find darkness..     Being, silent lighthouse, it doesn’t talk about anything, just wants endless sea searching eyes to replace the tens of millions of reasons standing up. it guides decadent surfers to find their way home. it tells travelers in the fog that there is another silent search in this inexplicable and unpredictable world. from autumn to spring, its serious world suddenly becomes prosperous, and suddenly brocade and silk are all released in the world. all growth is a variety of thoughts about life. only by deleting excess can it flourish. I can’t see the distance, but I can feel the direction of the wind.. We are destined to be just passers – by, passing by, passing by. Why should we try so hard when we pass by?.     It was a time of flight. I vaguely felt that all the people in the world were at large, and the fugitive would still flee, preferring to fall off the cliff rather than die in the hands of the real world. I was exhausted and unable to struggle, and could only roll and climb, unable to flee, and against the direction of the crowd.. Wounds can heal slowly, dreams can’t wipe out evil, and loneliness in the crowd is the most terrible, like a lost child, who sees everyone like a mother in a crowded street, but no one is a mother.     Years later, my old friend, can you still clearly find my shadow? Will it be as stubborn as me, not disappointed or expected? I think I should learn to be self – sufficient, after all, I have been free for so many years..     Now it’s time to make a comeback. Write it down.     Not forgetting, just remembering.

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