Gone with the wind


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In my mind, there is a seed that was once locked up, secretly shelling in anticipation of a spring season when flowers bloom..   The oriole has spread its wings for a long time, mingled with joyous cries. Have you ever felt the joy of emergence and the pain of falling down? You are hiding a bit of shyness. Most of your youth are like this. I look at you now with a smile, deja vu, but you are singing to my ignorance..   Old trees your age, is a taboo, like a belle, do not ask. When you wake up, you never seem to be taller than before. My efforts to grow have not been in vain, but why, for decades, is the distance I want to be on a par with you still so far away? So, I long for my horizontal growth and can escape from your shadow. Why, your only answer is to refuse!   The wind you really feel like you have come and gone without a trace. In fact, as long as you are willing to give up and willing to do so, you can strip yourself of the veil that you consider mysterious. Aren’t you from the valley?? I’m not sure where you’re going, but I know two things: First, you’ve been to my station for rest. Second, you still remain free! I took you for granted!   Because of Lin Huiying, gardenias have had more temperatures and sunny days in April from now on. In fact, you are my May Day, and sometimes you have got into some words in the desk.! Writing is a lonely life, but you let it live out the human interest! Ask, who can offer sacrifices to youth year after year, you are a fairy tale not old, only for those faded flowers in April. May every one be like you!   The farmer plowed over the land of Wu and Yue, where fertility was growing. You also tried the sharpness of the ploughshare, thinking it was a sword cast by mo Li, which could dismember the blunt soil! You have succeeded, in fact they are enjoying cheering, but they don’t know the secret of your success, and sweat. We can choose between the sweat on the eyebrow and the tears under the eyebrow!   There are some regrets in the way of cultivating oneself. Cloves full of sorrow and resentment are planted on the road, feeling that one’s heart still needs to grow up.. The wind always likes to make mountains proud. Perhaps, this explains a kind of quality, let’s just call it loyalty.!   The bent nerves will sting in their meridians, perhaps splitting and giving birth are more violent than this, and new life will inevitably be hidden in the gloom. Mo Yan is the truth.!

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