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[REVIEW] is when two people enter marriage through love, all took off the thick mask, husband and wife more often relatives, friends, is no longer so polite, have something to go straight to each other, they sometimes finally in sight; day out shopping with colleagues, ready to cross the road, I saw a young man is struggling carrying a girl on the bridge, fine beads of sweat on his forehead Shenzhe.South of the summer is always particularly fast, I guess she is not heat stroke, so they came to ask: “She is sick of it, I do not want to get you a car took her to the hospital?”Coming on the bridge, the girl listening to my words and laughed.Boy I hastily explained: “I’m sorry, thank you, we are doing the game.”I am shocked!  Girl quite a while to stop laughing, telling me that they are from out of town here to work, and today is their wedding anniversary, so he had come out to play.  ”He has no money, I do not eat dinner he asked me, send me a precious gift, but he has the strength, so I let him back on the bridge, look back at the happy wedding.Surprisingly, he was back with a tired back and forth like this.Will come to the twentieth anniversary of the marriage, let him carry me twenty back and forth, certainly exhausted his old bones.”Then the girl lying on the shoulders of the young man laughed, happiness bloom in this young man’s face.To be honest the girl is not pretty, but at the moment, she was like a noble princess pet, very happy.  In these circumstances, my colleagues and I have been deeply moved.Then a colleague told me the same story pieces happened to her a different kind of love.  A few days ago, she was sick, her husband just sabbatical at home, a friend said to her: “My husband can just about take care of you.”She had expected her husband to send medicine can end the water, but he did not, still busy with their own thing, official private matter, are some of the things she has nothing to do.Her heart complain, can not help but say: “You’re just sick at home, but how feel your love?Oh, really sick and angry, very sad ah!”My husband dreary said:” no hurry, while there are surprises.”She said:” it still surprises?Do not scare on the line.”It was her heart only loss of light and a little wistful, thinking how to find such a timber, not a stone, people sick, so ill he has not seen Lianxiangxiyu, even if only a little bit distressed.  Soon, her husband had just captured a good seed kernels peel on her pillow, smell the smell of pumpkin seed she could not help laughing, she became an instant to think of her a few days ago he inadvertently said something to eat pumpkin seeds, no wonder he was really determined to.  Daughter knows her husband in the study to peel pumpkin seed kernels and ran to eat, but to hear him say: “I peel, my mother is sick do not know?”My daughter said:” Dad eccentric, I’m grows new teeth, I fear the seeds nibbling teeth.”His compromise, said:” you can eat, but have to eat less.”At this point aggrieved daughter ran over and said to her:” Daddy eccentric, you tend to Dad.”This was a little sad and disappointed, she could not help laughing, for the immediate cute little daughter is his simple and honest honest.  The next day, my sister came to see her when he gave her a big handful of peeled pumpkin seed kernels see, my sister could not help but said: “The supermarkets sell ready-made pumpkin seed.”She said:” That is not fragrant, had eaten.”Sister said:” eat your own peel.”She said:” Tired.”Sister said:” The bullying.”She said:” He is voluntary.”Sister said:” hopeless.”She said:” Really, he has been this way for so many years, just like peeling melon seeds to make her happy.”Sister said:” It’s one of a kind, silent.”Colleagues say that this is the way of life of their home.  A few years ago her husband colleagues working in the field, each holiday to be with her young daughter toward where, reunited with her husband.That place very cold winter, very hot in the summer, spring and autumn days of high winds scary.She and her daughter live in neither heating nor air-conditioned rooms, winds through the window can let the whole bed full of sand, even the bowl are being covered with sand Dier, its hardships can be imagined, and her daughter is inevitable They will complain, but he has always been silent and to make her daughter happy, on the use of this simple and honest way – peel melon seeds.  I still remember that five one she brought her daughter to see her husband, then the local cold to wear down jacket, cold and windy, cloudy day like going to snow.The next car, she saw him standing in the intersection waiting for them in the mother and son, Dayton let the warmth rushing all over, her eyes filled with tears.He did not say see what she looks like, just put a drum capsule capsule envelope and handed her her knowing smile, needless to say, it must be stripped of a new bag of pumpkin seed.My husband is in this way he likes silently in love with her.When she and her daughter leave expires tearfully say goodbye to him, he would come up with a ManDangDang envelope stuffed in her arms, this time, she knew it was not an ordinary pumpkin seed bag, the bag is clear intentions full of care and love of pumpkin seed.  Over the years, colleagues of marriage and the family experienced a lot of wind and rain, a lot of fun but also a lot of sadness, but they are working hard trying to make it better, expect family harmony and happiness, and that her husband could not be easier stripping seeds Jen-style love really bring a lot of warmth to her and their home.  Always thought, and certainly romantic roses, candles, wine, music connected, but I do not know the world there is such a special and unique romantic love.  In fact, love marriage reflects in everyday life, the more concrete the.Perhaps concern greetings among loved ones; perhaps you are tired, tired can turn to; perhaps anxious eyes when sick loved ones; maybe you come back late at night to see a light waiting for you; perhaps you prepare a meal for a food lover children.All the love dissolve into daily life, your life becomes indispensable things, like a glass of water, though tasteless, you can say that you do not need it in this life?  Conjugal love is such, though nothing exciting, but it is true there, but love is not so beautiful, but the reality becomes trivial, doped too many practical things, always accompanied with rice and salt.However, this extraordinary, the starkness of love, people get even more memorable, will be more of a long lingering.  I often saw a white-haired old couple holding each other hands to go in the evening sun, catching Xiang Xie, from youth to old age, along the way, tried to see all the vicissitudes of this world, all the scenery.This is another state of love.  When we walk into marriage siege, when attributed to plain love the genuineness of care and loving; when you love the person away from home, when you miss him deeply; sad when you see him, you broke when heart; when you took the wife and the child’s hand, watch the sunset together; careful when you cook a table of food, see their loved ones to eat sweet, feel good time.This is love, even if mixed too much fuel, you can not less, not homes, could not bear to lose, spend a lifetime with.Not drawing near, but the common construction in reality a warm home, a shelter nest.Hold your hand, and grow old.After the couple’s love is like a glass of water, drink the mouth, warm, light, without the need for love beer style, bang, bang, into the cup of passion everywhere, outside the cup overflow, calm down, a half cup unhappy not warm, slightly bitter.Yes, when two people enter marriage through love, all took off the thick mask, husband and wife more often relatives, friends, is no longer so polite, have something to go straight to each other, sometimes inevitable bumps ; but on the contrary, once between husband and wife graciously, and instead pour in trouble.Of course, sometimes also a different kind of love nagging, nagging concern behind is more love, more to share, share, was more encouragement, encourage, just the way this kind of love, unless carefully and makes to taste perception.  In fact, each pair of intimate love all love each other in a unique way, maybe the person you love probably never come to love you as you expect in that way, he would even take one kind without spending too humble simple chic way people much thought and money incredible expression of love for you, just like the young man back footbridge girl, her husband’s colleagues to colleagues peel seed kernels, like – full of warmth different kind of love.[Editor: Can children]

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