Falling silent Zanko far


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(1) · quiet beauty of night-blooming cereus quietly, the moon came out, clawed cloud seam towards the willow peep.Allure moonlight tonight, crushing the light waves, like ripples scales flashing, reminiscent of a fairy tale “catch fish”.Tonight at Yuet Wah, a premonition that night-blooming cereus is about to leave, night-blooming cereus always gives people a sense of poignant and tragic, like the maverick is a woman, glamorous, elegant, domineering, aloof.    Epiphyllum bloom only at night, and certain death in the night.Gentle and coldness radiance, no noise, bathed in the faint moonlight, it knows that it’s three hours I, I had this short tragic desolation.Views like moonlight picture very heart intention, that month or half also happy with the half sad, gaze seem to hear it whisper.    Night-blooming cereus, soft through the night, it gently stretch the body, then Zhaxian out dressed in white, like her is like ice.Wind blowing petals, stamens thrill, it is the joy of flowers, dance is pain and happiness.    Night-blooming cereus, like the lotus heart, clean mind, only the United States in full bloom at night.In the dim moonlight dance to their own, no audience, no applause, dancing, dancing until tired of dying.    Night-blooming cereus, the heart is so bright, Rui fragrance is thick, it is a sweet soul overflow, night-blooming cereus, in this cut cool, moonlit night, silent heartbreak, tears completed flower.Like life, it is a different kind of living law.    Think Lama said: “I want to be a flower, I am the most beautiful flowers on earth.”.    · 2 · yugao wind, in fact, are catching Yingying life, I have many things to make her own decisions yet?How many can all wishes come true of his own?There are a lot of frustration in this world, there are too many helpless.Flowers bloom everywhere visible, Luanhong flying, Montreal fallen.    Canhong off, dissolved in the soil, so that the years of moss cover, and then turned into a fragrant mud Drawing.Blossom flower will open again, who better to plant.So people put their hopes in the regeneration of the soul.Man is a vast, can not control anything, even the wind can not hold one, everything is limited, wind!    Wrapped around the cows climb to the heights of flowering.Morning glory, some say you wound up for publicity, publicity is the right?In fact, your real name, “Xi Yan,” is a short-lived but beautiful flowers.Weak effort slender posture open, no Samuume Aoxue, Chrysanthemum Aoshuang, the existence of life is a kind of strong.Thousands and thousands of plants in the world, and not want to be towering trees, cows just want to own the true alive, want to do a Tumi flowers, flowers in this short season, opened the glamorous and enchanting.    Whom do not have full bloom, pull open a large diameter glass cow, bloom in early bloom every day, just to dust and pollutants, only to quietly bloom, only a thin clouds.    Do not care who said what, whether you like it or not, have their own moment in full bloom, the heart of a flame burning.Dancing to a song on his life stave.Efforts alive bloom, blossom as a dream, life is short, there is always the dream, complete and incomplete care, no dream, only the most miserable and lonely ah.    (3) If sadness flowering, each plant is the dream.In fact, figs dream more, though not in full bloom, but broke the fruit, which are the flower ah.The results can not say more beautiful flowers such as the rose, tulip, etc., so it seems more like figs seem tragic fruit, no flowers and fruit.No flowers would mean missing out, from seed to blossom the way of the most brilliant moments.It thoughts are treasured in the heart, she gave birth to a bright red buds, and one a low-key, restrained a bit too much, so that the hearts of the sea, never to reveal half points.Sour and sweet all wrapped up in between heart.    It is said that silence speechless, is a calm, only know one understands; silence to tears, a heart only knows his own heart.Silence to Silence, is a state of mind, only indifferent, frankly .Many of the stories, like the wind season, then wrapped sweets to the sweet memories of jam, dried figs into what kind.    In fact, each plant has a flowering grass heart, every blade of grass should be spent, every life is blooming process.But some bloom swagger, some open in the heart, in the quiet of the night and some open.No flowers, leaves it up with expansion supports the weight of the heart do not want to swagger, concentrated into a small fist, no haze, only the mind agile and graceful heart, incense at heart concentrated into honey.

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